Fact Check: Trump’s Allegations Against The Bidens | NBC News Now

Fact Check: Trump’s Allegations Against The Bidens | NBC News Now

95 thoughts on “Fact Check: Trump’s Allegations Against The Bidens | NBC News Now

  1. TDS will not change the fact Trump broke no laws:

    The FEC has said information is not a thing of value. Thus when Trump asked China for information about Biden he broke no U.S. laws or codes.

    The U.S. and Ukraine have a two decades long agreement that the president can look into matters of corruption; No laws were broken.

  2. You would have more credibility if you could just manage to tell the truth. This facade is utterly disgusting.

  3. In NBCs case, fact checking means checking the script they were given by their democrat masters. And then checking if their feminist hairdo was as hideous as possible before going on air.

  4. If you think NBC is reporting false information.. GO ahead and file an FCC complaint, (As NBC is a Broadcast Network and IS Covered by the FCC regulating false information), which will have to look at the facts and respond right back at you that the facts are correct 🙂 Sadly the FCC doesn't regulate the Entertainment Channel calling itself "Fox News".

  5. that's what you call quick pro cro get it, how much more do you need, his son got money for nothing!!hello keep that in your brain…

  6. its not right!!! that is what everybody is screaming about trump either it's nothing on both sides, the government is corrupt!!

  7. Say what you want to say about the mainstream media but they don't disable comments on the videos they upload Cough Faux News…

  8. Yes all gas companies are looking for a director that had just been booted out of the Navy for a failed drug test. Exxon Mobil pays their directors $30,000.00 plus stock options per year. Hunter Biden was getting $50,000.00 per month. Move along, nothing to see here?

  9. Omg listen to how fast they are talking! And the facial expressions they are making. They are wound up. And talking sh!t. I watch this news network less and less. They are indeed bias . Absolutely no doubt they are bias.

  10. 01:11
    "..But we really haven't seen any evidence of it."
    A horrible argument for two reasons:

    1. saying you haven't seen any evidence is not saying there is none. It just says you haven't seen it for whatever reason. A more solid statement would be, "But there is no evidence".
    2. adding the word "really" to that statement makes it even weaker. "But we haven't seen any evidence of it". is more of a matter of fact.

    Personally, I have seen the video of Biden himself saying he withheld aid unless they would fire the prosecutor. It is found very easily and even if people want to argue that it isn't wrong, that is evidence.

    I am a fact person. AT least you got the video view you wanted so badly….
    I am for investigating any person who is suspected of corruption. The weird thing, we have less info about Trump threatening Ukraine than Biden (who has said it personally on video). Why would you be willing to pursue Trump but not Biden? Common sense would say at least look into both. It kinda shows Bias (not surprised).

  11. How about a legit "Fact Check" with this video here? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ERKbssK6eQU&list=LLdFA0F5I5K2BJvByZgoF1pQ&index=4&t=0s

  12. Unfounded theories? All of the following is verified and documented: Hunter Biden 'earned' $3 million while being on the board of a Ukrainian petroleum company. When that company was under investigation for corruption, Joe Biden blackmailed the government of Ukraine to fire the investigator. Ukraine fired the investigator. Joe Biden is a crook, his coke head sone is a crook, and Obama is a crook.

  13. He had a job in the Navy but he snorted all that up.. So had to go even more crooked.. Dude has no shame and thats just what we know about I hate to see the other 90% of that iceberg

  14. https://youtu.be/UXA–dj2-CY Just a reminder for everyone. Funny how nobody else can find this evidence. Lmfao…..

  15. Fake news media fact checking?
    Of course there’s no evidence cause you are fake news😎

  16. That doesn’t look good for the trump family, as we already knew. The conflicts of interest all seem to be on the trump side. Pot calling the kettle black?


  18. I never seen so much disrespect for a president. The next president will have a tough road a head of his term. TRUMP 2020

  19. NBC Corporate Media USA. Agenda based globalist shill. I don't even need to watch this garbage to tell you they are going to bash Trump again. We know your message and your agenda. – Six and soon to be five corporations own and control 90% of all media sources in the US. That includes TV, Radio and Print. Everything you see from Corporate USA is included and pushes the same agenda. Less then 100 years ago over 2000 corporations owned and operated media sources in the US. In the 70's it had dropped to about 85 corporations. Now we are down to six and soon to be five. I call the US Corporate Media the Kool Aid factory for America. Hope you like it! Wake up America. – Personally I have not watched TV for over 5 years!

