100 thoughts on “Ex-CIA chief on Trump-Putin summit: I feel sick

  1. All the outrage for Putin and interference in Us elections in rich. US has interfered for years and destroyed countries which had elected democratic governments and replaced with dictators. Karma is a bitch, bitches. Now Orage Dump is shooting Us in its own foot. Some prophesy said DUMP will be the last President of 'democratic' US. Popcorns and soda and 3D glasses

  2. TRUMP is the anti-christ who should have been IMPEACHED the moment he returned from Russia.GET THAT FUCK OIUT OF THE OFFICE NOW!

  3. Putin told Trump about the time that Adam Shift serviced the entire Bolshoi Ballet, and promised him a tape, in return for Ukraine. And promised him some good dirt on Ted Loo's servicing his bosses in Beijing too … WTC this Steve Hall is a total shill. Since we don't usually see presidents insult other national leaders on TV while having press conferences with them.

  4. I hope Putin goes to US every 3 months, to tell Trump what he should do. Then he must pass through the department of state to tell them what he order Trump to do so they can put it in practice. Because the biggest memory and stable gennius on earth will not know or understand what was said. That's the only way you are going to have any known stable policy. What a joke!

  5. And follow the money. Trump is owned by the Russians. He will sell the US for keeping the money they have lend him. Just a deal… a con deal made by the con dealer on earth. That might be true because so far he wasn't arrested… and I don't think he will…

  6. July 24, 2018 ~~ In simple words the Dumbed down don't understand the difference between a Democracy and Socialism. Socialist Republics turn into Dictatorships. // stop following the Pied Piper Bernie. The European Union was an over throw of the common people. // Vote out the Left in November place CIVICS and Real history back in public schools. // Turn the Channel and watch Fox News with evidence in place of opinions// Get off welfare and Vote Red

    The Summit was a huge success, in spite of what the Democrats say….
    Putin conceded to Stand down if Iran's provocation ever leads to a confrontation inside of Israel's southern border.
    Does Trump ever get tired of Winning?

  8. The Democrats have Kompromat on Trump. Basically they can accuse Trump of being a traitor, day after day, based on Hillary and Obama make-believe smears and slander. Hillary hired a bunch of Russian spies to make up stuff, like Hillary's pee pee tape story. So the Democrats are hoping that they can bully Trump with their made-up stuff

  9. Republicans will support anyone as long as they control the WH. In the end they will pay the price. Politics aside Frump is a traitor.

  10. Putin was laughing inside at Trump as he stood there and kissed his ass. Trump owes Putin millions and will sell out America due to his own ego.

  11. Its very normal to be opposed to the President, when you support an opposition party. This has been going on for centuries, and happens in all democracies. The trick is to wait your turn, and offer the electorate something better next time around.

    The problem I see the Democrats having in the future, is that they have nothing to offer the electorate in the future.

  12. Why is the White House and Putin trying to rewrite history by removing the Reuter's reporter who asked if Putin wanted Trump to win, and if he helped him , from "official" videos and transcripts ? Why is Putin saying Trump agreed to fight in Syria along side them , and trashing our top military General in the middle east, for disobeying commands from their "Supreme Leader"? This and more is what we want to know ! What did Trump give to Putin in that 2 1/2 hr. private meeting in Helsinky ?

  13. A conflict is when 2 or more forces want the same thing OR when one side wants one thing one way and the other side wants it another. It is better to get along with Russia now, because one day we may need to lock arms with Russia to surround far worse global threats. Better for Trump to test the waters and meet Putin face to face than sit in an office chair and get info from middle man messengers. This encounter is only a cause of alarm for those who want to start a panic.. and those who want to start a panic.. tend to come from wall street and other financial sectors. Al in all.. I'd say this was a good meeting between the two men. It is too early in the month for forming conclusions.. But patience has long been out of style.

  14. CNN thinks it’s a disaster while I believe Trump is the best President ever. I can’t get enough of President Trump. America is back and leftists should move on or move to El Salvador and take their illegals, fake news and Hollywood creeps with them

  15. Hillary met secretly with Putin (see her book Hard Choices). She sold uranium to Russia and her foundation received $. Anderson's interview was merely partisan blather.

