26 thoughts on “EXCLUSIVE – With the journalists on the frontline in Iraq

  1. Thanks, and I truly appreciate what these brave journalist do. No one can say these men aren't part of the fight, because without them many of us couldn't imagine how intense of fight is taking place. Stay safe, and keep us informed, as ISIS is continues to be put 6' in the ground.

  2. When the The suicide bomber exploded(?) at around 5:12 …you could see some of the bodies ripped into pieces:(

  3. On one hand, America and its "allies" (puppets) making a fake war against ISIS ( a CIA/Mossad creature) and slaughtering hundreds of civilians in Mosul. On the other hand, Russia liberating Aleppo…

  4. What happened at 2:10? Shrapnel? Pressure wave? Shot from somewhere? At first I thought the Humvee was backing up over him but it doesn't seem to be the case.

  5. americans are simply responsible for what is happening in syria, shame on america who is responsible for killing thousands and millions of innocent people

  6. Ali Jawad is one badass journalist unlike the ones in my country reporting false news in their cocoon-like studios.

    Sunni majority cities in Iraq: Fallujah, Tikrit, Mosul, Ramadi: two milestones in extreme media deception in the History of Genocide and War

  8. the whole world is fighting Isis and are stil some control for two yrs something is not adding up.surely they shouldn't be that difficult.

  9. @0:47 "christian"? just exactly who are these"Christians"? could they be the Assyrians? the indigenous people of Iraq? why aren't they talked about? and how their land is being stolen by Kurds and Arabs?

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