Energy Secretary Rick Perry, One Of Trump’s ‘Three Amigos,’ Reportedly To Resign | Deadline | MSNBC

Energy Secretary Rick Perry, One Of Trump’s ‘Three Amigos,’ Reportedly To Resign | Deadline | MSNBC

100 thoughts on “Energy Secretary Rick Perry, One Of Trump’s ‘Three Amigos,’ Reportedly To Resign | Deadline | MSNBC

  1. Perry and trump were trying to take over the natural gas company in Ukraine to give to russia. They removed the ambassador and tried to take out people on the board of that company.

  2. Note To Current Occupant Of White House.
    As you are going to be the last person to leave the property , please ensure all lights are turned off and all rooms thoroughly disinfected and fumigated.
    Keys can be returned to our Senior Property Manager , Ms. Nancy Pelosi c/o The US House of Representatives.
    Thank you ,
    The American People.

  3. Good riddance you con artist traitor. I hope you burn and get eaten by the same dogs that you attacked unarmed women and children with at Standing Rock…. scum

  4. Did he say he wasn't going anywhere like a week ago? I'm almost sure he did. Now he is getting dragged into this thing…

  5. If Perry resigns, will Trump ask Alexander Novak to become our Secretary of Energy? Note: Alexander Novak is currently Russian Oil Minister.

  6. Rick Perry. Rudy Guiliani. Mike Pompeo. Mick Mulvaney. Add in Wilbur Ross, Elaine Chao, Betsy DeVos, and in a perfect world, Mike Pence; now that's what I call Draining the Swamp.

  7. Perry hangs out with Igor and Lev, who run around spraying cash which was sourced from Russian Crime figure (which would be info pipelined immediately to Putin). Doubtless Rick used these guys as his interpreter for Ukraine gas dealing which means Putin knew about Rick Perrys deals just about the same time as Perry did. Rick Perry should come clean ASAP so as not to be burned big time. Talk to the nice folks at SDNY ASAP ,Mr Perry before your life becomes very complicated.

  8. Rick Perry, the man who couldn't remember the name of the agency he now heads. The "three amigos" were clueless goofballs, and apparently still are.

  9. Rick Perry, from NM, thought he was smarter then being around a clown, Perry DO THE RIGHT THING, GET OUT OF THE CLOWNS BS. YOU'LL END UP IN JAIL, HE'S USING EVERYONE.. FOR HIS POCKETS, YOU KNOW THAT, COME ON PERRY!!!

  10. All these funny resignations is due to nastily encountering a POTUS they've never met too good, priorities managed. They must be covering up a lot of guilt theirselves. No demowhacko's making it THIS coming election either, and many testy usernames below prove it, like that typical Calipunk asswipe @Make Racists Afraid Again, AGAIN on ANOTHER video attempting his personal crusades with his same, failed stunts over and over. He's lonely, can't take it, or ever shut the F up. Quite an actor. Show NO sympathy.

  11. why isnt trumps dirty dealings with Putin and Deutsbank being followed and why has Trump spoken to Putin 12 times recently,is he getting his orders from a blackmailer " he moans about Bidens son Yet his 2 sons, daughter and son in law dont have security status and they are doing business dealing too

  12. The strategy of the insane corrupt criminal in the WH and all his also corrupt criminal gang members is to normalize crime and corruption. Yes, we committed crimes. It doesn't matter. Dems are worse. All for a greater goal. All for the benefit of America. Vote blue, there is probably no other chance to get rid of them. If there will be an election in 2020 at all. After all I've seen now I wouldn't be surprised, if the elections were "delayed". Because of a "national emergency".

  13. OMG all the rats are fleeing! what happens when it is only trump, pence and pompeo left, hope congress has a plan for this!

  14. Just maybe Rick Perry will be replaced by someone who looks to the future and sees green energy instead of the obsolete fossil fuel industry? Nah…never happen. This president doesn't have any vision for the future, he's keeps looking over his shoulder to the past. He only sees "the gilded age" of the robber barons as our future.

  15. Perry tried this same crap as Governor in 2014 and was indicted for Abuse of Power. Got away with it too. Unlike Mulvaney; Rick knows when to keep his mouth shut, and when to cut-and-run..

