Etika’s Passing And Why YouTube/Social Media Is TRASH, WAKE UP.

Etika’s Passing And Why YouTube/Social Media Is TRASH, WAKE UP.

so I didn't expect to be on here this soon and I did not fucking expect to come on here and have to talk about this this is something that I did not ever want to have to talk about and I'm going to talk about it because it is surrounded by something that I am very very very passionate about and that's mental health mental health is the most important thing to me above all and if you guys do not know someone in our little community here on YouTube passed away today and if you do not know further than that his name or his online name was Etica his real name was actually Desmond and I feel like I need to come on here and I need to talk about this because this is something that I have felt myself kind of you know I feel like Attica and I have been through a lot of the same stuff here on YouTube both very young people who have come online gained a huge following and then kind of ripped all the bandages off and showed our wounds to the world we are both very similar in terms of YouTube in terms of online and in terms of social media and this is something that I've battled with for so long ever since I have you know been on YouTube on you know the internet and stuff what's go fly happened and I had my huge mental breakdown and I left for nine months the separation between self and social media is something that is very important because if you get those two connected they will fuck your mental health up beyond belief and some people always you know give me shit oh Justin you went away you left no dude I was getting myself right because that was what was important to me at the time everything else on YouTube was bullshit it was hearsay it didn't fucking matter because what mattered at that time was me I started putting myself before other people in a positive way in a very positive way and that's okay to do and that's not selfish if you're putting yourself before people in ways for financial gain are things to you know make you look better that's fucked up but if you're putting yourself before others to make sure your mental health is okay that is OK but throughout all of that I learned about someone named Erica or Desmond and when I went away and when I came back a lot of people said hey you should make video similar to Etica you should do stuff similar to Attica Attica is this dude yeah because that dude and I looked up Attica and I found some of his twitch streams and some of the stuff he said on YouTube and I thought he was fucking hilarious one of the coolest chillest dudes I've ever seen here on YouTube and after that him and I crossed paths you know a little bit I never met the dude in real life I never shook his hand I never got to actually speak to him voiced a voice by him and I communicated through text conversations online and in streams on Twitch and we've crossed paths in that way and that's the only interactions I've ever had with Etica and I'm very thankful for that because not a lot of people even have that but what I want to come on here and say is is fuck this website and fuck social media pretty much and this is something I believe heavily in because when I was on YouTube and when I was doing my videos and when I was stuff with scale flying when I was trying to promote everything and promote myself and sell myself as my own merchandise I was in a fucked up mental state and I'm not saying this to try to get views and I'm not saying this to try to you know be a Jew or whatever people are gonna twist it and say I'm saying this because I give a shit about the person watching this video and some people probably say oh this or that no fuck that fuck all that fuck YouTube fuck Twitter fuck Instagram fuck social media it's only a means and that means is to talk to you that's it that's all this shit is if it wasn't YouTube it'd be twitch if it wasn't twitch it be Instagram and whether people want to realize that or not it's the fucking truth and sometimes you get caught up in that means and sometimes that means starts to involve money and then this doesn't turn into a means to talk to one another it turns into a means to a business to an end to revenue and that's when it starts getting fucked up because everything changes and some people will say oh you know money making money from this would be nice no it fucks everything up and some people will even go as far as to say like myself and people before me more money more fucking problems that's the truth especially when it comes to creative people because you lose your original intent I swear to God I would not be sitting here if I was not passionate about this I don't give a fuck about this website I give a fuck about you I care about you I care about the people that come on here and they leave comments on my videos like et phone home and edgy teen fag and all these people that keep coming back and they keep leaving these positive comments like ribbit all of you guys I notice I remember names and I love you all fuck this website fuck social media it's all bullshit it's all shit they just want you on here to control you it's a bunch of shit it's like the radio it's like the music industry it's like social media it's like Facebook all they want you to do is use this shit more so they get you more into the system I know a lot of people probably don't know it and the probably think I'm fucking crazy for going on this tangent but the radio plays a lot of music at 440 Hertz the normal frequency of the earth is 432 they're playing that shit to fuck with your mind and get in your head and make you depressed you ever listen to a song that usually makes you happy but for some reason you feel like shit when you listen to it makes you uncomfortable it's cuz they're fucking with your mind I'm serious look into the shit fuck social media it's trash it's a bunch of shit it's why I left it always people you know they always ask me oh do you have twitter do you have this yes I have it but I don't fucking use it it's trash the only time I ever go on Twitter is days like today where I need to see what's going on it's kind of like a little news source but you will rarely see me tweet I'll retweet but I will not tweet Instagram and YouTube are really the only two things I use publicly because like I said it's a means and it's the means that I have where the most people are so I can talk to you and get my message across I don't care about money I don't value your money I don't value your likes your follows I don't value the number that's next to my channel that's why I deleted it it's not about that it's about the people that come by I don't value your money I value your time and acceptance that's what this shit is transformed into for me like I said I don't give a fuck about the money it's not about that but I did at one time and that's why you need to go away from this you need to go away from social media you need to go away you need to cut your strings in this and if you want a career on this website you want a career on social media fuck that it is not worth it it is not worth it some people say oh it is yeah but at what cost some people will try to speak for me the say Justin this that it's not always like that get to where I was get to where a lot of other people are and then you will feel it there's so much pressure and if it's not put on by other people you will put it on yourself it's so fucked and it's so manufactured I was in this industry I was gonna move to New York I've seen the highs and I've seen the lows and I've seen what it's like to live a normal person's life with a normal ass job and it's way better than all that I'm not on here to get views or subscribers I don't give a fuck about that like I said and I will say it again for the final time I care about you I value your time and acceptance that's all that matters to me for the people that come out and listen to the podcast for the people that come out and listen to these videos for the people that come on my Instagram and they talk about things that are actually going on in their life that's what I value fuck money it doesn't matter with YouTube it doesn't matter with social media it shouldn't matter it's fucked it really is dude when I heard the edit go past today I fucking lost my shit dude me trying to keep my cool at work here on that I was losing my goddamn mind I was trying not to wear it on my fucking face but I had to try my best because I knew when I immediately got out I had to come on here and I had to speak out about this if you need help if you need someone to talk to if you don't have anyone you have me I swear to God and I know some people say oh that's cheesiest fuck I mean that for the people that have talked to an Instagram for the people that always reach out to me I thank you and if you want I will leave my Instagram in the description of this video and you do not have to follow me but if you feel like you have no one talk to me my DMS are open I love you and I will talk to you soon fuck all that bullshit rest in peace Attica you're a fucking legend dude fuck everything anyone saying and also screw those fucking people that posted bullshit memes and made fun of them when he was going through his shit last last month in the other few months I know how that feels fuck all of you and then the people that are coming out and saying oh I feel so bad when those are those same people nah fuck that shit what's real prosper that's bullshit fuck all that I'm out

