Examining The China Trade Deal | NBC News Now

Examining The China Trade Deal | NBC News Now

14 thoughts on “Examining The China Trade Deal | NBC News Now

  1. We don't need deals, we need to decuple our economy. The Communist party of China is manipulating our economy and strong arming our companies for military technology.

  2. This sounds critical if the president but not one person ie former president said anything or did anything about the Chinese ruling off Americans for decades.

  3. Yeah… except China did sign a 200 billion dollar deal this past Spring w/ Russia to expand their Ag for 5 crops including soy plus the signed deals w/ various So American countries. Russia expects to be up to speed by 2024. This is just another Trump stunt.

  4. China is depraving the world with profit temptation. It tramples human dignity n corrupts human morality. It is the “great harlot of Babylon (Beijing)” It harvests organs from live FLG

  5. china is under-fire by HONG KONG protest.
    trump is also in trouble with Ukraine stuff.
    what two criminals would to when they are about to get caught. they make a deal

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