Extreme Danger: Officials Warning This Event Could Wipe Out Thousands Full Spectrum Survival News

Extreme Danger: Officials Warning This Event Could Wipe Out Thousands Full Spectrum Survival News

welcome everyone to this episode of full-spectrum survival news it is Thursday June 27th of the year 2019 and after 11:00 a.m. Eastern Standard Time officials are scrambling after meteorologists have warned that a record heat wave was going to be set in upon much of Europe record shattering heatwave scorches Europe this is a headline from officials it's scary this isn't the way it's supposed to be record shattering temperatures are scorching must have much of Europe and officials are saying that they aren't prepared that the people aren't prepared if we look back in recent history just in 2015 over 2,000 people were killed in India thousands of deaths are being attributed to heat waves in the last couple of years across much of that continent we have over 1500 deaths attributed to heat waves in France and multiple within the United States it is a serious concern and one that is going to get worse authorities are warning that extreme weather events come in the form of damaging tornadoes floods and extreme heat and it is the extreme heat that causes the most deaths because they are regional it expands beyond just a tornado will just hit a few areas and sure it will cause a loss of life but the heat wave causes people with underlying health conditions or that are exposed and don't know how to handle it to succumb to those illnesses Germany broke all of its all-time heat records on Wednesday just this week when the temperature soared to one hundred and 1.5 degrees which is about 65 in an area about 65 miles southeast of Berlin authorities in Germany imposed speed limits on the Autobahn amid fears that buckling road surfaces would be attributed to the heat things are so serious in the nation of France that the mayor of Paris activated a level-3 heat wave this is an action plan in Paris by authorities this is particularly severe given that there are just four levels and another level 4 has never been reached before this plan provides the establishment of a network of cool places areas that people can go and they can take shelter from the extreme weather event and the city has identified 922 such public places with 218 of those continuing to be accessible at night including Gardens parks cemeteries swimming pools churches and museums the French Health Ministry is advised parents to keep children indoors during the day warning them of the risk of dehydration and heatstroke the ministry also called on all the citizens to check on the elderly and check on homeless people making sure that they have access to air conditioned spaces the most severe recent heat wave in France was in 2003 it was described as the worst heat wave in Europe since 1540 so we are seeing a definite escalation here and one that we need to pay particular attention to can you imagine during a medium to long duration emergency when you the individual do not have access to air conditioning you have to think now about what you're going to do without access to AC and without access to environmental changes what if you don't have power to turn a fin on how are you going to regulate your body temperature there were almost 15,000 heat related deaths in France during the months of July and August of that year according to the country's National Institute of Health 15,000 heat related deaths that means that the person's death could be attributed to their body working too hard to heat stroke to dizziness that caused them to fall down seizures that caused other health conditions to come on it's a very dangerous situation during it Paris hit its record high of 40 Celsius temperatures that the French capital says are set to they're set to reach very near that this very week officials say that Europe is experiencing a faster increase in the number of heat waves than the rest of the world on average one reason for this according to authorities is that soil on the continent could be drawn out leaving less water to evaporate into the atmosphere and cooling the continent down they also say that the jet stream is slowing which normally runs at this time of year which is stopping the err from moving at different levels of the atmosphere both Poland and the Czech Republic set Jun high temperatures this week with Poland at one-hundred point eight degrees and Czech Republic at 102 in red and orange alerts have been issued across much of Europe as the countries work to prepare for this extreme event including Austria Switzerland Spain and Belgium they're warning of dangerously high temperatures and telling their citizens to start preparing now be ready now where you might succumb to a heat related death professor professor Hannah cloak and natural hazards researcher at Britain's University of Reading so that the heat along with the build-up of humidity is a specific lethal combination children and the elderly they warned especially those with underlying health conditions are particularly at risk several locations in the nation of France they note have topped 104 degrees which is warmer than the 103 high forecast in Phoenix but again you have a place like Arizona where the humidity is very low it's a very dry atmosphere and you can handle the heat differently because you can mimic perspiration and you can cause your body to cool down when the humidity is so high there's a certain almost a flash point there's a certain point in temperature and humidity where your body no longer works like that Europe is currently under a historically strong upper Ridge this is according to a meteorologist in Finland who says that it is a extensive zone of high pressure or a heat dome that is causing this to take place so what can we do about it the human body is not very good at regulating excessive heat once you get to a point the body starts to shut down the biological and chemical process that keeps us alive are carried out at a good core temperature between 96 point and 98 point Fahrenheit so there's a little bit of variation there some said 96.4 9 26.8 some say ninety eight point four 98.7 there's some individual variation beyond that the body's primary two it's primary mechanism for heat is to get rid of it blood vessels in the skin dilate and the heart rate goes up so that the blood flow increases and it can release blood throughout your body to cool it down and we all know that perspiration or sweating is another form of getting rid of that heat heat in as we mentioned earlier heat in India killed over 2,000 people just in 2015 it is something that we all have to be prepared for if your air conditioning goes out and your power goes out and you are sitting