29 thoughts on “Etika’s Passing And Why YouTube/Social Media Is TRASH, WAKE UP.

  1. I’m done with all this shit dude. Watch the video and listen dude. I don’t want to get on this high horse but we’re losing too many good ones to this internet bullshit. If you need someone to talk to check the description. If you are scared to call, talk to me on Instagram, I’m always here for you. Don’t let people twist this, it’s sad. All I’m asking is that you open your eyes, look for the little things, look for the people running adds on videos they make on Etika. Those are the clowns, unsubscribe and move on from them. I remember when Etika started publicly out crying last month and I posted that he’s lost it and his boys need to get him. Don’t let this shit happen, it shouldn’t have gotten to this point. What is real will prosper. I love you, be well. 💔

  2. Dude…. you just spoke the most facts I’ve ever heard. Thank you so much for this video. Eye opening.

  3. Losing the original intent is key. A lot of people start off streaming and creating as hobbies, adding revenue into it makes it a game, but the content creators aren’t in control. People get addicted like with gambling, the lifestyle that YouTube and Twitter creates is toxic if you let it swallow you.

  4. Justin, search for LBRY, a blockchain-based competitor for youtube and other media agregator. No censorship and direct revenue stream with no middle man. Fuck YouTube.

  5. He's not kidding about the instagram thing I actually talked to him about my struggles and he was very helpful.

  6. Do you have a Twitter? I wouldn't mind having you as a connection. I could use some support myself. Etika's Death has got me thinking…

  7. I don't even think I can count how much truth you put into this one vid, your right, fuck social media, what they did to Etika is to extreme levels of wrong
    R.I.P Etika

  8. Well thank God the videos I upload are not for the purpose of acquiring any type of monetary gain I make made videos for myself not to please other people so I'm with you 100% social media is pure sewage.

  9. I have similar feelings about social media and the internet, only not as strong since I don't have the same kind of negative experiences you had. For what it's worth, your story has helped me keep things in perspective with my online activities and keeping things only for fun with no desire to make this a career. I never had aspirations of internet fame (except maybe in the first year back in 2009 when "internet fame" meant popularity without any real monetization, just like from that bit from South Park's Canada on Strike), but your journey has helped me understand my decision to keep this just for fun was the right decision.

  10. Epic rant, thumbs up! I have seen social media destroy families, destroy lives. RIP Etika, by far my favorite Youtuber.

  11. Much respect man. I can definitely see this. It's hard enough not being in the public eye and living your truth. You do the one thing, and all of a sudden that becomes who and what you are. To turn back could just seem hopeless. If memory serves, a youtuber MattG had a similar issue years ago. He did a series of videos that he fell out of love with and it was really destroying him. But he got to the 100th episode, we he said would be the end. So, that's ridiculous dedication… or insanity. Lol.

    Love this video!

  12. Etika was a very good example of what happens to you when you let social media and fame take over your mind.

  13. Well shit. Preach, man. Social media is fucked. Had an assembly at my school a while ago. The main presenter said “Social media is just a highlight reel. It should matter what – and – are doing. Worry about you.” And, I agree.

    But with Etika. Rest In Peace.

  14. Thank you for this. I agree with you all the way. Thank you. Just, thank you.

    Rest In Peace Etika…. you will be missed by many…😔

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