100 thoughts on “Expert: Kim Jong Un photo shows something big about to happen

  1. Kim isn't really there it's a blue screen with the the background image imposed on it. He is sitting on a horse but that's all.

  2. Despite the dictatorship, North Korea looks like it has some beautiful hiking spots.

  3. Putin on a white horse makes me think of Psy dancing Gangnam Style. I can't wait till all of this insanity is over. It is going to end, right? RIGHT???? Omg. Sooooo tired. https://youtu.be/CH1XGdu-hzQ

  4. This woman seems so tone deaf

    -Do you think north korea will ever give up their nuclear weapons?

    Jesus fucking christ, really.?

  5. this is the problem with sanctions, they dont work ,kims fine, people are not im pretty sure kim was in swiss school when the libian guy got killed in the sewer pipe and pulled apart after he gave up his nukes

  6. You have to ask yourself, "why do the jews want north korea disarmed so very much? Is it the same reason why they want Americans disarmed?" Find iut next week on 'NAME THAT JEW'

  7. EMP Attack on The US. WW3. Tribulation is set to occur soon, along with the imminent “Rapture”. Prepare yourselves spiritually..

  8. That is NOT NOT North Korea that is JUNGFRAU ( Wengen ) SWITZERLAND ( Helvetia ) just to highlight Brookes and CNN s stunning American Idiot status

  9. I would like to see lovely Brooke riding a white unicorn..in the snow covered hills..with her overly stiff hair flying in the wind..her knee high boots securely placed tightly in the stirrups, the reins clinched between her bleached white teeth while she holds both arms in the air waving a…TRUMP 2020 flag! Oh yes I would. Yes indeed.

  10. Why does these CNN journalist keep pushing hatred??? What's wrong with Kim on a horse? It was Russia's fault oh no wait it's Ukraines fault now

  11. Lol CNN, brooke Baldwin…. you guys just need to chill out, go meditate for a minute, and figure out what matters normal human human beings. You guys are all over the place.

    Good luck.

  12. Sanctions punish the civilian population more than anyone else. Basically, we are engaging in torturing innocent people to get a twisted leader to fall in line. Sanctions are B.S. We should attack the leader or their military NOT private individuals.

  13. Next thing we're going to see is trump on a unicorn with wings on it that he rides shirtless on Mount Everest. Just so he can 1up his fellow delusional dictators lol

  14. Dear CNN and friends,
    Thank you for posting.
    Up to minute 0:48
    Beautiful horse!!
    I half expected Fabio to come riding along side him, in slow motion, and say:
    "I Can't Believe It's Not Butter" 😲
    That would be way more fun! 😁
    "Gangnam Style" for real!
    Love from 💕
    USA 🇺🇸
    Peace 🌿🕊

  15. It is power message for the world, at the short time the world is going change , the first time power in the world that was muhammed, then now Jesus after that Buddhism coming soon!

  16. I know this may sound strange from my mouth, but I hope Kim Jong-un will now throw Trump under the bus and test-launch more nuclear rockets, which Kim still has as our intel agencies know. This should be a lesson to the orange idiot not to cozy up with dictators.

  17. I feel sorry for the horse too…as a horse owner! For one, he's pulling on the bit, making the horse struggling with his tongue out! Two, horses do not like evil people in their backs!

  18. Hmm…This is probably a good time for US enemies, since the Trump administration is in crises and looking away, perhaps. Oh sweet geese.

  19. Having seen what Trump just did in Syria, NK is free to do whatever they please to the south, knowing the Americans will just pull out.

  20. What a fat little Piggy.
    Donald Trump probably printed out a copy and placed it under his pillow. Why not, Melania won't touch his gross body, that's why he "fell in love" with Kim.
    We totally live in an Orwellian nightmare.

  21. Oh lord, does this mean we'd have to get trumper a horse to keep up? Ya know, there's a cute mechanical horse in front of the neighborhood Dollar General he can practice on for only 25 cents! Yep, they still have them!

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