Fake News Media in Serious Trouble

Fake News Media in Serious Trouble

hello and welcome i'm gina shakespeare thank you for tuning in to this episode today we will be discussing the disintegration of mainstream media you know I can't think of a single major mainstream media outlet that has admitted it to its audience that it has examined how it ended up presenting the Trump Russia collusion hoax as real news for more than two years figured out what went wrong and made the necessary Corrections to ensure that it doesn't happen again so wouldn't you say this is a telling sign of the times they can't bring themselves to admit it was all a hoax because that would mean exposing the role of a themselves played in creating and sustaining it for more than two years as they relentlessly gaslighted the entire country you know they appear to be fully determined to keep up the illusion that the Trump Russia collusion hoax is still alive and that President Donald Trump must have obstructed the Mullah investigation in its some way to hide that no retractions no recriminations no nothing and so here we are today we are living in the last days of the fake news media when Trump Declassified all the Pfizer documents I know you're waiting for that and when Justice Department Inspector General Michael Horowitz releases his FISA Court abuse report these fake news outlets literally won't be able to cope with it you know Trump knows what he knows he's seen what he's seen he knows what's coming and that the fake news outlets are doubling down on this Trump Russia collusion obstruction fantasy and it's left them no avenue of retreat you know the editors and political activists disguised as reporters and editors at these fake news media outlets went all in on this fake narrative several years ago at the time it looked like a safe call to make you know it was safe back then but the consensus was that Trump wasn't going to last very long in the White House right since Trump was supposedly doomed to a short ignoble presidency made by countless scandals and corruption many top activists at these fake news media outlets gilli put themselves at the disposal of the get Trump resistance machine inside federal agencies what a mistake and probably in the future they're going to regret this so these political partisans were consciously working hand in hand with corrupt federal officials in both law enforcement and intelligence agencies to launch effect scandals that would cripple and sabotage the incoming Trump administration assuring that Trump's time and power would be very brief now we've talked in the past about the practice of strategic leaking right how corrupt federal officials target a person for investigation and make anonymous leaks to media allies to place the target under suspicion that's happened a lot this is exactly how they went after Trump campaign adviser kanata page Trump campaign manager Paul Manafort and Trump National Security Advisor General Michael Flynn plus others so leak the ideas leaked incomplete slanted or fake information to the mainstream media to drum up media crimes for the target to be investigated then move to answer the cries you created with your own leak how convenient you know nowhere has this practice of strategic leaking and wrap-up smear been so clearly exposed as in the Flynn case you will know about this case so somebody high up leaked the transcript of phone calls a Flynn head within Russian ambassador su geckos lyac in The Washington Post that's right this led to media cries for Flynn to be investigated for collusion and a possible Logan Act violation the leak of the Flynn phone calls appeared in the post on January 12th 2017 now that placed Flynn under suspicion of having tried to do some kind of secret deal with the Russians under the table it was surmised he must somehow be undermining President Barack Obama's new sanctions and somebody should look into it real quick you know so after about a week and a half of letting the hue and cry build in the fake news media somebody needs to investigate that Flynn guy Logan Act violation and all that sort of stuff well the FBI actually dispatches FBI agents Peter struck and Joseph pnk to interview flint and that was on January 24th 2017 inside the White House now any veteran reporter who looked into the facts of this story would have immediately realized that the narrative about Flynn being sold in the fake news media from January 14th right through to January 24th had Holson at the size of a Mack truck hitting some right you know here's what you're supposed to believe without question and the fake news media's narrative about the nefarious Flynn getting caught in a lie about his cousin Eric phone calls by the intrepid struck so a military general with more than 30 years of extensive intelligence experience forgot that all phone calls with top Russian officials are monitored transcribed and placed in entire reports that's the first thing that second Flint forgot that the FBI must have full transcripts on all his calls with Keyes lyac and last but not least it's illegal for an incoming national security adviser to make contact with foreign officials to discuss the presidential transition or discuss foreign policy issues now all three of these key points in the fake news media's narrative about Flynn are 100% not even 99 100 percent false so isn't it quite telling that the fake news media hasn't done anything to correct the record instead the media ignores or downplays the holes in their own Flynn narrative this is another sign that many and the fank news media knew all along that the Flynn narrative they were helping government officials to push out there was a fake they can't correct the wet record at this point because it would expose the fact that many of the top journalists involved were willing participants in this fraud perpetrated against Flint now understand that it's not just the loss of whatever small amount of credibility they still possess at this point that leads the people running these thanked news media outlets to double down right now no no that that well okay that's a motivating factor but it's not the it's not the main one you know there will be serious legal ramifications to an admission that they helped partisan government officials target innocent people for corrupt politically motivated investigations that's significantly these innocent targets now we believe these fake news media outlets are going to be sued almost out of existence as a result of a massive lawsuits brought by the innocent people they helped target for fraudulent and politically motivated federal investigations now do you have a better unit do you now have a better grasp of why these fake news outlets despite everything that's come out in the past two years are still at this point desperately and frantically clinging to the Trump Russia obstruction narrative like it's a life preserver that's because the fake news media is doomed Trump knows this which is why he confidently he confidently predicts they will be gone shortly after he leaves office in 2024 now the outlets that help target innocent people as part of the spy gate scandal are going to lose massive Morse's that's that's what the future looks like so Trump knows much of what's going to be in the Horowitz report and he knows what's in the FISA declassification he's planning to do he knows therefore that the fake news media have doubled down on its false narrative and it's about to be exposed to massive legal liability we know at this point due to what's being publicly released what's been publicly released the basic outline of the Spygate plot and how the Clinton campaign and the Democratic National Committee used the Perkins curry and fusion GPS to launch the Trump of Russia election collusion hoaxes as well as how corrupt federal officials assisted the Clinton camp in launching and sustaining the hoax with the direct assistance of key members of the news media using leaks of selectively edited classified information Trump already knows many of the specifics that's why he's not worried he knows what the release of the declassified documents will do you know all in all it's an amazing time to be alive I mean I fully enjoy the moment before the plunge and don't forget to subscribe and hit notifications if you haven't already that way we'll be seeing each other again thank you very much for joining me this was an excellent story by Brian Cates now Cates is a political pundit and writer based in South Texas and author of nobody asks for my opinion but here it is anyway you can follow Cates on twitter at draw and strike and just in closing what are your thoughts on the can use media thank you very much for joining me and I look forward to seeing you very soon

