17 thoughts on “Even More Good News from the Election: Nov 16 Debrief

  1. Didn't Kim Davis, heroine of the 2016 Republican primary field (except for Mr Trump and one or two others), also lose?

  2. I know you probably get this a lot, but have you seen Steven Universe? It’s one of the queerest shows I’ve seen in the best way!

  3. This would be a good time for gay organizations to start wooing Lisa Murkowski, Susan Collins and other moderate Republican US Senators. If the US House of Representatives can pass a good, solid Equality Bill that protects gays in housing and employment, it is going to need the votes of several Republicans to pass the bill in the US Senate. It would, also, be a good time for gay organizations to start talking to Jared and Ivanka to try to counter the influence of Vice President Mike Pence who will most likely urge President Trump to veto any such bill.

  4. As a Minnesotan in the district that just elected Angie Craig, I’m so relieved Jason Lewis got voted out. He’s a shitbag and a corporate shill. I didn’t even know Angie Craig had a wife, but I looked it up, and she wrote on her website about her wife, and just seeing those words warmed my heart

  5. Why don’t you take a look on the new president of Brazil, and his views about the LGBT community …Seriously, He’s like Donald Trump, but using religion as a way to target the people he consider “out of the Christian normality” .
    As an homosexual and cross dresser, I fear of retaliation coming from him and his future rules.

  6. So incredibly grateful for the progress made in my home state! I'm currently working outside of Kansas right now, but now I actually have a desire to maybe move back there someday…

  7. Japan: We make millions of dollars every year making romances and pornography out of gay people, but we’ll never give them equal rights or the right to marry, obviously.

  8. I will echo Charlotte Larson that the audio on this video in particular is very quiet, and that is generally true for all your weekly debrief videos, but one seems quieter than usual.

  9. Could you put your sources in the description? I like looking at the detail a 2 minute video can’t really cover.

  10. I use your LGBTQ+ news debriefs with the teenagers in our charity's LGBTQ+ youth group and it really helps keep us all abreast of relevant issues. Thanks for doing this and keeping us informed (plus doing some of my work for me) 🙂

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