Even President Donald Trump Thinks Impeachment Is Inevitable | Hardball | MSNBC

Even President Donald Trump Thinks Impeachment Is Inevitable | Hardball | MSNBC

100 thoughts on “Even President Donald Trump Thinks Impeachment Is Inevitable | Hardball | MSNBC

  1. No wonder this moron dodged the draft. Can't even close an umbrella, so he'd probably trip on toilet paper stuck to his boots and shoot himself in the face…

  2. Pelosi is smarter than ppl think. The whistleblower has testified before congress and no one even knew. Their identity wl remain anonymous and they got to tell their story. I love it!

  3. Oh yeah, Pelosi is amazing. After 2 and a half years of this retarted criminal in White House, she almost done something. Good job Nancy.

  4. If, in his last hours of 'allegedly' the most powerful man on this rotten earth, he wants to do something truly honourable, then he ought to consider sending Anne Sacoolas back to Britain to stand trial for the untimely death of Harry Dunn.

  5. Trump has no respect for the Constitution and the Rule of Law and he thinks that he can do anything he wants,as enjoys immunity from persecution while in office.He destroys single-handedly Christian and American values,including democracy in the most powerful country in the world. He has made himself the top laughing stock of the world of all times.

  6. El Prezidente
    El no speak honestly.
    El cant sut and be interrogated by Senor Roberto Mueller…
    El campaign fraud family banned from campaigning for donations in new york.
    El step off a jet and lie on camera, aka stormy daniels.
    El eliminate american jobs but appoint family to world decision positions.
    El Russians buying trump towers properties in cash since the 1970s but el no collusionwrussia prezidente.
    El beauty pageant in Russia, not knowing Russia. Nothing to do with russia prezidente.
    Annie L enox….. lie to me…..

  7. Don't blame Mitt Romney, blame yourself. You are a crook and definitely should be locked up. You should learn to keep your low IQ mouth shut. You and the Republicans haven't seen anything yet. Wait for it. It's going to drop like a sledge hammer. You and the Republican party will find out in 2020.

  8. Reality: "National Registered Voter Turnout in Federal Elections" 2016 was the lowest it's been in 20 years, and Republicans lost the popular vote by just under 3 Million, 2018 Mid-terms set new records. The highest Mid-term number in history, the highest Mid-term % in over 100 years. 114 Million Citizens of the United States of America voted and Republicans lost by over 10 Million. Not once, since he announced that he was running for the office of President has his popularity reach 50%.

  9. im gonna hear one more time about how great Polosi is i'm gonna puke…she's a weak and corrupt politition and if she had any principals and backbone Trump would be out in the first year

  10. The real founder of donald trump is satan and as he always does he left trump alone to deal with his own mess… Truth will prevail no matter how trump and his friends hate It

  11. Nov 3rd 2020, the office of the Presidency, no matter who is in it, Moscow Mitch + 21 more Republican Senators are up for re-election, only 12 Democrates. "National Registered Voter Turnout in Federal Elections" 2016, Republicans lost by just under 3 Million, 2018, they lost by over 10 Million, that will have a major influence on their decision.

  12. trump trying to walk in the shadow when there is no shadow to be walk on… trump is trying to hide wihin a fine line when the constitution only provide blank canvas…

  13. Our founders never imagined such a horrendous crook to take office. Had they, the constitution would have been bullet proof, this impeachment executed and the president locked-up long ago.

  14. And you STILL twist the words of the president: "i want something on Biden???" Is NOT what he sayd…..
    No….it is about crowdstrike and the constitutional obligation for ANY President to go after corruption….as this President is doing exactly that.
    But in the transcrip the name Biden is not there…..try to read, or go back to school….
    Only in the fake media narratives they can't read nor listen……because they NEVER will "learn" ANY thing…..

  15. Americans accusing another american to use power on another country …what is wrong with these democrats ? Embarassing our country on international affairs…impeach on national affairs not internationals …and also this is all bs

  16. Such a misleading and phony title. These networks have lost all credibility. Isnt it funny how the media is 90% against trump yet he collects more donations than any other presidential candidate combined or in history, and pulls record crowd numbers?

  17. I think trump needs to get into a different line of work. After decades of criminal activity, he is sorely inept at even the basic principles of crime.

  18. It's sad when those we vote in to represent us wont do what's right for the country because it may get them voted out by an ignorant mass.

  19. The GOP Castrati will "stand by their man" as long as they are not retiring from their job and not facing election. The "Reprehensible Republicans" will go down in history as the most complicit group of national traitors since the members of Hitler's Nazi Party. Contemporary Republicans aren't the "party of Lincoln"–they are the party of the criminals Harding ("Teapot Dome Scandal") Nixon ("Watergate") and Trump ("Ukraine-gate, " "Russia-gate" and you name it). All paths lead to Putin–just ask Moscow Mitch.

