38 thoughts on “Episode 42: Jehovah's Witnesses – Your Governing Body Admit They Are Not Inspired

  1. How difficult is it to understand that Jehovah does not appreciate paganism mixed in worship of him…

  2. "Saying, the faithful and discreet slave or Governing Body, are not infallible or not inspired is just so they can EXCUSE their own actions as being they are imperfect human beings"……disgusting arent they?…..the hurt they cause cant be recovered when they destroy families by their teachings!….

  3. On that quote…"who checks and questions them" is a perfect protection for them when they finally get exposed. They (governing body), is telling on themselves and yet still twisting words to keep those asleep in their place to get what they want from you $$.. I am looking forward to the day when shit hits the fan! These sheep are so lost and know nothing different!

  4. There was a '95 Watchtower article that referred to the WTB&TS as "Jehovah's perfect earthly organization." So is the Feb 2017 issue "new light?" I remember that '95 article because I thought it questionable at the time.

  5. I joined because they did not claim to be inspired. What kills me though is we must OBey their instruction right or wrong. Not ok they are so duel. It hurts my heart that they can make mistakes but we can not. They believe they are the ones. NO one else. and we must obey them.

  6. The religion is Jehovah God's chosen "SPIRITUALLY DIRECTED" organization, in which "SPIRITUAL" men who were anointed by God's "HOLY SPIRIT" to take the lead in this "SPIRITUAL PARADISE" that Jehovah's people are living in BUT who are under no DIRECT INFLUECE of the Holy Spirit nor claim any INSPIRATION.

  7. This is hilarious. For decades the Governing Body has told us they are "God's mouthpiece" and "speaks as a prophet." My guess is the GB is facing unprecedented internal pressure caused by the rank and file asking intelligent questions, that can't be answered. Sadly, the "it can err on doctrinal matters" is a blatant bait and switch tactic that many JWs will swallow. (ref: "commissioned to serve as the mouthpiece and active agent of Jehovah … commission to speak as a prophet in the name of Jehovah…" The Nations Shall Know that I am Jehovah" – How? pp.58,62).

  8. Im just curious if they prepare themselves for a future legal actions by the Governments or the other civil sue by the members thats why they said they are not inspired n inferable…

  9. Hi, I need to ask you a question. Do you think that the other seven members of the governing body will pull Tony Morris aside and tell him, hey Tony your killing us with this tight pants nonsense. will you please knock it off or are they just as stupid as he is? Thank you.

  10. I just had this conversation with a jw family member, he aknolege they are jus imperfect men but he claime even if they are wrong he serves God not them. this kind of rationalizing such a simple fact is very interesting. I am sure many will not change their mind about this religion even after they are order to isolate themselves and start serving the beverages.

  11. I belong to the "awakened JW" class; many, many, many of us still fully card-carrying JWs and even in good standing.  However, given the failure of this religion over the decades, we recognize that is just merely a religion where the hand of imperfect men is evident.  Having been properly college educated (Thanks to my JW parents for not fully buying into the Org's college ban!  So happy about that.), it's the same in many other religions:  They all claim 'truth', all have failed predictions and plenty of changes, all have different types of individuals inside, yes, even child molesters just like inside the JWs.  Live and let live!  Stop the JW obsession already.

  12. The concept of the unforgivable sin is this forgery they came up with. That which states that you cannot go against the Spirit directed organization: I.e the governing body. The first time I heard that, I remember my inner voice saying "who, 7 men in Brooklyn NY?"

    In essence, your sins, no matter how big or small as long as it's against man, Jesus and Jehovah, those would be forgiven. As soon as you speak against the GB that cannot be forgiven…

  13. The important question that needs to be answered is "Are they really Christ's brothers"?? If they are the pedantics of "inspiration" are irrelevant. If they reveal/confess that they are not sure that they are or even that they are not really Christ's brothers…then you have a story!!!

