Facebook: President Donald Trump Can Lie All He Wants | All In | MSNBC

Facebook: President Donald Trump Can Lie All He Wants | All In | MSNBC

100 thoughts on “Facebook: President Donald Trump Can Lie All He Wants | All In | MSNBC

  1. So, trump got to you, Zuckerberg. Did he bribe , blackmail or coerce you? This is why we have a Fascist in the white house. In my opinion by allowing trump to lie in his ads on Facebook; Facebook is helping destroy this country.

  2. If you want to know how much personal info Facebook has on you, watch Cambridge Analytica whistleblower said on MSNBC @ 2:40 on https://www.msnbc.com/all-in/watch/cambridge-analytica-whistleblower-on-dangers-to-democracy-70824005716

    The level of info is frightening and the selling of our data is abhorrent. If a service is "free" then YOU are the commodity.

  3. From day one I knew Facebook will eventually monetize, because YOU are the commodity being sold to the highest bidder (I worked in online marketing at the time). That's why more than 10 years ago I warned close family and friends to never put personal information there, or over share things that the public/future employers/marketers/identification-thieves can use against you.

    Little did I expect that nefarious authoritarian states are now using it to sway public opinion to interfere with elections.

  4. There are rules for advertising that hold a provider (FB) liable for false and misleading ads. The only way to get them to stop is to stop using them.

  5. Biden & Co need to sue Facebook for libel, defamation and anything else they can think of. Hit them wheer it hurts, in their wallets.

  6. If Facebook were to remove political ads that failed fact-checking, they would end up making less money on all sides. The latter is what they care about instead of the truth. This is why money has a corrupting influence on all humans including those who run media, both mainstream and social. Only non-partisan folks in government can change this because they're the only ones who haven't been corrupted. However, non-partisan folks are by definition neither receiving nor using money for purchasing political ads so that they are candidates that are the least known so that by conventional wisdom, the least likely to be elected.

  7. Breaking the norms of integrity and morality leads to more laws.
    The Trump adm. has intensified the need for a lot of new laws.

  8. If he is such a great president or does all the best things why does he have to lie and cheat to win. HE should be able to run and win off of honest. Case closed. Donny dodger boy. Bone spur baby

  9. NORMALLY , PROPAGANDA ends at the borders of Russia and America. But Not on Face Book. My account was deleted after a dozen years When I posted to 3000+ friends that I don't want our money and our military murder weapons used to arm ALL SIDES in every conflict in the Middle east tuning Humans into attackers and defenders murdering innocent men, women children , babies and unborn fetuses and turning ALL ASIDES into desperate predators trying to defend our LIVES from our LIES. making PEACE between murderers impossible.and Justifying our continuing to support the mass murdering in the name of enforcing peace at GUN POINT in countries we have been victimizing for decades, in Iraq, Iran, Palestine, Lebanon, Pakistan, Syria .. to control the price of and the access to the two largest oil deposits on earth. funding our endless wars and bankrupting the world with selling oil to buy our murder weapons to defend themselves from OUR murder weapons..

  10. Because of that I've no more nothing in my house that is American… Trew everything away sold the car now block Facebook. I may not represent the world but is my way to kut this dictators from my life

  11. Boycott Facebook. We will be sick of Trump campaign before it's over: America is so beautiful and the most beautiful in all history. Wall is done and it is so beautiful. Are you dumber than Trump? Come on, Americans.

  12. Zuck stole the idea of facebook from someone else, then he steals your identity to sell it, now he's ready to steal our democracy. Zuck sucks, what a worthless individual. He and trump belong in the same room.