  20. What's truly unnerving about Trump is that he seems to,have so little conscience that is has probably never occurred to him that what he was doing was in any way morally wrong. You can understand Nixon; he was a villain, and he really didn't care. But you can't understand Trump. He's so shallow that there is nothing to understand.

  21. They want the Republicans to vote .for the president . Not the rule of law . In the senate . It going to show . Real Republican their vote for their sear.rheyre showing the country their involvement. People are going to blame the sitting republican really responsible for Syria. And the hoffic outcome ..

  22. The Democrats are vicious – says the man who abandons brave allies to be murdered, puts children in cages and rips babies away from their mothers for enforced adoption

  23. This has to be the stupidest man on earth, he will be impeached and then arrested by the SDNY to answer for his numerous crimes!

  24. Exactly. They want the Republicans to get on the record. It going to cost them . The senate election against the rule of Law . . It going to show how crooked they are. Teump is right about that . He wring about the reasoning . It going to expose the truth .

  25. Why isn't anyone asking Trump what his investigation found on Ukraine about corruption if that is why he held up the money. Another lie.

  26. Interesting. Throughout 2017, 2018, and most of this year, leftists called the UN-elected bureaucrats in the "Deep State" a Trump fantasy and a conspiracy theory. Suddenly, now that the DOJ's IG report and Federal prosecutor Durham's report about the origin of the Russian collusion hoax and its players are nearing public release, several media outlets are CONFIRMING, that YES, Trump is right, there IS a deep state, but ITS made up of "patriots" who PROTECT us from Trump. As much as you people think you hate this President…..is THAT who you want running America behind the scenes?

  27. Trump committed impeachable offenses by week 6 of his first year. America is way way past impeachment. Capital punishment for treason is now in order.

  28. I bet Republicans make a circus about it as they always do to try and divert attention from the facts .making a mockery of the constitution and America itself.

  29. Potus acts like a dictator he must be impeached clearly he is a traitor ..No respect for our constitution. He has to be removed. The man has done nothing but abuse his power. He is a do nothing potus. GUILTY ALL THE WAY. PLUS HE SHOULD GO TO JAIL FOR OBSTRUCTION OF JUSTICE. THE REPUBLICAN PARTY IS DONE. IT IS THE TRUMP PARTY. HE IS A TOTAL EMBARRASSMENT TO AMERICA. WHAT A DISGRACE. WAKE UP AMERICA.

  30. Trump doesn't care about the government laws he will never face any criminal charges so he continues to do as he pleases… The republican will never grow a spine and side with democrats

  31. Trump Hate Is real ..Social media workers , Television Channels , Fakenews …This is why Trump will win the 2020 !!Trump 2020 !! We dont want a democrat ' disgraceful ' leader !! Powerful leader for the most powerful country America !! God bless Trump 2020 !!

  32. He never said it was inevitable. I guess that puppet masters arm is so far up your butt you can't say the truth. More clickbate from biased media. If you cant see the acting here im sorry for you.

  33. Obama and Biden did a Quid Quo Pro — A Favor for a Favor — in front of the camera with clear audio. Where is the story on that. Where is the Impeachment proceedings on that? https://youtu.be/qxOadE3hbMU at 11:33 mark. Look at that.

  34. The lady in red is wrong and talks bs.

  35. he's setting himself up for defection to Moscow… He knows he's looking at jail time.
    That's why he's giving putin all these gifts

  36. Nobody wants to impeach the president. The democrats just want to get rid of Donald Trump, to save the democracy and the country!

  37. What’s going to happen to the list of his supporters when Trump is impeached and they release everyone’s name and address?

  38. Cant wait to see how my kids high school history books will read on Pelosi, Schiff,Cummings,Waters and Nadler…I'm missing one

  39. The idea that the democrats are "vicious" and "they stick together" is absurd. I'm very left-leaning, but if there's one thing the left does poorly it's working together and being vicious. We always reach out to the right to compromise and they always play dirty, and half the time the left is eating itself over purity tests.

    Still, glad we're all working together right now at least. Trump will continue to be a stain on our country until his legacy is scrubbed clean.

  40. Time to stop Putin.😈 from controlling America
    Putins puppet Trump has to be stopped
    Bring back America ,a country lead by Americans not Dictator leaders

  41. America laughs at soooooo many failed coup attempts against the greatest president this country has ever seen.
    And especially at the PROVEN fake news of MSNBC and CNN.

  42. The Global Subversives will do anything to gain and retain their power; they have been suppressing humanity's prosperity, our freedom and our children's future.

    Economic freedom is key to personal freedom.

    Now is the time to choose, evil or good. You are still free to choose. Choose wisely!

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  44. The bias and hatred in our media toward President Trump is outrageous. The mindless left-wing radicals march on like zombies. We hope misfortune and tragedy comes to these vicious people and their families for inciting hatred for our President and dividing our nation. Maybe personal misfortune will keep their minds on something other than hating Trump. The Democrat Party and its faithful corrupt media is very sick and is destroying our country.

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