33 thoughts on “Fake News versus Real Politics

  1. Fake news is not necessarily a false news. False news is twisting a news the way that it supports only your vision and the cause you support which is far from the reality. Blaming Russian's propaganda for something which in reality comes from the frustration of European and US population about the real problems in their societies. A pure form of manipulation.

  2. Call me naive. But is this what politics has come to? Fake news claiming to be real news? And I always thought that before now, it was merely ordinary news broadcasts which were univerally known to be fake, by the only people who know such things, meaning of course conservatives. But we've replaced ordnary lies & bold faced lies, with blatanly obvious and unapologetic lies & countless other falsehoods. All done very much "in your face" style.

  3. fake news proven time after time = BBC,CNBC,CNN,FOX,RTL and many many more…maybe 10 % of the people in my country believe these stations now…. and i live in mid Europe..20 years ago around 90 % of the people were watching these channels….what we see in this 21 century is the higher critical thinking in the populous…people do not take for granted the mainstream news any more…why ? because people realised all of these TV stations are saying one and the same thing …word by word…so it became obvious and self-evident that all these networks are conected…and today we all know they have one and the same owner….do we need to say more ? the people have proved year after year how fake indeed these mainstream channels are…and once the people realised that there is even a LAW in USA that says how secret service has the right and obligation to spread fake news among its people …well…that kinda proved what the people were saying for decades…today we know that Bush and Clinton and Blair are convicted war criminals…yet we all remember the fake news channels = BBC,CNN,CNBC,FOX etc etc etc….how they presented these war criminals before the conviction…even today they are defending these war criminals yet…the people are no longer sleeping…and no longer taking for granteed what proven fake news channels spread = BBC,CNBC,CNN,FOX etc etc..

  4. why no one ever mentions that this term "FAKE NEWS" came after the debut of commercial media ?… people report the news by bending facts to suit their narrative (whether left or right) and present them as alternative facts… that's where the fake news stems from

  5. They always talk about it as an internet problem when it’s all over television And that television fake news is just a mistake they always correct when it was edited intentionally that way.
    But,It is ridiculous that American Tax payers are paying for Voice of America.

  6. The nyt winning the below for it's journalism…..wtf …the amount of crap I see them come up with. Have all the prize winners moved on ?

  7. Children in school must, MUST learn how to navigate YouTube, google, and pictures online to be able to tell the difference between real and false more easily. Right now they are utterly vulnerable

  8. Please watch JIMMY DORE on youtube. He is the best NEWS provider and ha great opinions as well that make sense.

  9. to be honest… yes, I blame all media outlets from western mainstream media to RT to online fake news to Chinese media to almost all major players we can see out there….

    but the more fundamental reality is that due to the way readers consume news… talents don't have incentive to get into the industry… outlets don't have the money to spend on great investigation reports or great opinion pieces..

    business model and tech reality are the real problems here….we, by nature, click on fake news… (we are amusing ourselves to death )

  10. I think there is a conflict between traditional news and user-generated content, the fake news campaign is an instrument for traditional media against "new" media

  11. a debate about fake news by the purveyors of fakes news, who wants to be the arbiters of truth. How ironic. 17:20 lol you skeletor bitch got owned. "nervous smile"

  12. these guys say that fake news is actually mistakes that have been corrected, aside from a handful of times accumulated through all of these orgs.: cnn, nyt, rt, msnbc, etc… these orgs hardly ever correct their "mistakes" most of these "mistakes" are purposefully submitted

  13. Public Broadcaster Admits To Increasing Booing Sounds During Trump Davos Speech.  German public broadcaster ARD has been blasted after admitting it “boosted” the sound of booing at the speech given by U.S. President Donald Trump late last week.  https://michaelsavage.com/2018/01/30/public-broadcaster-admits-to-increasing-booing-sounds-during-trump-davos-speech/

  14. Can anyone provide a link to the Columbian Journalism School RT Watch study that Jimmy Wales mentioned?

  15. The information that has been gathered on us by different companies and institutes is incredible. Now is to find out, who is outlaw, and who is not! Fortunately I am 100% neutral, and believe that finally the common sense will win. Rusentry and seriously talk about the future of our united world, and that despite all the diversity. Personally I think no walls, other than firewalls, and conquer the Universe in stead of destroying the earth!

  16. For American-driven media outlets, all in all Russia is the only perpetrator of every ill happening on this planet, their personal bias actually is #FakeNews.

  17. Welcome to the Orwellian world of BBC where fictional and non-existent weapons of mass destruction in Iraq were not Fake News but RT from Russia is ! And imagine people living in UK have to pay BBC licence fee to this agitation and propaganda machine. Plus UK government even subsidise this parasites in BBC. It is like you would enter the Twilight Zone and return back 500 years in medieval times of Nicolo Machiavelli where Roman Catholic church and Pope were selling indulgences and repentence for money to illiterate people masses in medieval Europe. Times of Walter Cronkite when investigation journalists were reporting to American people that war in Vietnam was not a picnic. And that horrific thing are happening in Vietnam war is long ancient history today. Welcome to post-truth world of cable news network media, where reallity is distorted to the level of Disneyland fiction where superhero Captain America fights against evil. As investigate journalist and founder of Project Veritas – James O'Keefe (the man who many times publicly exposed CNN editor-in-chief and CNN journalists in his book "American Pravda") has said: "In America investigate journalist have to go undercover and underground to explore, study and publicly expose the system." Sad but true !

  18. Having the RT propagandist on this panel pretending to represent a genuine news organization is hilarious.

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