27 thoughts on “Every Wrestlemania Main Event Promo From 1 To 33

  1. Although I wasn’t born in that era Warrior was always one of my wrestling crushes💖 follow by Bret Hart, Edge, Roman reigns, Seth Rollins and a few others 💓💓💓

  2. This was the best era with Bret, warrior, hulk, macho man, ric flare omg omg take me back pleasee

  3. I like it makes you wanna see the matches you may have missed;)!!

    WreastleMania 8 was my favorite

  4. That Rock cena promo for 28 was lame. Especially Lawler freaking out likes he's never seen cena lift Mark Henry before.Cenas lifted Mark and bigger wrestlers before ffs. 29 has a good song but cena claiming rock caused his divorce and that he had a bad year after rock considering he won the money in the bank and royal rumble is ridiculous . Most wrestlers would kill for a year like that.

  5. Love edge and takers! Love how that feud felt like it had built up a whole year! Also,like 14s (cool how they made Austin's journey emotional),3,5s and 26s.

  6. WM 5 promo Randy “Machoman” Savage VS Hulk Hogan &WM 6 promo The Ultimate Warrior VS Hulk Hogan WOULD HAVE BEEN A MATCH TO SEE THEY WERE PURE ENTERTAINING WRESTLERS and their voices was sooooo deep and serious lol (too bad I wasn’t born yet)

    I got into wrestling in 1998 so WM 15 promo was 1 worth watching JUST BAD ASS!!! and I would have loved to see Shawn Michales VS Steve Austin, Rock VS Austin, THE 4 way match between Mick Foley, Big Show, The Rock & Triple H

  7. Whatever era you most identify with, I’m sure this montage brought backs tons of fun nostalgia, myself included. Thanks for the video!

  8. WWF should have made Shawn Michaels the Intercontinental Champion before WrestleMania XII. How great would the Iron Man Match with Bret Hart have been, if it was also Champion vs Champion. This would have been pretty easy too, as the Intercontinental Title wasn't even defended at WM because of Razor Ramon's drug suspension.

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