27 thoughts on “Ex-Reporter on the Moment She Said 'I Quit' on Live TV

  1. Lets cry because someone quits.🤣 Also lets quit television and then goback onto television and talk about it.

  2. legally owning a MJ business would not be a confict of interest with employment as a journalist. a typical conflict would be if the employee owns a business that is in direct competition with his employer.

  3. What the world expects many of us to do is a bad joke. That's why they want to disarm us for their socialism, lol.

  4. lmao…. the weed they show on the news when she quit is fucking dogshit weed too!!! it LOOKS like dog shit!!!! bahahhahhaha it fucking says "white widow" under it, too…. that's such a joke. That's nowhere near what white widow is supposed to look like! If that shit came from a white widow seed, I want to know what the fuck they did to the plants to make it come out THAT shitty.

  5. that picture around 1:52 of her standing in the grow room…….
    WTF, anybody here notice how fucking wilted and shitty those plants look??? It must be super hard to grow in alaska or some shit

  6. well…she could have quit differently. now her journalism degree won't be of use anymore. Maybe she really didn't care for her job.

  7. she did it ahttps://www.staugustine.com/news/20180309/blazejowski-back-to-county-for-new-chargesgain …. one victim was young teen and many other cases !
    she should get life in solitary — she has no filter and i would say if now dangerous

  8. Pretty typical of pot heads to lose their job and not care about their future. She's trash, like all drug users.

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