48 thoughts on “Eurovision 2009 Full Voting BBC

  1. I think French people loooooove Turkish songs a lot! Since 2005 it's the fourth time that the 12 points are given to Turkey from France 😂😂

  2. Imagine how exciting the voting would have been if the winner had been between Iceland Azerbaijan Turkey and UK 😀

  3. the best Are ESTONIA ICELAND AND FRANCE THE REST,,,,,noo good but ESC SOMETIMES choose the worst song,

  4. Ургант как деревенский парень. Не в курсе международного этикета. И Мальта по английски -"Молта". Блять.

  5. Sweden vs Norway

    Sweden: We have won more than You Norway😝

    Norway: look at Eurovision 2009

    Sweden: 😐

  6. I only came here because I want to be reminded how happy Alexander was when he won. I love him so much <3 It didn't go too well this final, but he's still very talented.

  7. Im from Iceland (i was 2 or 3 wenn this was ) and this is our best shot (CAN I SEE SOME OF MY ICELANDIC FELLOWS)

  8. Swedish spokesperson: And finally,12 points go to…."l'm in love with the fairytale"
    Graham Norton: "Curse you!" Lol😂

  9. Best moment is the last when Azerbaijan flips Iceland but then in 5 seconds lter Iceland get back again

  10. 15:54

    ”Well that is Jari (Sillanpää) in Finland”


    I was 9 years old in 2009 in Finland so I saw this 😂😂
    I remember this like yesterday

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