Explore Tab Expansion, Main App Updates, Bugs, and more! | Newsflash

Explore Tab Expansion, Main App Updates, Bugs, and more! | Newsflash

hello insiders this might be our shortest ever newsflash I don't know maybe it's summer but don't have much to report but I do have some things so let's get to it there is an improvement we're rolling out to Android main app so the YouTube app for Android where you can reply to comments and mention users specifically which will improve with readability and just as importantly get the person you mentioned will get a notification so they'll know and kind of keep the conversation going the Explorer tab experiment continues remember I told you in the past it was going to be 1% of iPhone users we are now boosting that to 2% so still collecting data but so far so good and link below for more on that experiment of the Explorer tab oh I will mention one thing I was actually talking to one of the product managers about the Explorer tab and as you will recall there is a creator on the rise I think they call it a chip or a call-out somewhere in that Explorer experience and we were talking about wow you know the Krannert rise program is great it kind of features up-and-coming creators but they're of a general size what if we had another shell for a chip in the Explorer experiment where we promoted even smaller creators and just sort of spitballing what if those creators were nominated by top creators so top creators who say oh I think this person is really up-and-coming or I think this is really cool and I don't know if we'd ever do that it may not be a great idea like you know a complaint might be like oh well these top creators now are kind of becoming King makers you know why should they be able to choose we should just algorithm algorithmically select small up-and-coming creators leave in the comments if you have any opinions about that be curious to know it's definitely just spitballing so not sure if it would go anywhere but always open to your feedback next there is as part of our digital well-being effort we are launching the time watched profile feature so a viewer can see how much time they've been watching YouTube and if it's more than what they sort of budget for they can kind of set reminders and and you know just have a more balanced relationship with the digital media including YouTube next August 1 there was a bug where the verification badges were not being shown like in search results and other places and we think we fixed it by the time you see this it should be taken care of if you're still seeing missing verification badges if your channel has been verified let us know in the comments below lastly we are working on an update video on creator insider to talk about the status of the applications to the ypp program most people have already heard back who are waiting since a few months ago so again apologies for that delay but glad we're able to make a decision on the vast majority of applicants we still see in the comments here people say hey I still haven't heard yet I've been waiting for many months so that update will be coming soon for those secondary reviews and just giving a little bit of a heads-up on where we are with that process you know just be aware that if you're you know not not staying within community guidelines or not Brian appropriate even if we haven't gotten back to you like it should be pretty clear like that kind of stuff is not going to get approved now you could say well then just tell us and so hopefully in the next video we can give some more information about how we're doing that we're obviously trying to be really careful in making as thoughtful decisions as possible and that requires you know some manual review so that's why when it's a board in case it takes a little longer okay next oh I want to call out for our last movie quote for the next last newsflash it was predator and the first person who guessed that was frake well done Frank second was Omar Khouri so yes that was predator a fantastic movie with Arnold Schwarzenegger and the governor of Minnesota his name something – something he was a wrestler as well oh man and Navy SEAL I know a lot of things about him I don't know his name he's a mustache kind of balding any rate that's great movie I think oh and then you know high five – super user tech mods he was the first commenter on the last news flash so you were fast on the drawer or on the draw yeah so that's it for this week I know it's a fairly short news flash hopefully we'll have more next time in the meantime keep it real all right movie quote times ready yeah will happen your feet oh those year four was it 407 what happened to your feet oh those are 407 s can I see them are you even for turn 80 are you are uniform are you stoked are you Steve Jobs or you CEO of a multi-billion dollar company well if not then you should never wear a New Balance shoes again alright that's that's good enough

43 thoughts on “Explore Tab Expansion, Main App Updates, Bugs, and more! | Newsflash

  1. How many people believe youtube has lot of own channels and revenue goes to youtube itself….youtube is making matched third parties are claimed by youtube itself.All third parties revenue goes to youtube.Its your best software you are using..Google most unreliable untrusty in the world.

  2. When are we going to see mentions that work on comments when using the regular browser…? Seems like the most inconsistent experience.

