Exile Guayla // Update 03 (watch with subtitles)

Exile Guayla // Update 03 (watch with subtitles)

Before we start with our third update, we want to say thank you. Thank you to everyone who liked us, inputed something or wrote a comment. We are trying to reply to as many of you as possible in the following weeks. In the last episode we had the chance or more the honour, to meet the legendary Eritrean singer Abrar Osman. He got described to us by a lot of people as the Eritrean Dalai-Lama. And this is not just a made up name. He is using all his power to call for altruism, world peace and the cohabitation of all people. We noticed all this during our one hour interview. First we thought, that we filmed the footage of the year. But then quickly realised, that it is harder to edit then expected Nevertheless, we are trying to show you more of him at one point the next weeks. I’m always with them and feel hope and positive thoughts. I want to give hope back to the people This is my message. Since the beginning of the project, we are interested in the production of Eritrean music. But now we finally discovered it in episode three. But how complicated can it be. Because of the lack of money and knowledge they produce mostly in Ethiopia. John is explaining it in detail in this video up here. We don’t want you to miss a funny anecdote from the past week. We were searching for someone who could explain us Eritrean lyrics. A lot of people told us, that there is someone living in Zurich. They called him “Jokerman”. We thought, what possibly could go wrong and visited him. It was a pretty strange visit. We didn’t have a translator and he was mostly speaking Tigrinya. But the highlight of the interview was when he took out his phone and called a friend from Holland. This friend told us then, that he wants to tell us a joke. Like you saw just now, the Eritrean diaspora is connected over the world. And this is the topic of our last episode as well. We want to meet a graphic designer who is making poster for Eritrean bands Europe and World tour. And we hopefully are able to speak to a filmmaker who is producing video clips for a lot of Eritrean bands. If you know something about this topic please write us on Snapchat, Instagram or send us a mail. We would love to hear from you.

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