Every F*** | The End of the F***ing World | Netflix

Every F*** | The End of the F***ing World | Netflix

– Hey – I’ve seen you skatin’, you’re pretty shit. – Fuck off. Isn’t it a bit fucked
up wearing his clothes. – I think the fucked up
bit was murdering him. Drive. Drive. FUCKING DRIVE! The world is fucking bleak. Fuck you. What the fuck? Fuck off. Fuck. Fuck. Fuckin’ hell. Don’t fucking touch me. You guys are so fucking boring. Fuck. – You were a fucking weird looking kid. – Fuck off. – You’re really fucking cool. – Everyone’s so fucking square. Whatever it’s fucking weird. Fuck seat belts. Fuck. What the fuck is he doing? – Fuck seat belts. Fuck. Fuck. This is bad. This is really fucking bad. – Holy fuck. – What the fuck am I doing? – We live in properly fucked up times. – I couldn’t give a fuck either way, I’m just making conversation, y’know I’m not a fucking Copper. – I’m not fucking Judge Judy. – Fucking hell. – He’s the one with the fucking condom. – I was being fucking polite. – I think they’re miserable,
fucked up, stupid kids. – What the fuck are we gonna do now? – So what do you want to do? – I don’t know, why don’t you
fucking think of something for once? James feels like a boy I could love. Then other times he feels
like a total fucking stranger. – You let her go or I’ll
blow your fucking head off. – Shut your fucking mouth. – Fuck me. – For fucks sake. – Fucks sake. – Fucking idiot. – He’s not gonna stop
fucking growin’, is he? – Are you fucking kidding me? – This is like some kind of
fucking ambush or something I’m going home. – Why are you such a fucking useless dad? – Get fucking back here Leslie. – Oh fuck. – And you’re a fucking idiot. – Really fucking quickly. You fucker! (screams in pain) Fuck off please. – She’s a fucking prick tease bitch. – I’m not taking my fucking bowl. – Shut the fuck up. – Teach ’em fucking whittling. – Last night you fucking murdered someone. – Call the police you fucking moron! – Fuck. – If I was the police I’d give us fucking medals or something. – Fucking hell. – Who do you have to fuck around
here to get a pen to work? – I am gonna be so fucked
off if we get murdered. You ran over a dog, killed it,
then fucked off and left me. – Fucking hell. I’m useless, I’m fucking useless. Fuck. – Really awful, like fuck
up your whole life awful. Guess you’d be really
fucking pleased with me. The extra fucking spoon
with extra fucking cherries, you fucking cunt. – Well done as in like fucking cremated. – Fuck. – What the fuck are you doing!? You see yourself and you think Fuck. This. Shit. ♪ And those of us with ravaged faces ♪ (music fades out)

100 thoughts on “Every F*** | The End of the F***ing World | Netflix

  1. If it wasn't for the accent or the clear fact they are not in Australia the amount of fucks you would think she was Australian


  3. I dont want a season 2. This was such a perfect show and there is no way that a second season will improve the show. I actually almost started crying just watching this video. With all that said, I'll stop f**king complaining because we all know that I'll watch season 2

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