  14. your not going live with 7men in brooklyn telling you how to live your life. ….ok sounds fair,but you gladly embrace the traditions of men and now conform to their pagan celebrations are you not succumbing to another pattern of a false doctrine dictating the way you live…..i just dont get it!!
    Their are soo many in mainstream Christendom who are now cleansing themselves from such practices,turning their back on what they now know to be a blatantly pagan celebration. …yet Jws who leave their church can't run quick enough to walmart to get their tree….i am an ex Jw….i believe them to be a group that does not have Christ….but not all they taught was error.
    like all churches,satan has infiltrated and mixed truth with lies…..one thing the Jws had correct was their stance on xmas and birthdays.

  15. I found the source for the book quoted in paragraph 15. It's is no wonder Watchtower does not tell the reader. https://www.amazon.com/Secular-Faith-Religion-American-Politics/dp/022627506X The book is available on Amazon, big blazen cross on the front cover, and the quote is in reference to the Pope's reversal of the Catholic church acceptance of homosexuality. The governing body has no fear of reading outside material. You know they are watching these videos.

  16. Hello there guys, I'm from the Philippines, i hope and pray all American JWs wake up and turn against this False Religion so that my country who has a lot of baptized followers will also do the same. The JWs in my place are so loyal to the organization they behave and think they are "special" in this world.

  17. The reason the JW's governing body, "slave", had to make this statement because their organization is being exposed on every doctrinal stance as having/showing error, thanks to YouTube videos. The sharing of information and using their own publications to expose the history, false predictions, disfellowship meetings, fear mongering through family division and shunning of friends and family who have been kicked out for not being "loyal". The fear they have cast over their subjects is no longer a staple. People are waking up and claiming Deuteronomy 18:20-22 and no longer fearing this "discrete slave's" false prophecies or spiritual food nor are people becoming involved in such religious apostasy after simply looking up JW YouTube videos. Hahahaha…

  18. My ex-wife, the fully dedicated Jehovah's Witness used to abuse our children by breaking wooden spoons on their buttocks when disciplining them. She also sent them to bed without any food because they did not pray to Jehovah. I guess, child abuse comes in many forms…

  19. Thank you guys. I love your pet bauble in the back ground. Just lost our fur baby before Xmas and now trying to find strength to go on without her. It's just so sad I miss her so much. I know you would understand . We held a dignified service for her she deserved . I hope one day to see her again , if there is another side , I'm starting to think in spite of jw brain wash that the spirit / soul does live on, what are your thoughts on this ?

  20. What has it to do with you if someone does not want a blood transfusion? I think you ex JW's use to only serve men, as you soon left the Bibles view on blood, you obviously didn't make it your own belief. Same goes for christmas etc..
    Mind your own business.

  21. Jackson was lying to Justice Peter McClellan the judge of the Australian Royal Commission.and is judge of the highest court in New South Wales Australis.

  22. Admire your work and effort.

    I have in front of me some notes from a sister who attended the 2007 Annual Meeting….Brother Losch at THAT time began to 'break the bad news" to us JW's. The notes clearly QUOTE him as confessing to the audience…'The FAITHFUL and DISCREET SLAVE….are NOT INSPIRED…so they ARE going to err." he continues: "The GB is NOT INSPIRED and NEITHER ARE THE PUBLICATIONS. (YET…the Bro. Losch's confidence in the audiences 5th grade or home schooled education seeps thru and manifests itself by saying next)….It is the Holy Spirit that helps us to find the CORRECT understanding."

    Huh? If your NOT inspired…ah..how can you be the CHOSEN mouth piece of Jesus…or…the Faithful Slave?

    How come…since Jesus picked us in 1919….I can't name 2 things that have come true uttered from the mouths of the Faithful Slave.'

    Hey….if they admit to not being inspired by Jesus…and claim in THAT Paragraph 12 in the Feb. issue of the Watchtower Study article…that…" Jesus did not tell us that his faithful slave would produce perfect spiritual food."

    ahhhh…so BROTHERS… Jesus is to blame!

    Thanks Brother Losch….GOT IT!

