Exclusive: Bernie Sanders Speaks Out After Heart Attack | NBC Nightly News

Exclusive: Bernie Sanders Speaks Out After Heart Attack | NBC Nightly News

55 thoughts on “Exclusive: Bernie Sanders Speaks Out After Heart Attack | NBC Nightly News

  1. Bernie Sanders has always placed working for working and middle class families first and I trust him to continue in that endeavor. I see no reason to change my opinion. I will vote for Senator Sanders.

  2. Sanders Unveils HUGE Plan to Get Money Out of Politics, Eliminate DNC Corruption:

  3. I had a stent put in at age 26 years old, its no big deal. Bernie was doing six rallies a day with low blood flow, Bernie is going to double that now. #Bernie2020

  4. Evangelical backed criminal Enterprise 😂 the new revised Machiavellian edition gospel 😜it is better for the one to die again than lose the president and Senate 😭

  5. I don't understand why Bernie would choose to go on a network that continuously pumps out negative stuff about him, can someone explain that to me.

    I'm just confused, there are so many online media sources that would love to shine a spotlight on how great he is, yet he keeps on going back to establishment media sources to get pummelled.

  6. Stop being a jerk to Bernie! You’re just scared of what he has in mind for the country! To me, he will transform our country into the right direction and I know it will! It’s time to end the absurdity of greed and corruption ONCE AND FOR ALL! #Bernie2020

  7. Bernie Sanders……. GET out of the RACE…….you can NOT handle the STRESS……..
    Notice how you are NOT YELLING anymore!
    Just because you had a STENT…….does NOT mean you do NOT have more BLOCKED ARTERIES……YOU are a HIGH RISK…..too OLD, HEALTH, and STAMINA!!!

    Just DO NOT give your campaign money to HILLARY like you SCREWED your supporters last time!


  8. Someone tell Bernie to do his job and call out Warren flip flopping on campaign finance. If not Warren will solidify her support and have a base that can challenge the political revolution.

    No need for the nicety. Do what Obama did attack fiercely in campaign and have dinner later to soften the blow. This next debate is Bernie last chance to stop Warren from stealing his thunder.

    At least he should attack her because he knows she will be defeated by Trump. Or he has the best shot to win against Trump.

  9. Disgusting that a Comcast owned network like NBC has the guts to make a full interview with a candidate and then only upload 2 minutes. This type of interference in the US electoral process should be the main issue of next weeks DNC debate, not stupid Russiagate

  10. I am old enough to recall and remember when Dr. King was called a Communist in the media and by people against him. They are doing the same to Bernie.

  11. If Bernie is not able to continue, may the next popular candidate take over his wishes and fulfill his hopes and dreams

  12. Bernie is exactly what this country needs he is for the people especially the working class Americans are crazy if they don't make him our next president God bless Bernie for everything he does

  13. Keep going Bernie! The media will smear you I jope you turn up the heat Trump sryle on corporate owned dems…hint Lying Liz WARren

  14. Bernie is strong and the love of public will heal the greatness of his work, himself and his family, as the resistance against the insane current system grows. His work is a legend, and the old model of corporatocracy is already dead. Hard workers us working to survive until this model 🙁 is out for good 🙂
    The social democratic system is the only choice towards freedom, and true wisdom where the public can finally enjoy the fruits of education, is peace and evolution on a productive way, compared to what is currently is going on

  15. I m 38 and Latino! And yes he’s our # 1 choice for president Bernie 2020. We got your back my friend keep fighting the system with us

  16. Go Bernie! I will be cheering you on during the next debate. You're the one we can count on to get money out of politics!

  17. White People shouldn’t vote for Bernie.Warren is a better choice for White Values.Besides , Bernie is a jinx
    He has taken millions from his fan base and delivered defeat after defeat with zero..absolutely ZERO results.

  18. FDR got us out of the depression in a wheelchair, there is a VP appointed in case the president is no longer able to serve and he's running against someone who is close to the same age so physical health means very little, mental health on the otherhand is vital and that is where Bernie soars he's as sharp as a tack!

  19. Boo NBC and MSNBC and the Washington Post and NYT. C"mon. His campaign was transparent, honest, forthright. Yet you again and again find fault with Bernie. You even find fault with his heart attack. Why don't you report EVEN ONCE thst Bernie raised the most money, the most. The… MOST last quarter. More thsn Warren. And why don't you report that more people from the states Donald won in 2016 would vote for him than Warren and Biden combined?

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