38 thoughts on “Fake Obama created using AI video tool – BBC News

  1. I'd like to see one of those with Trump as the speaker, telling us what he really thinks about us.

  2. Impressive tech, but the mouth area still looks fake during articulation of certain words/syllables

  3. Everyone is worried, meanwhile I’d use this for dumb stupid stuff. You know like shitposting and memes

  4. It of course has obvious good uses in movies for example when an actor/actress dies midfilming, but damn I legit thought that was the real Obama opening the vid and they were gonna show us the digital one after!

  5. Like it won't happen that someone power freaky enough, won't hack the general publics beliefs by using this crap to that end( and killing the people/ technology that can deconstruct it let the public know, it's a set-up)
    Narcs, and egomaniacal would love this crap on doctors and politicians, to have people think, I the narc or I the egomaniac, am not crazy and or want a world of puppets) This stuff is bad sick.

  6. too late, they might make Trump say something intelligent with this and shock us all….but apparently it hasn't happened just yet. And JUST STOP.

  7. I mean she says they could develop ways to detect it, but once it's hit the internet…it's real…even if it is a fake.

  8. Now…make Trump stop sounding stupid!
    He's an embarrassment to our country!
    Nah, we're not that far along yet! 😞

  9. The primary reason this technology is created is for social control, plain and simple. Along with the AI voice cloning technology, it’s now possible to fabricate a whole video/audio/setting using AI to put an innocent person behind bars, and with mind-reading technology existing, we’ll end up in a “minority report” scenario soon enough. Any other reason offered for this is a bluff … or secondary at best.

  10. One day the zionist elite will use this to make any one into a criminal for execution or life sentance, they WILL label your father a rapist, your mother a murderer and your kids terrorists, when anyone tries to tell the truth they WILL use faked pictures, audio and film to label ANYONE a threat and fool society into believing them.

  11. The price of suing Odebrecht , Vladimiro Montesinos, Ollanta Humala and Nadine Heredia , also Daniel Montesinos Tubee , the price I have to pay when they know I like talking , hanging out with people , I hate tv and lies. Odebrecht price I have to pay for writing a letter to Obama , not even suing them and having a fake lawyer neighbor.

  12. That's the reason why decentralization is the future. Because you are the best person to decide for yourself.

  13. See: Leaving Neverland. Thanks so much for creating this destructive piece of technology that can now ruin people's lives.

  14. Mass manipulation round the corner, we may have had this already long ago and we haven’t even realised it … this is sad …

  15. When im looking for Youtube clips about Obamas get in their face comments, Youtube tops the list with 2 Fake AI Tools clips. Even if i can find the right clip a Little bit lower on the page. The way Youtube use this clip is fake news. PS I dont have any complaints about BBC here,

  16. If this makes you wonder "why is this technology being produced?" and "what government entities are they cooperating with?", you're on the right track. If you don't think this tech could be made in another country in the future and used to a malign a political individual, you're a fool.

  17. Welcome to the age of being accused of having said something when you never did. I can see governments acquiring this to silence people, especially the usual Democratic killers of France, UK and US. They will be masturbating to this

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