there and just sweating as soon as you stop sweating begin to worry you need to make sure that you take fluids in and let's talk a little bit about what we can do forced to regulate heat without a break the human body becomes exhausted the exhaustion the exhaustion can lead to weakness dizziness even seizures and nausea if a person doesn't cool off heatstroke is likely and with a heat stroke death is likely people with chronic diseases of course like diabetes cardiovascular disease obesity high blood pressure even something as simple as a migraine can throw out of whack your body's ability to respond to heat and of course people living in poverty or if you're suffering a power outage you're not going to be able to handle that heat recognize and respond know the signs of heat related illness heat cramps are something that are often overlooked muscle spasms muscle pains in the stomach arm and legs what you need to do if you recognize this is you need to get to a cooler location near immediately as fast as you can without exerting yourself more to make your body hotter take sips of cool water if you can get a little sugar and water and a little salt water and very diluted and drink that make sure it's as cool as possible and get further attention if the cramps last more than an hour heat exhaustion is heavy sweating paleness muscle cramps tiredness weakness dizziness headache and vomiting sometimes and fading actions you need to go to air-conditioned location and lie down loosen or remove the clothing so if you are seeing somebody suffering from this let's say that you're in a public place or it's an elder person you're going to need to make things as private for them as possible and if they need to remove their clothing and give them cool wet damp towels that they can either rub across themselves give themselves like a sponge bath and get some airflow over them and make sure that you have some help doing this take a cool bath take sips of a cool drink not one with anything in it that can make you hotter and make it harder for your body to regulate the temperature and heatstroke finally extremely high body temperature above 103 degrees you can take this with a thermometer that's of course when taken orally red hot and dry skin with no sweat rapid strong pulse dizziness confusion and unconsciousness now you'll see a lot of people will suffer anxiety as they lead up to heat exhaustion and heatstroke and those can mimic some symptoms of a heatstroke so you should be familiar with it to try to identify the difference between the two the actions you need to do in the case of a heatstroke are just find emergency help this and it's possible regulate their body temperature if you can't cool them down with whatever means you have available to you until you can seek some further help so this is from a docket of information that was published by the US government instructing you and me the individuals the citizens to become prepared for extreme weather events and extreme heat waves it says extreme heat often results in the highest number of annual deaths among all weather-related hazards and most of the United States extreme heat is defined as a long period that is two to three days of high heat and humidity with temperatures above 90 degrees and we're starting to see that become commonplace this is becoming the new normal an extreme heat evaporation is slowed and the body must work additional it must work extra hard to maintain a normal temperature this can lead to death by overworking the human body says remember that extreme heat can occur quickly and without warning older adults older adults children and the sick and overweight are at a greater risk from having a secondary condition causes a heat related problem humidity increases the feeling of heat and affects your body's ability to get rid of it if you're under an extreme heat warning and the some things that you should try to prepare for now find a way to ventilate find a way to get air moving across you avoid strenuous activities watch for heat related illnesses like we talked about before wear light clothing check on family members and friends and that's really important to make sure that other people that you know and care for who might be overlooking the symptoms or might have already succumb to them don't get worse in a heat wave during plenty of fluids watch for heat cramps exhaustion and stroke and never leave pester people that's right we all should know not to leave pets or people in a closed car how to stay safe find places in your community where you can go and get cool so make a note now make it on your preparedness map this is a lake this is a river this is a hotel or community pool any of those things that you need to know to get cool cover your windows with drapes or shades this is going to stop the radiation from coming in weatherstrip doors and windows to stop cool air that you have created inside from getting out use window reflectors such as aluminum foil covered cardboard to reflect heat back outside that's something that's very important and you'll see that a lot around the world add insulation to keep the heat out use attic fans install window air conditioners and insulate around them these are all things that we need to do but what happens when the power goes out that's why we all need some sort of backup one of the last resorts or the last things to do is to find a way to cool down in a power outage if you don't have access to a tub maybe get an outdoor swimming pool you can find them very cheap right now even if it's just a little kids pool one of those small ones that's only you know 12 inches above the ground try not to get a blow up one they're not going to be as durable and you would hate to put it over some rocks or sticks in the event of needing it the most and it goes out it starts to deflate try to get one of the hard ones you can get them for ten dollars some of the bigger ones for twenty dollars at a big-box store and you're going to want to fill it up with water and spend the afternoon in the shade in the pool and allow the convection that's the air that moves across you plus you mimicking perspiration by putting their cool water over you to take the heat away it's very important that we prepare for times now when we don't have access to infrastructure including power and medical emergency authorities as a special thank you to all of our patreon members for making this news possible this week's full-spectrum news is also brought to us in part by my Patriot supply.com offering two and four week emergency food kits that promise to keep your family fed in the event of a disaster don't wait until the store shelves go empty to get a plan in order from ours to yours please stay safe and keep watch