  13. Most of the people here agree with the critique, but some seem to like Zucky and his schemes… I do wonder why. Zucky seems to have won the hearts of Trumpian base after all. Maybe simply because he is yet another filthy, overprivileged deplorable, who perfectly embodies all the conservative values: lying, dishonesty, cruelty, insatiable greed, deceit, rascist tendencies, total corruption, complete moral decay and utter contempt for that ancient book they always scream they are holding sacred and following, and that poor guy who seem to have been crucified in vain 2000 years ago. Zuckerberg and Trumpsky – birds of a feather. And these liars are running the world now…

  14. One has to recall..facebook allowed russian bots to influence the trump election! And, one may know that facebook beginnings started with a huge startup fund from russian oligarchs!

  15. Mark is the biggest information crook of all,y'all better leave facebook before you find out you owe lots of $$$$$$$!!!!!!!

  16. ARE any of UTUBE fan's THINKING similarly to me. Is EVERYTHING seem like just B.S. do FACTS matter. When did TRUTH plain and simple TRUTH. Lose ITS value. I have always been a believer in the TRUTH. Does it exsist. Or out of STYLE in currant POLITICAL environment. Does anyone out there have an idea how to return that ideal TO DAY. Please HELP.

  17. i bet that $1.6 million is our tax money he's using. he never pays his own bills. he collects money for something, but uses someone else's money to pay for it, keeping the collected money for himself. he is slimy. so fb is for sale to the highest bidder. what rich white boys won't do for more & more & more & more money. they are sell outs no matter the criminal level of the buyer. shame on zuckerburgher, fuckerburgher or whatever his name is.

  18. I think we should all get rid of our Facebook accounts. I did 6 months ago and it s the best thing I have done . Never looked back and don’t miss it at all. See if mr Z likes it.

  19. Trump corrupted the term 'fake news' to distract and disguise the fact that he was doing exactly that, but it's Disinformation, and Facebook is a platform that promotes and rewards Disinformation. It's anti-social media.

  20. Facebook should not be judged based on political fight between two parties; it has been a great experience for me on Facebook; how can someone says he doesn't like Facebook unless he has personal jealousy to the platform not because of just the political stuff going on.

  21. Zuckerberg is a bloody Jew who worships Yahweh a demon Volcano God. Trump the clown from the w/h also worships that lunatic God.

  22. I got kicked off of Facebook in 2015 for bad mouthing Guccifer 2.0. Facebook is still publishing, and selling my data.

  23. I just had fabolous dinner at Trump Towers istanbul and paid 1300$ bill. Trump just barks but loves the money and slave of money . He only betrays to weaks . Turkey love Trump🇹🇷❤ Looking forward to his visit 🤝

  24. BOYCOTT FACEBOOK!!!! They are an awful platform that manipulate the people and they are allowing false claims and information and should be fact checking all political claims. I have stopped using facebook and haven't even looked at in 6 months !!!

  25. Why are they not showing the supposed FAKE ads and show us facts of why they're fake and if so… Why not silence the FAKE news CNN too?

  26. About the only thing I do with face-book now is to post the political BS coming out of the occupier of OUR White House. Once that creature is impeached, indicted, imprisoned, I will happily delete my account. But it's useful at present to counter the bullsh*t.

  27. Trump's media oligarch Zuckerberg needs to be stopped, maybe when we get an honest administration,it will come back on him, crooked 😜 nationalize Facebook now

  28. I am new to FB. But I have already found much to dislike. At 71, I especially abhor being 'harvested' regularly, by snots young enough to be my grand kids, giving me 'sales tips'.. I mean who gives a crap? And by robotic time wasters. If the FB founders countenance this sort of thing, then I can dig it: a lying President, to them.. is no big deal.

  29. Facebook should be broken up. The 'test' Senator Warren did is correct.
    Republicans have been pouring money into Facebook, buying up ads that give the impression that Trump is an honest man being framed by angry, dangerous Democrats.
    And 'ironic' that Republicans accuse 'Social Media' of being 'pro left', when in fact Facebook is the biggest friend Republicans/ Trumpers have ever had!
    Mark Zuckerberg is now one of the biggest 'enemies' in America to democracy, and I don't say that lightly, I was on there when the place first began until recently. Facebook 'controls' too much of the internet!
    I urge all Patriots of this great Nation to do the same, get off of their platform, don't let them make money off of you and your personal data, don't let them 'control' what you think and feel!
    And like someone below said, what's up with you MSNBC? Why aren't you deleting your Facebook account?