  16. The same Rick Perry who could not remember the name of the department that he was to head up under the Trump administration.

  17. Rick Perry's trumped up charges, ended in the Dismissal of all charges in 2016

    The Texas Court of Criminal Appeals dismissed all charges in February 2016.[50][9] The court was divided 6-2, and its majority opinion by Presiding Judge Sharon Keller was accompanied by two concurring opinions and two dissents.[50]

    The court dismissed the abuse-of-official-capacity charge, and upheld the earlier dismissal of the coercion-of-a-public-servant charge. The former charge was dismissed under the separation of powers provision of the Texas Constitution, a provision which the court interpreted as forbidding prosecution of a governor for his veto, using the abuse-of-official-capacity statute. As to the latter charge, the court agreed with the lower court that it would violate the free speech principles in the First Amendment to the United States Constitution if a governor who threatens a veto is prosecuted using the coercion-of-a-public-servant statute.[50]
    In other words public servants charged with the power Veto can threaten political contenders with veto, and actually this is done all the time.

    The court also addressed the procedural question of whether Perry could make his separation-of-powers argument in a pretrial habeas corpus application, followed by an interlocutory appeal (i.e. an appeal before the end of the lower court proceedings). On this question, the court said: "The nature of the constitutional right at issue entitles him to raise these claims by pretrial habeas corpus."[50] The previous understanding had been that a defendant seeking pretrial habeas relief had to successfully argue that a statute was facially unconstitutional, rather than unconstitutional as applied (which was Perry's argument).[50]

    According to the U.S. Supreme Court, the U.S. Congress cannot limit the veto power of the U.S. president, and the Texas Court of Criminal Appeals here decided that the same principle applies to the governor. Thus, said the court, the Texas Legislature cannot turn a veto into a crime:(as it is the prerogative of the political office with veto power to do so) "When the only act that is being prosecuted is a veto, then the prosecution itself violates separation of powers," wrote Judge Keller.[50] (Therefore making criminal, a constitutional right of the office holder a crime, is in fact the crime.) and a violation of separation of powers which is a constitutionally held law..

    This dismissal ended the abuse-of-power accusations that had detrimentally affected Perry's unsuccessful campaign for president in 2015.[51] The case also cost Perry more than $2 million in attorney fees.[52]

    It would be correct to make parallel comparison to both Parry and Trump, and the basic claim of unconstitutionally preventing the office hold his rights under article 2 of the constitution.
    It is better to use the power of the vote to oust a sitting president.

  18. Hmmm, maybe Trump will go running too, only landing in prison! I’m praying it happens soon!!!! This has been way to much going on. We need to watch and hold our Government accountable for every single thing they do from now on!

  19. "SECRETARY RICK PERRY" I'll tell you that it is never too late for a old dog to go crazy!!! #THE THREE AMIGOS!!! What's wrong with these people!!!

  20. Rick Perry was going to resign and had mentioned this, about 6 months ago. He was to leave by the end of 2019, and everyone knew it. It is not a new idea. MSNBC GO POUND SAND!!!! You live in a evil box which does nothing but look and see what you want to see, rather than what is apparent or real. Just keep it up. Trump 2020, 2024, 2028, 2032!

  21. "I have been quid pro quo all my life, see how far I have come to be the president of the US" tweet from the orange-colored strawman living in the WH.

  22. Another resignation? At the rate that things are going, a majority of the world must be hoping the gangster-in-chief will quit his part-time squatting in the White House before Christmas this year.

    Failing that outcome, if only the G7 would send the primadonald to Coventry long before the 46th summit of the G7 that he fondly trusts will be held at the Trump National Doral in Miami on 10–12 June 2020.

  23. Why are you running Rick Perry?

    Why are you refusing to testify for the committee?

    Any self respecting Texan would do the right thing for America and the American people if they had nothing to hide.

    Testify stop lying.

  24. Rick Perry thinks if he jumps ship now he won't be investigated and can get away Scott free. Sorry Rick but you're already in the sights of Congress. Adiós Amigo..


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