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  1. Wetting a hand towel often and placing it on your neck while you work will passively cool your core body temperature when exposed to a heatwave. What are some things that you do to prepare for heat?

  2. I don't understand why heat is a problem without airconditioning. Whe do not have a airconditioner in our house and althrough it's warm and not pleasant whe have survived numerous heatwaves already and I'm still alive watching youtube videos. If it's above 30°C you can find me at or near a lake.

  3. Here in Arizona the two biggest summer threats to children is being left in the car seat in the hot car and falling into a pool with no fence.

  4. In Arizona it is very sad and you wouldn't think it be a issue. But please remember not to leave your kids in the car. There are many child deaths here due to this. There has even been cases where parents say they forgot. And in Phoenix alone a car during the summer reaches 130 degrees.

  5. I had $10,000 to invest, I spent $4500 on Solar cells on my home and 3 reverse cycle aircons. It's easier to have smaller aircons than 1 big ducted system. I also bought 3 high-quality ceiling fans. I bought the highest efficiency output along with a generator to run my home if the power goes out. Power has gone out 3 times since I fitted out my place, once for over a week. As I live in the Aussie outback, we are well set up for the heat. My windows have white painted marine ply on them.I also spent $5000 on security.

  6. Very informative vids much appreciated FSS. God bless you always because we are all going to need Him in these last days!

  7. Stop polluting and destroying the Earth you Earthling fucks or else you will be removed from the planet in one way or the other.

  8. Freeze towels wrap them around your necks get ice chests with cold water buy a window air conditioner get solor fans buy a baby pool lay in it with a fan present

  9. I just came to read all the internet climatology "its grand solar minimum" comments. Stayed for the objective breakdown. Good info as usual

  10. I hate hot weather. I lived in southwest Florida for 25 yrs. Im now back in Ohio where Im from. I love the changes in seasons. Im definitely a cool to cold weather person. As long as it's not below 30 degrees. Don't mind an occasional snow. It can be so beautiful. Its so cozy at night time when its snowing outside and you hear the wind blowing. Even more so when a fireplace is going. My husband and I would watch an old movie with this kind of weather. Some of my nice memories.