  31. Nick Clegg is well known in the U.K. as Cameron's sock puppet.
    He is a classic example of the inflated value placed on a British accent.
    Zuckerberg is using him the same way Cameron used him.
    If he is talking that means there is a malign, unfounded policy lurking behind him somewhere.

  32. Zukerberg is mining information to sell for profit. This is the dwarf that sits on a cushion when questioned by Congress.

  33. Facebook, and co Peter Thiel's investments, is total Nazi + Mafia, as is the Trump campaign!
    So. They steal Intellectual Properties, login credentials, passwords and private data from migrants, from all nations leaders, from foreign researchers and phd students here in the U.S.A and from other "minorities", then Facebook & co. Elite Libertarian-Nazis send their online crimes, their MAGA gangs and their rightwing SS foot-solders, the socalled gods squads" Confederate Police into those folks neighborhoods and monopolize not just that way all economic powers onto a hand few super wealthy ultra religious conservative criminal (White) frat boys/ tribal dark money dynasties of billionaire sociopaths





    Its classic Fascism, Communism and Nazism- tactics to use private entities as the benefactors of mass internment camps and as the centerpoint of the deep states privatived SS "gods squads" police states.
    And no, eventhough Zucks is a White Nationalistic ultra orthodox American Zionist well connected to Jared Kushner, Trumps and thus to Bibi and Mossad, the ongoing ultra religious right-wing conspiracies in Big Surveillance Tech, certainly, involves all the most violent Abraham's Religions, the fanatic Christians, ultra Zionists and Islamic richest young and old extremists.
    Aka the ite "Proud Boys & Alt Right boy" are of many religious ideologies, ethnicities and nationalities. Just like Hitler's Nazis + allies overall were too.

    This, was obvious since some times now. I even recorded some, here in our religious fanatic big business Mafia gangs operating NRA Republican Ohio, where its all about these crazy Republicans religious theocratic Agenda.
    Among by them religious Cartels and Tech giants covertly using NRA and GoFundMe funding of religious terrorists and Religious fanatic killercops to achieve their perverse religious fundamentalism goals.

    They are so childishly boring intellectually these arrogant Abrahams apes who just will never learn until one united non-Abrahams Religions- dictated Asia have nuclear bombed some of them too, as return-to-sender-gifts.

    Mark my words, the mengalomanic delusion of the violent mental illness suffering Abrahams Religions richest fools is already most predictable leading to a new nuclear world war.

    Mark mi-boy, neither you nor Thiel, Robert Mercer, Epstein or even Trump are even 10% as intelligent as you richest Adderall monching sociopaths all think you are, rich Kiddos. I could show you in Public or in EU Courts, if you arrogant boys then wish so, how truly inferior you religious conservative frat-boys and UberPayPal Mafia brotherhoods all actually are cognitively.

    Godless Best,
    Projectheureka LLC

  34. Facebook is full of mess and yes you can spread false information on people that's why I got off of it.They have to much control over your private life and that's not good for anyone.Get off of Facebook and keep your privacy private.

  35. THE AMERICAN ONLINE IS A JOKE, WHY? because our government refuses to take responsiblity and POLICE SOCIAL MEDIA? Powerful is SigSauer? SigSauer is powerful?

  36. I dunno Zuck, if I'd invented a platform with the broad reach of Facebook, then realised it was being used to spread obviously absurd lies, I like to think that my sense of morals and ethics would see me horrified, and quickly taking action to ban such misinformation.
    But if ever there was an alien wearing a human suit and trying to mimic the ways of the human population, Mark Zuckerberg would be a prime candidate…

    p.s. in this day and age, who doesn't have adblockers on their web browsers?!?

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