  16. You feel sick – you can imagine how the people who live in the United States feel. The current president of this country is an embarrassment. He lies continually, he is the bully on the block. The ways he has cheated on his wife/s) is not understandable. Any other stronger woman would have booted his ass out the door. Nixon lied and got caught, Johnson lied and got caught, Reagan lied and got caught, Clinton lied and got caught. This man hasn't stopped with the lies since he took the oath and certainly isn't qualified to hold the position of power he holds. This man is a sin on mankind.

  17. The military industrial complex Eisenhower warned us about would have had us in WWIII if the Dems won. Added to that in the State dept there are a coterie of Polacks led once by late Brzestinsky who are rabid Russia haters and would have us attack Russia on their behalf regardless of the cost. The spies Trump mentioned allowed 9/11, and JFK murder to happen when they were amply warned. Remembwr the Iraqi WMD. This reporter obeys his satanic/pedophile bosses.

  18. Just Wondering….Could it be that Russia has already taken over the American Goverment behind the scenes,(tapping into our democracy)and that Russia does not want the US Allies and the public to know until certain policies are in place?…Could this be why- Trump is so powerless in handling Putin?…..maybe I just watch too many conspiracy movies?

  19. Fake News Network at it again… huge tariffs , kicking out of embassy employees, that's not tough? Figures they would ask democrats

  20. I truly agree with that. A bully like Trump is on honey moon with Putin simply because Putin has some compromising information against Trump.

  21. Hey STEVE HOW DOES THIS MAKE YOU FEEEEEL?🖕👉 Youtube~"Hillary Clinton Refuses To Deny Putin's Claim She Took $400 Million From Russia!" https://youtu.be/zhY9_hRStwM

  22. It’s great to have access to these important discussions and kudos to CNN for getting these clips out on YouTube, but why are sound and picture always out of sync?

  23. Funny thing is (when Trump went to other countries he always made them wait)as if to say am powerfull and i really don't care (his meeting with Putin there ahead of time Putin made him wait ) (WHAT INFORMATION DOES PUTIN HAVE ON YOUR PRIESIDENT ,AND WOULD TRUMP GIVE INPORTENT INFORMATION TO PUTIN TO KEEP PUTIN QUIET)

  24. He just felt that Russian had been unfairly treated since start of history. Many people thought so but mostly they didn't come from USA.

  25. We need Snowden on his orange ass I'm sure he can expose everything on him so let's hope Mueller will do the job

  26. I think he has some deals on the back burner which require an excellent relationship with Putin and the Russian mob.

  27. Thank You! Communist News Network, for showing your TRUE colors.
    Ask Billary who was really colluding.
    Sheeple, please wake up and don't believe everything this Fake News Network spoon feeds you. Do some investigating for yourself.

  28. At the heart of this imho Trump had made an agreement with Putin to launder moneys in order to escape the weight of the sanctions bearing down on Russia. I reckon that there is a vast sum trapped in the system so to speak – money which, as soon as the conspiracy was accidentally uncovered due to the FBI's investigation of Flynn and a call he made to Trump, the money was too hot to handle as things stood. Hence all of this confusion and distraction. Trump is more worried about the light thrown upon the laundering scheme than what he considers the weaker aspect of 'collusion'. That was probably the reason they were asking the Russian Ambassador to set up those back channels to the Russian bank so that they could be temporarily decommissioned until the heat was off and all could continue and Russia's economy restarted. Money exchanges could only be made between Trump and Putin under the cover of diplomatic immunities, in the secret, unmonitored meetings so desired by Trump.

  29. As with Clinton the servers just disapear or get smashed. . Trump is correct to hear first hand any accusations against Russia right out of the server which just dissapeared.. The intelligence community want Trump to accuse Russia on their word, which is a huge mistake. He said she said and all of a sudden KABOOM.

  30. you fucking morons, 2 super powers and u want them down each others throats.What the fuck is wrong with you all.Trump is trying to keep it all together, instead of war.

