44 thoughts on “[EN] The International 2018 Main Event Finals Day

  1. Got a little question for you DotA fans out there. Recently I found an old video that showed the Epcto center of Disney world in the mid 1980's. In there the visitors are shown the computer system that ran disney world a tthe time. The operator of the computer system was called IO and it was a wisp like computeer generated image that looks exactly like the IO from DotA. So I was wondering if the DotA developers based the design of the characters on that IO ?
    ( Video I was mentioning is from an old BBC computer program called Micro Live, season 3 episode 18 @8:05 : https://computer-literacy-project.pilots.bbcconnectedstudio.co.uk/c502acbae465c299575b8fb3957a47ca )

  2. Rewatching this after true sight gives me a whole new view on these matches and its still hype af

  3. For the people that are wondering why there are so many Chinese LGD fans, it's because the tournament was hosted in Canadian Hong Kong aka Vancouver lol. So glad they lost, Chinese teams are boring AF

  4. Fix fucking meepo sir ..No one likes meepo small nurff wont help …meepo lvl 3 driveing in towers and taking 1000 hits and survive wtf imba is meepo>?7.20b ?.. meepo is still imba

  5. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HWqLXUDI0w4&feature=youtu.be
    after the finals, look at that emotions of og players !

  6. 4:56:00 – amazing words from NoTail, motivation at its best. 'If one day I will wake up and have to play a TI Final, I will play the best DOTA of my life'. Congratz you beautiful flower!

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