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  1. Still Biden Last Night Saying TRUMP Is Lying About Fake News in the debate. We know Biden is a serial liar. Trump Is our only hope. Everyone else will ruin America. Enslaving Taxpayers For Politicians Benefit. Giving Away Whatevers Left. Flooding Our Country With Immagrants To Suck America Dry. They Hate America.


  3. 8:20 "all in all it's an amazing time to be alive … I fully enjoy the moment before the plunge". Yes, You are right (Brian Cates is). I also enjoy this time but still falling back occasionally into hoplessness due to evil events in Merkel Germany and EU administration. Friends and relatives being stuck emotionally in "no way out" even frantically block my attempts to help them out with true information. But when the USA will make it, shortly afterwards Germany and Europe will follow. Sadly only then those "no way out"-people will recognize finally.

  4. Great job as always Gina! I truly appreciate all of the fabulous work done at The Epock Times! You have a great team…and far more professional that WaPo, NYT, WSJ…or ANYONE ELSE!! The Epoch Times team makes all the rest look like a failed attempt by a high school newspaper staff!! Between my subscription here on YouTube…the weekly issue I get in the regular mail at home…to the digital copy in my email account….The Epoch Times is my "go to" source for honest and legitimate news!

  5. I can't stomach any of the MSMs; my stomach starts churning if I hear any of their voices. I HOPE the Horowitz report does Justice, but I'm really concerned. They said there was no Political Bias in their last report, so I don't have much faith in what they'll tell us this time.

  6. They should ALL be sued for defaming our wonderful President! This had been the craziest times since Trump was elected. I cannot believe I was SO unaware before, and actually leaned left! YIKES like Q says, get ready! Stinky stuff is really going to hit the fan. By the way, you look fabulous today Love & Light from Florida. WWG1WGA!!

  7. This channel is a breath of fresh air – and with the most beautiful and intelligent broadcasters – Ms Shakespear, you rock!!!


  9. Great wrap up for new visitors but How! does a person grow their hair out in two weeks?! Can you fake short hair? Make it look like it was cut and… Okay, Someone if fuckin with me.