  20. No evidence? Right… except for when his dad bragged about using our tax dollars as a bargaining chip to keep his son from being investigated. Hmm… yeah, but we haven’t seen any “real” evidence have we? How do these people have a platform? Oh, I forgot. Soros… The rich guy who thinks he’s god. Fight for freedom and don’t let them win, my friends. Merica!

  21. Burisma's founder is Mykola Zlochevsky who was the minister of natural resources under a corrupt President Yanukovych. During this time it appears Burisma ended up with the majority of government contracts and licences, clearly enriching himself. Yanukovych has to flee the country and soon after Hunter Biden ends up on the board of this corrupt Ukrainian company making every month what most Americans make in a year.

  22. I'm no Trump supporter but they're being completely disengenuous here. The Bidens are screwed and MSNBC is on track to helping us get another 4 years of this buffoon just like they did with Hillary.

  23. Biden admitted his bullying for changes in the Ukrainian courts. Not illegal unless it is against the law. Trump is obviously not guilty of any of these liberal attacks. Demorats are an embarrassment to America and lie straight to the American people's faces! I will not give up my Homeland to illegal immigrants so f– off with that fake caring crap! We blacks will not be replaced with illegals! Your liberal racism is treasonous! You people bring nothing to the table but homelessness and poop maps.

  24. And what qualifications gets him this position and this salary that came from it. Or the monthly income from it.

  25. Dems are extremely disappointing. DEMS are spinelessly WEAK. Paedophile trump aka individual one walks all over the DEMS. DEMS deserve to lose in 2020 for their inaction.

  26. Show FACTS… Look at John Solomon @thehill if you can't figure it out yourself. Even Glenn Beck figures it our and showed it on chalk boards… PLEASE DO YOUR HOMEWORK

  27. No wonder women have a hard time with being intellectually inferior to men. With ignoramus' like this, this sets woman back ten years.

  28. NBC, the only station that can be wrong more than the weather guy and still keep their jobs. After 3 years of pure lies, I'm really surprised you still have an audience. Wake up Liberals, the Democrats will toss you to the side if you are not in lock step with their agenda.

  29. I bet NBC is happy nobody ever talks about the DNC emails where we saw that they colluded with the Clinton campaign to help rig the primaries.

    I knew NBC was incompetent trash when they got caught editing the george Zimmerman police call. Enemy of the people.

  30. We need filthy Uncle Joe's transcripts back when he and his son were raking it in in the Ukraine. Going to have to shed some daylight on Trash Heap Biden's dirty Chicom deals also. Maybe there's a video of dirty Uncle Joe bragging about that. Would not be surprised.

  31. You moronic jackwagons would be faithful followers of Joseph Stalin and Adolf Hitler if you had been born in 1930.  Stupid little sheep following your Pied Piper over the cliff. You really need something beyond a high school education before you start spewing your idiotic crap.

  32. Unfounded claims? Hunter Biden had no knowledge of Ukraine or China. He knows nothing of the countries and their energy sectors yet he made a billion dollars in the energy sector while his father was Vice President and point man for the two countries. It reaks of corruption. If Trump and his sons did that the scandal on your fake news network would play 24/7. This video proves that NBC is a democratic media site and is not interested in the truth. DISGUSTING and the company should be ashamed.

  33. I am no even going to waste my time listening to even the first sentence of this. MSNBC is owned and operated by far left people and so all their stories are lies. Americans should absolutely want to know the facts in how the Dems tried to screw the Republicans in 2016. I can't follow all this stuff but am committed to never, ever again vote for any Dem ever on any ballot. Schiff and Pelosi and AOC have ruined the party and although I am a registered Dem in a blue state, I will do whatever I can to fight their corruption. If anything, I know that I need to vote against late term abortion and slandering good men and letting the Dems try to stack the courts with far left judges.

  34. These ladies are so young to have permanently undermined themselves for life by putting this on film. On broadcast. They'll never live down this level of stupidity, being duped, and outright lying to millions (lol, ok, thousands) of American citizens. I would not want to be them.

  35. Hunter Biden-a man kicked out of the military for drugs who left a crack pipe in a car rental.
    A guy who does not speak Ukraine with no experience is gas and oil yet earns $50K/mo
    serving on the board of a corrupt Ukraine company. A guy who daddy was tabbed by Obama
    to handle foreign relations in the Ukraine.Sound fishy? It should.

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