English,Filipino translation policy for businesses to take effect July

English,Filipino translation policy for businesses to take effect July

people call this stretch of Kirino Avenue in parañaque the new Chinatown dozens of Chinese restaurants and shops have popped up here all time j'espère Chinese characters while some have English labels on them a few do not have any it's been a struggle talking to some Chinese owners and managers because many do not speak any English in this restaurant staff have to call the Chinese Filipino co-owner so I can ask him about the menu they tell us most of their customers are Chinese who are working in online gaming companies nearby well there are Filipino customers these Chinese say they seldom come laughter do you also mean like a time a picture alone the Trade and Industry Department orders businesses to restrict the language used in scientists and other marketing materials to English or Filipino only the new policy will take effect in July while other languages are still allowed they must be accompanied by English or Filipino labels or translation the goal is to protect and help customers make wise decisions about their purchase violators will face fines of as much as three hundred thousand pesos and a cancellation of their business permit so all of what's written in there when you are in a Chinese there are some text in English but they're very small the Chinese co-owners say for those who could not understand the menu they are always welcome to ask if I order something what should I get here what is the best seller door the they also vowed to come up with better sinuses and Minu to invite more Filipinos into their restaurant makoy Tokyo Co CNN Philippines

13 thoughts on “English,Filipino translation policy for businesses to take effect July

  1. Huwag kayo pumunta at kumain dyan para Hindi sila masyadong kumita, low-key na protesta
    Kaso mahilig tayo kumain no?

  2. Before Japan invaded the Philippines in WW2, they said a lot of Japanese civilians set up shops in the country.

    Greats! First they brought their own workers for Chinese funded projects, now chinese businesses open to cater to them. Nothing is wasted. Walang kinita dito ang mga Pinoy. Iyong pautang ng China, may tubo siyempre yon.

  3. Yan advantage NG Chinese sa Pinoy hilig mag negosyo Ang Pinoy gusto empleyado tapos aangal hirap buhay ayaw mong mag negosyo e

  4. This is what happened when the man we put on top cannot stand up against China. Total immigration reform is badly needed because this will get worse if nothing gets done

  5. Bastos to Mga tarantadong intsik kayo!!! Chinese lang pagsisilbihan niyo at dito pa kayo nag negosyo! Chinese character lang nilalagay niyo, that’s enough to indicate na wala kayo pakialam sa mga pilipino! Mga tarantado intsik! Kick them out in Philippines!

  6. If other countries have language proficiencies, why not do there same thing for Philippines. So foreign settlers must give their extra effort to learn the native language!

  7. This is how the Chinese started to take over Singapore island from the Malays! Filipinos beware. The economic development would not benefit the native Filipinos.

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