EXTIZE - Industrial Kombat (Official Video)

EXTIZE – Industrial Kombat (Official Video)

26 thoughts on “EXTIZE – Industrial Kombat (Official Video)

  1. Missing just a few.. This is from the video. Can probably find more if listening to the lyrics.

    00:28 Eisenfunk
    00:45 Unheilig vs. Blutengel
    00:49 Eisbrecher
    00:55 Lacrimosa
    00:58 X-Rx
    01:05 Aesthetic Perfection vs. Grausame Tochter
    01:13 Agonoize
    01:46 Suicide Commando (Johan had a knee injury that year XD)
    02:15 Combichrist
    02:21 Nachtmahr
    02:29 Faderhead
    02:34 Frozen Plasma
    02:44 Faderhead
    02:48 Straftanz
    02:56 X-Rx
    03:03 Daft Punk vs. Rummelsnuff
    03:10 Scooter/Grendel
    03:42 Kernkraft (Zombienation)
    04:19 Rob Zombie vs. Project Pitchfork
    04:32 Hocico
    04:37 Suicide Commando

  2. Hmm. Ich kenne alle Lieder. Ich kenne noch das Ur-Mortal Combat. Bin ich jetzt alt? Sehr geiler Mix. Danke für den Flashback in eine schöne Zeit!

  3. 1:02 I think the fight part comes from the song Ctrl alt bite by Incubite. (I mean after the second 1,2,3 you hear fight and that part comes from the Incubite song Ctrl alt bite.)

  4. Leute, hab mich schon Jahren nicht mehr so amüsiert!!! Mehr von dem Stuff!!! Sound ist auch fettgeil

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  6. Faderhead = bananas and wine wine bad idea do not try
    Combichrist =pin ups hot roads and tatoos is a psychobilly guy
    Hocico= mariachi con chiles speddy gonzalez hieppaaaaa
    Centhron= BSDM and more sexxx
    Suicide commando= olds and more olds jajajajaja i love this video 👍

  7. They didn't get Soman, by far the best Industrial band ever, probably because he retired from the scene and he was reaaaly what industrial should be in the first place (and many hated him for it!)

  8. Making fun of those who are more successful than you, way to ride their coat tails, still funny though, but leave Rammstein alone damnit.

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