1. Bro get off their dick their the only unit you ever put first and no one else you act like other lr don't compare and be good in their own way

  2. I know this is mainly an opinionated list but I really dont understand ur placement of transformation vegeta…first u put him behind cooler and 17 (I didnt agree but it's fairly debatable) but then u put phy vegito above all of them….this is the 1st time (that i remember) that I dont agree with u lol still ur the best dokkan youtuber imo

  3. I'm sorry but instantly placing LRs above god-tier TURs nowadays simply amazes me.

    EZA Gogeta (dude does so much dmg due to his effectiveness vs all types and still gets overlooked), EZA Janemba (heck, probably one of the best units in the game considering he tanks just perfectly all the time, has great links and can also deal a lot of dmg), AGL Gogeta, PHY Broly, new Trunks and Zamasu etc put up SO MUCH damage, can tank very well, are the main leaders of their broken teams*, easily fit into more than 2-3 teams etc and you still think Trunks and Mai is a tier ahead?

    Come on.

    LRs are great when they're broken (like Kale and Caulifla, LR Vegito and so on), but the top TURs do so much more than most LRs and even easily outdamage some of them and yet its still common to see TURs being treated like these underwhelming units when compared to LRs.

    *and yes, I know EZA Gogeta and EZA Janemba don't lead categories and this is a video about category leaders but still, if Truth puts his favorite TURs in the game behind LR Trunks and Mai, it means he would also place these broken units below them as well. Like, give me these two with dupes that

  4. Who really cares lmfao?kale and caulifa are Z tier doesnt matter they are the best unit. Plus its bubble popping just stop bro ive been getting so bored of this game this past year. Pvp or coop needs to be a thing in the future

  5. Feel like he didn’t make this a “best category” tier list so he could keep LR kale and caulifla on top.

  6. So every LR category leader is indiscriminately better than every TUR category lead? Then why does no one run some of these teams, then, including yourself? Even including the lack of percentage boosts and units for some of these teams?

    I feel like you missed the point of your own list at some point.

  7. Its has just become very subjective to which units are better.
    Akatsuki has done a good job making every unit good in their own situations.

  8. I think you're way too strict with how you see LRs vs TURs – especially because you're looking at the unit as a whole, including leader skills & extra viability / unique abilities and synergies. Blue Gogeta probably doesn't hit harder than a summonable LR but his leader skill definitely trumps LR Baby 2 and LR Trunks & Mai and he is arguably WAY more usable in the teams he is in than the other two are in their own teams and his transformed state is MUCH more of a "win condition" than the other two LRs. If you were just purely looking at Attack and Defence, I could almost see it but you always explicitly state that's not all you care about and yet you rank lacklustre LRs higher than INCREDIBLE TURs.

  9. Personally like bulla is best support, she always supports and dodges where turles is vulnerable and transforms

  10. I seriously wanna see the unit that's gonna shoot Kale and Caulifla down, and how they're gonna do it. Their tyranny needs to end! Also, don't diss ma girl 21 like that, she tries.

  11. I have the new Lr broly and I only have him at sa 5 but with the right support I was able to get him up to 5 mil attack stat with his active skill

  12. Here is the thing about the lr Broly.

    Bruh listen. Mine is only sa4 out of 20 and his active skill let's him get past 4m.

    I can only IMAGINE what 20/20 does.

    The fact that he can hit that hard without hardly any KAIS tells me he in absolutely insane.

    Truth I love yah. Trust Us. He is amazing. Not even mad that I can't run my rainbowed DBS Broly with him.

  13. I don't think putting transforming buu in the c tier is fair if ur gonna put Super Baby 2 in the S tier. Their teams are very similar and Transforming buu's team is very strong

  14. Bruh if you're doing an all category leader ranking, then don't do it on what they can do/how strong they are, cause NO SHIT the Lr's are going to be better than any other unit. If you're going to do a leader ranking, then do it on their leader skill and how good they fit on their leader skill's team.

  15. Truth what's the best way we can make Bandai rename the Phy Full Power Broly The two brolys are completely different cards and characters. They deserve and need differenet names.? I rememebr they changed the Str Gt kid Goku's links so I think it's not a stretch.

  16. Only things I disagree on in this list:

    lr teq broly is better than the ssj4s. so is lr goku and frieza. not too sure about broly but they both outdamage the ssj4s and tank well enough that the ssj4s don't have such an advantage in that aspect. the only thing the ssj4s have on goku and frieza is their teams really.

    broly is better than gogeta. He is better in every single difficult event, the only time gogeta is better is in dokkan events and battlefield. The most irrelevant modes in the game. Any card even general ssrs can dominate both those modes. SBR broly, new goku event broly, world tournament broly. theres no doubt about it broly is just a better unit for the way the game is designed.

    I would also move broly & gogeta into s tier. They deserve it, they're just so much better than units like ssj4 goku. You can also make the case trunks and zamasu could be s tier but I wouldn't.

    now call me crazy but i'd put super vegito above kid goku just under trunks and zamasu. he just dominates too hard on modes like sbr a rainbow SV just does too much damage and he tanks normals pretty well. like you said when the difficulty goes up he just shines more and more.

    finally i'd put metal cooler no doubt above teq ssj4 goku and debatably even kid goku. but in my list i'd have him under kid goku. he heals is more defensive than ssj4 and tsill puts out crazy damage. plus his team is head and shoulders above the androids and teq ssj4 goku is replaced as the lleader anyways. Not once have I used him as the leader for that team.

    besides that not too much

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