  10. I hope all these lying bought off journalist slandering smearing our dearly loved innocent hard working for America President and his family in the mud pays dearly with life in prison for every single one of them I hope they get sued for everything they own I hope the lawsuits against the fake media is in the Trillions of dollars and they go bankrupt and are all shut down for good I hope Hillary is sentenced to death and loses every penny she has and has to pay back every single penny with interest she has cost the tax payers on the false collusion narrative because she's a sore evil loser out to overturn the 2016 election WE WANT AND DESERVE TO SEE HARD FIRM JUSTICE CARRIED OUT ON THESE BEASTS NO PRESIDENT SHOULD NEVER EVER EVER HAVE TO GO THROUGH THIS NEVER!! ITS DISGUSTING THE PRESIDENTIAL ELECTION SHOULD BE POSTPONED UNTIL 2023 BECAUSE OF DELAYS AND ROADBLOCKS AND HARASSMENT BY DEMOCRATS HILLARY FAKE MEDIA AND DEEP STATE WHICH HASNT GIVEN OUR PRESIDENT A FAIR CHANCE AT ALL AS THE PAST PRESIDENTS HAVE BEEN GIVEN THAT WERE ALL FAILURES TRUMP HAS CONTINUED THROUGH THIS BATTLE AND HAS DID MY MORE THAN ALL THE PAST PRESIDENTS HAVE COMBINED WITH ALL THIS UNNECESSARY CHAOS FROM DAY ONE EXTEND THE 2020 ELECTION UNTIL 2023 THIS WILL SHOW THE DEMOCROOKS THIS CANNOT AND WILL NEVER EVER HAPPEN AGAIN OR THERE WILL BE STIFF PENALTIES TO PAY SET TERM LIMITS STOP THE FUTURE CAREER CRIMINALS

  11. rachel maddow in the unemployment line!!., my heart bleeds. Also, is it my imagination or did you cut your hair recently?

  12. It will be a beautiful day when the mainstream media has to come crawling to the government for a bailout, like GM and the Banks, because they ran there l their business in to the ground..

  13. AI. IS FOLLOWING HONEST HARD WORKING EVERYDAY AMERICANS…💀💀💀👺👺👺👹👹😈😈💩💩👾👾👽👽👻👻💀💀👿👿😱😱😬😬😨😨💀💀💀💀

  14. CNN and the other lying mean stream media outlets first, then Google and Facebook. It's time to give me access to unbiased honest news.

  15. Jimmy Carter just said President Trump is an Illegitimate president because of Russia,,, See CNN caused a good man to believe a lie

  16. Bravo Gina. As always, you’ve done a wonderful job reporting the coming demise of the MSM. You have a glorious future ahead of you with the Epoch Times.

  17. One problem half of America. Still belives this there's needs to be a real resolution to this some ranking Dems need to go to jail FBI CIA need to go to jail

  18. John Brennan selected the DOJ because it had a history of convicting innocent people of fabricated crimes, leaking to news media, cultivated media links, media strategists, and a practiced hand at withholding exculpatory evidence. If treasury or state had tried to pull this off, it would have unraveled even faster, as their ham handed attempts subsequently did. See Sidney Powell about Andrew Weissman

  19. The MSM and 3 letter government agencies are rubbing our noses in their corruption because they know they can get away with it and that they're immune from prosecution.  The deep state runs the show and to think that Trump and Barr are not playing along to help foster all the chaos and anger is complete ignorance.

  20. I was about to swipe you off the screen with the rest of the actors toots but you make my case thank you kindly mam

  21. If the calls were during the transition period, then it had NOTHING to do with the ELECTION!!!! It’s just INSULTING how ARROGANTLY PRESUMPTIVE the #Cabal believes we are!!!

  22. Don LeMon in February: The President of the United States has manufactured a crisis on the southern border. It does not exist!
    Don LeMon in May: There is a crisis on the southern border, and don’t let ANYONE tell you otherwise. A crisis of epic proportions. A HUMANITARIAN CRISIS!

  23. You summed it up as well as anyone in Media–I hope the crippling lawsuits happen, the sooner the better. Your advantage is your personal magnetizm–I could listen to you read the phone book and be happy. You seem so exotic–must be the accent. Love it!

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