  11. You have an excellent channel. You have become one of my regular resources for news, particularly as it relates to health and survival.

  12. God bless and hydrate Europe. Please Lord, let them have rain , good rain, to completely drop the temperature. Dear Lord, let them go to air conditioned movies, grocery stores, ice rinks, etc. Let people help each other, invite old people, children and people without air conditioning safely into their house but be cautious. Let people swim in the sea and lakes and then rest in dark rooms at home. Let them go to airconditioned catholic churches and librarys.

  13. I work in the heat 6 hours of my 8 hour work day. I'd like to tell you that fluids (especially diluted salt water and sugar water) are necessary, and the ability to snack, ones that will give you vitamins and minerals is a good idea. I personally keep fruit and seeds and nuts on me while I work, as well as an oral rehydration salt solution in my IFAK.

  14. There is a Hole in the ozone layer and the magnetosphere because of polar shifting. This effect can bring EMP from solar flares and cosmic particles hitting Earth and neutrons are increasing from the sun that can explode nuclear weapons. And enriched uranium causing a Cascade reaction shtf!

  15. Place 4 or 5 jugs of water in your freezer for upcoming record high days. If no A/C is available fill your bathtub halfway, then place a frozen jug into the tub, just one at a time until the bathwater water is cool, NOT ICE COLD, as this may shock your system if you are overheated and put you into shock. Never go from being hot to ice cold, people have died doing this. Rest in tub for 10 minutes or until you feel cooled down. Make sure someone is around and knows you're in there in case you become ill, {drowning risk.} You may want to do this in your smallest bathroom and keep the door closed to keep the cooler air inside. Sip diluted drink with electrolytes, you can make Gatorade yourself with Kool-aid sugar and salt. Wear a swimsuit or underwear at home. If you find someone overheated call 911 and place very cold towels or ice packs under arms and on each side of the groin, behind knees and cold towels on their entire head, neck, face, change towel frequently. Never attempt to give fluids to someone going in and out of consciousness.

  16. In Oklahoma , & many other southern states , 101 is the every day norm during summer . Year after year , btw

  17. we hit 30c today , but fortunally the humidity is still at bay its hot but its a dry heat wich can be tolerated, it when the humidity come that it will turn outside into a living hell

  18. Its hot and muggy here in Florida, hotter then it ever seemed b4, and I have worked in the middle east, Africa, SEA, and S.America it seems hotter and nastier then I ever remember those places. During the day while fixing things I have a shamagh, that I keep wet from my 72 degree spring water.yesterday I was working on an old truck the temp in my side yard according to my digital HF thermometer said it was 147 degrees! I don't run A/C in my house its just too expensive and I live in a 900 Sqft place, I have an outdoor shower hooked up to city water and even on the cold only its uncomfortably hot because of the pipes being baked by the asphalt. B4 retiring to read I shower off in my spring water then lay down with my woobie and a fan works great. A lot of people are gonna suffer horribly when the power goes down cause they have gotten too soft.. My 19YO kid wont stay at my house because im too thrifty to A/C the house all day whilst he is playing video games…Drink lots of water.

  19. 89°f and humid as a mofo ,here in southern Michigan it was hot working in the sun today I wet my white t. And work helps me keep my temp down stay hydrated and be safe big things are in the works be prepared!!

  20. I pray for protection of these people, all people affected by these heat waves and tornados. Stay safe everyone. Its been 91 degrees today in my area, and my air cobditioning ymunit tore up. So this is how to protect yourself from heat: cover up sunny windows with thick blankets, if u have fans, point them outward during the day and point the fan to blow inside during the night. Keep hydrated, drink fluids more. Sray out of direct sun dont mow yards in the hot part of the day. Keep kids out of extreme heat days/sunshibe. Blessings to yall, and love from us here in the appalachian miuntains😀

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