  3. I have over 10K subscribers, and my channel is in good standing. Why don't I have the "Community" Tab available for me to use yet?

  4. PLEASE LISTEN! Bring the screen recorder in the YouTube Gaming app. So I can have another option to chose from!!!!!

  5. I think a small channel tab is cool but don't make the large creators choose because that'd be really unfair

  6. I would definitely lean toward the algorithm selecting creators versus existing creators picking people. There's always the possibility of them playing buddy-buddy and helping their friends get bigger as opposed to encouraging creators who are working hard.

  7. Hi Creator Insider love the channel.
    I have some feedback:
    1.The subscriber count on the YT studio app(ios) is not the same as the Youtube app or the web. 2-3 days delayed maybe.
    2. Could you add the possibility to make the end screens when uploading a video. I always forget when the video is uploaded?

  8. What happen to the new tool for scheduling videos? I schedule all my videos now and I don't have the new tool. Thanks for the information Tom.

  9. Another thing I am wondering is that, does youtube change the system about copyrighted content which is allowed and monitized by the claimant for several months and then it is blocked in almost all countries. Who does it, youtube or the claimant? If there an answer, thanks in advance. Just only a clarification.

  10. Hey! I am just wondering if youtube is still sending monthly stats report to all youtubers through emails? I did not receive anymore for several months.

  11. I see this is going towards a socail media website like facebook. HMM I hate FB so bring it on. I would like to see on youtube a more relaxed view if you have a good standing channel that any other channel you open should have the rights of your first channel. like monetize etc.

  12. I have no problem with YouTubers promoting YouTubers, so long as it's transparent. Just have a section title that makes it obvious. Also mention who promoted them. Then have a separate section for creators promoted by algorithms. Again, with a title that makes it obvious. You could also have a way for those you subscribe to to promote others as well. Right now, theres the "featured channels" section on channel pages. It'd be good to make that more organic, instead of the set-it-forget-it feature it is now, on the channel page people don't see very often.

  13. This would be a neat feature of YouTube: During a video playback, if the viewer sees a thumbnail on the right that is grabbing their attention and they go to view that video, when they click on it a message would pop up saying "Wait!! Before you leave, a, b, and c, is coming up next in this video, are you sure that you want to leave?"

    Call this feature last resort or something like that. During the upload process, the content creator can place last resort markers throughout their video, which would populate the a, b, c fields.

    I could see this leading to more watch time for the original content creator, and the viewer will likely go to the next video afterwards as well, which just leads to more watch time on YouTube overall. Until that reminder pops up saying you've been on YouTube too long!

  14. Thank you very much for keeping us informed through these videos. I already sent this information in as feedback but I thought I would mention here in hopes it would rise to the top of the pile! Please change the default screen from edit to analytics when we click on a video. Rarely does someone edit the title and description after a video has been published. But YouTube creators who are looking to improve future videos want to know the traffic source and other analytics, especially right after a video has been published. The way it is now, we must click through the edit title and info screen to get to the analytic, the information that we actually need. Thanks, Mike ☺

  15. Why is there a discrepancy between the subscriber count on the legacy dashboard and the beta dashboard? Beta seems to match YT Studio so I imagine they're getting data from the same place. The akshatmittal site seems to be pulling from the same source as the legacy dashboard which reports higher numbers.

  16. I think it will be great for us smaller creators to be feature on the explorer tab but it will be bests if it was done by algorithm.

  17. Help! By any chance, does anyone know if the YouTube TestFlight program is legit or fake. I saw it on google products forum and signed up for it. 😂

  18. I think having a shelf for very small creators would be good, but i don't think the idea of allowing larger creators to "vote" is a good idea.. the shelf is though, it would help give more exposure to us smaller creators.

  19. I don't like the reminders idea. Maybe good for kids profiles. Most of my users want to keep my channel on in their shops, reception areas, and playing during big reveals. I am indifferent if this could be a toggle or chosen profile. But I don't want it to be anything that will require me to educate my users about.

  20. Do we have tentative date or week in August for second email for additional review. Because as per email says near future. I completed 2 months and more.. Can you please help me

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