  31. Ex chef thinks he is the good guy, but they created the deep state. SO BLIND LOOK INTO THE MIRROR EVERY MORNING! What was your real contribution to the people and the contitution? What a bunch of blind narcists

  32. kgb russian President putin is a bulky just like trumpy, took crimea from Ukraine, rumors are he killed tons of people, his spies have killed or hurt ex russian spies with nerve gas. he desires to go into free countries to anexed them back to russian rule. has said he has icmbs that the us cant stop. putin is furious because the russian money lost value because of us sanctions. so purin sees puppet trumpy as the perfect president to manipulate 😂

  33. hackin since obama.spied vs feelin rich and all media hackin and politics and hives linin?cold anxiety shame and arrogance media all online traitor

  34. satisfying greed at the expense of constitution, country, our world wide network of military support (NATO) dividing the country with hate and fear, a sociopath, pathological liar, career criminal,, 1 to 2 billion in Russian money since 1987. Incapable of being a human being.

  35. Why exactly is Trump having meeting with Russia in private with no other us official in the room, no record of what was talked about-WOW

    How is this man allowed to maintain this position

  36. Anderson Cooper engages in anal sex with men so he is a total degenerate and has absolutely no credibility. He shills for the deep satanic state. Putin is an incredible leader of Russia and continually defeats the NeoconCIABankster cabal which is why they constantly demonize him in the zio-owned fake news.

  37. Steve Hall …I’m watching you from Toronto…do you have a sister named Brenda? Where did you grow up? I grew up in Grand Forks NDak….pls respond…

  38. Trump owes money to Russian banks and oligarchs and has been laundering money for Russian's for year's, so yeah he's a compromised asshole !

  39. He didn't even sit and talk with our former president when he tried to tell him about the Russians in our elections he sat with out saying a word look at the video!!!!


  41. Trump said it was a great idea to have muller come to Russia for help…OMG…MULLER WOULD HAVE BEEN KILLED…how can you vote for him saying things like that..if allowed that means any American that threatens his presidency would be killed! IMPEACH HIM!

  42. It makes good sense that Putin has info on Trump. Putin has a lengthy background in the intelligence services and would know exactly how to go about compromising somebody like Trump. Trump isn't the sharpest tool in the shed and would be so easy to subvert by somebody schooled in the art. Trump is a traitor and needs to go.

  43. Putin treats orange man like a punk. Trump is far out of his league. An XKGB agent and dumb ass. Please. Putin is treating him like his B.. And trump can do nothing stand at attention. Trump is a New York punk. He picks on American because he THINKS he holds all the cards. Think again ass hole. There is shit coming your way you ain't ever heard of. What in the world makes you think your old wrinkled body can treat the most intelligent humans on the planet Iike shit? Keep eating all the rat poison your fat ass can grab. Patience is a virtue. And you ain't got none, Or your ignorant chullins. You don't play chess or poker, so your knowledge is paper thin. We're studying your dumb ass. You got 3 moves; retire—retreat or eat a bullet. Prison is too good for you.
    We've studied your ass for 30+2 and. We are holding a full house. Fold. My time to give you is almost over. I must give this name back to its real owner.

  44. Russia has been and might ALWAYS be our enemy. They…. Putin…. want's to destroy democracy world wide and elevate the "red killer's " country from a gas station with an army to a world power. H.R.C. was correct when she said trump is putin's PUPPET. When will America and the world be rid of this menace?

  45. I am sure RUSSIA HAS SOMETHING ON TRUMP. hey trump is in debt to RUSSIANS FOR MILLIONS, just remember what Don Jr. sid! no bank in USA would lend him anything! he has trouble paying his debts!and you all think he so rich? got most of you conned, doesn't he?

  46. Are talking about Trump punishment , why have you abuse Trump so long? You ate all insinuating lies ,am glad they are telling you need mongers

  47. If the clown is not compromise, he would not say Putin is powerful and strong, isn't POTUS is dtrong and powerful?

  48. Trump seems to forget how we seen him cowering in Putin's presence. He sat there like a bad boy that looked as if he was just had a scathing reprimand by his parents!! He is compromised. Being behind closed doors without the American press or an employee of the United States government tells me that he also was participating in revealing OUR GOVERNMENT information!!

  49. O was laying here listening and without looking i realized it was Pooper Cooper. NO MORE DEMOCRATS OR CNN ESPECIALLY AFTER 2020 ELECTION. I SHUT OFF CRYBABY FAKE NEWS

  50. Americans must be feeling sick having a president like Trump. It's frankly sad how the White House is being used for Trump's cons and traitorous behaviours.

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