EXCLUSIVE Sarfaraz Ahmed Interview! | ICC Cricket World Cup 2019

EXCLUSIVE Sarfaraz Ahmed Interview! | ICC Cricket World Cup 2019

one thing we know is that whatever happens on the field the captain of the team always has to bear the brunt of that so frogs I mother's here with me so fast what kind of an impact does it have on the player it's just about important take a obviously your fans yeah Mario I'm a bad person contain what PR card or Nicky was a horrible terrible overseas Bihari Malik Michele 10 especially like England though you have with your fans key supportive of boards other unfortunately you have with your pistol a jewel week Amerigo da índia kahan Akiba to Braga tough week goodra ham local clear as a team logo net which is say vodka Sica or a jaw response Hamada team South Africa's loud mass murderers Kabaddi publicly I'm I support you what is about gesture like strands acoustic think it if you need to honey money fans and licking para Pakistan Sri at curry the cable obviously boys other hard to as Anika to be married to go what cared your hair Bob odden panna cotta to give a message in temple a video ID so watch is made is the helmet II like a cheese commercial bully data Manny Machado is she's couldn't connect I can K was lucky families kiss out Tito Munoz about kissed her family husband died and I saw his mayoralty guillotine turbo video job I took MIDI Adam do him any body language Roger that Gary Gaetti was history cases took a mu J up near Pineda to get Abdullah Saleh gotta be hard to Alec anybody kept apnic hood personally was moment parry acne kia was that a conscious decision k a buccal bull i'm not going to react to that they came back together a behalf area karate man who shot a movie about that I was lucky man and he had Callaghan was what that was a tag ml and Iker cut the wall drill kids were UT was shocked the Oconee potential T or many negative key data to the bus is whether khamoshi another better Sam Jared she's a little about your knee or subtitle Metallica tariffs tortilla with UI or subdural America okay what about your family in this in this period you know only our cameras is the air P wife knee or you know your parents back home how to get through this they survived quite awhile you take a jumpy a video I told you blew me out of the water back together or anything oh yeah yeah get the egg with you i yeah I see the posse with you my love when the guy looked oh my remover but I gotta say a sequel bad yeah him a guru you superior to life right side up Boadicea anger Tony subsidy be sandy polling with the carbolic ajusshi maybe deca was up near IKEA the hardest oh my own table oh gosh every other can make a donkey jinda when a drug addict in social media pay up NAB Robert kagari kiosk a lover Fanjul tomorrow Kobashi okay I'm lo Joby I'm looking what I say applause support cutting it obviously I'm looking at you perform cutting around about motivate multi-day many HaMashiach i video hamari pakistani abomb here you look like your mother Frank they were met before that occurred or Amaechi scoop attack good job hum GTA – vomits our baby dr. Hardin Grenada QK won't say hamari expectation routine or India K mechanic about you egg V Kucera yes a big O's elegant escape our Jude jr. Harper looked a Lords modulo guy we're gonna Pakistan team core support because it may be low hum another hotel may be terrible to anything but had to be millet when only supply cocky up sleep up Nebraskan can it is a lot a lot a hard man to find some other body changes except do Leakey I take my neighborhood disagree we are serving someone yoga ball possibly

22 thoughts on “EXCLUSIVE Sarfaraz Ahmed Interview! | ICC Cricket World Cup 2019

  1. A felt big proud sarfaraz ahmed is captain of our Pakistan Cricket team I'm not a fan of conditions of you sarfaraz I'm a fan of your's of all conditions you have in yours life

  2. He's a nice guy……support nd respect from India….the best thing he did by not reacting…..we'll se u in the finals pakistan

  3. Nice character… Told absolutely what is truth…. God bless him as he blessed him with champions trophy that too against India… Is there anything better than pakistan win a world event meeting India … His team did it in champions 🏆… Let's hope in cwc19 still not out of it… Time will tell… that is more than enough of achievement to shut critics for life and may be prime minister in 2045 ….. Sarfraz would suit in politics attire… 😂

  4. He's soo decent yr I think Allah is always with him.. Pakistan pls respct him.. Dil ke ache log km hi hote ajkl

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