  23. That segment where you mention the article insinuates about CT Russell being the only person studying the Bible at the end of the 19th century, and the fact that you correctly point out that Russell got his doctrines mainly from the 2nd Adventists is absolutely true. Practically everything he taught came from one individual or another who had Adventist ties. Most notably George Storrs and Nelson Babour. You also mention that Bible Study and even the occult was a fad in those days. That is true!!! The reason for why people were obsessed with the occult, the ressurection, or life after death then is because this was a time not long after the Civil War when well over 600,000 lives were taken. Nearly everyone living in the U.S. Had known someone who had died during that terrible war. Famed Yale Prof David Blight has noted the surge in Millenialist religion in the 1870s as a result of the Civil War. Russell made his entrance into the religious scene just at the right time, and had enough financial resources to fund and sustain a religious movement.

  24. I just love the part of the video where Jackson said that they don't condone corporal punishment. I can't count how many times I was spanked as a child when I was at the meetings because my mom forced me to go. I remember the elders telling her that it was okay and encourage her to do it until I obeyed and paid attention in the meetings. not to mention all the other kids that I saw get spanked in the bathroom as well. these guys are completely full of s***. I'm so glad by the time I was twelve I was too big from her mom to force me to go to the meetings but my brother and sister still had to go and they were mad. such great memories makes me laugh.

  25. These guys are pretty good. Good info and delivery. sense of humor. Easy to watch and understand unlike many others who videos are all over the place. Good job guys.

  26. I also think change is in the wind and they are gradually prepping the R&F to accept it. They are still behind the curve in reacting to the information age, but it's the internet that's forcing the issue. What will it be? The blood policy? Extreme shunning? Beards? Whatever it is, they are being forced to relinquish their draconian and overbearing control.

  27. the Bible says "expose evil" it also says "things hidden will be revealed" Yahshua. (Jesus real name) said he knows his sheep and his sheep know him and no man would take one from him. YHVH and Yahshua are exposing false teachings to bring his sheep to him and get them out of cults and false teachings.

  28. I feel like a complete idiot. All the signs were there but I just couldn't see. I'm so glad that I met my "worldly" fiancé before I got baptised. is there a way that I could talk to you guys to tell my story? up to this day I believed that the governing body was inspired by god, so for them to turn around and say that they're not is a big thing for me. I must ask my step father who's an elder to see what kind of excuse the jws have given about this topic.

  29. When I pass on into glory and stand be for the Lord I hope He allows me to ask Him what He thinks about the GB and the JW'S. I can almost see him Shaking His head and rolling His eyes. Scripture says that one of the worse judgement that can befall a person is misleading God's people away from God not to Him as the GB has done as well as the elders. MERRY CHRISTMAS and thanks for this video. Very good.

  30. I just want to add something, upon reflection of Robin and Mike's videos.  It takes a lot of courage to put your face out there and speak about your former religion.  While the WTS tries to paint them as bitter apostates, it's clear that they are anything but that.  Just watch their videos and you'll see that the WTS has been using ad hominin attacks for decades, as a way of keeping their members from listening to anything an ex-JW has to say.  It's only when you do listen that you realize that the WTS has an ulterior motive and it's not a pure one.  The WTS does NOT want you to learn TTATT (The Truth About The Truth).  If you don't believe me, watch every ex-JW video you can and study this web-site: www.jwfacts.com  (Then YOU make the decision as to who really is telling the truth about this so-called religion.)

  31. HOW CONVENIENT! We are God's channel, chosen by Christ as THE only faithful and discrete slave, modern-day ark, and mother organization therefore if you leave you're leaving Jehovah and will be shunned, BUT, we are just imperfect men, roving about for the truth when we teach wrong doctrine, and therefore not accountable, (even if it costs you your life i.e.. blood transfusions or your family and whole community via shunning, even if it costs you staying in an abusive or unhealthy marriage, even if it costs you not going to college and having menial work your whole life and little when you are old, etc. etc. etc.)

  32. Everything is about the organization its their idol, they are bringing themselves undone the broadcasts and their literature are gold, these men are more than delusional they are desperate to cover the lies, contradictions and nutty teachings, they can't hide its over.

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