40 thoughts on “EVENT 9 MEN CHAOS CrossFit Games 2018

  1. Cool, a sport where you try to out beat everyone and potentially fuck up your body for something stupid in the first place

  2. i feel like to test "fitness" (thats what its about right; cross-"FIT") they should have each challenge/obstacle in proportion to the athlete so no one has an advantage in this or that. not having to jump for a burpee because youre taller, or having to jump higher when youre shorter really dont make any sense. it seems like this challenge was totally designed to make mat fraser lose honestly.

  3. I mean, the way he pulls those cables already says how good fraser is. he uses his body weight and gravity, not just his arms, more consistent and sustainable.

  4. this is ridiculous…Im a swimmer and maybe Im biased but you want compare this circus against a true sport like a butterfly race? Let's be honest crossfit is the sport of people not good at sport

  5. I don’t See this to be a challenge, to the contestant. Why You may ask? Because their fit. I would find it entertaining and Satisfying to watch If their overweight or obese. That’s what I call a Challenge. In my book. IMO

  6. I know they are fit and all, but this is not a good sport to look at unlike for example strongman. It looks really bleak and miserable

  7. That with the big boxjumps is a bad idea – because it ist a REALLY big difference if you are 1,90 ore 1,70 – sure by other things also…. but by Jumbs….

  8. Crossfit games is about being the fittest man in the world?
    Motherfucker there are people who are cheating repetitions. What the fuck are you on about?
    Crossfit is about cheating the gains

  9. 30 reputitions of burpee?
    I know an untrained person will die after the 20th, but they are at a championship
    I had to do 300 once, 100 of these with weights in my hands, instead of the warmup and then still did a 1h kicktraining with 10kg holding in my hands.
    These Crossfitters are lame athletes

  10. Как им удаётся хранить такое телосложение..фарма??

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