Eloise Watego –  News Reader – Introduction

Eloise Watego – News Reader – Introduction

Hi, I’m Eloise Watego. I present the news
on the ‘Barefoot Rugby League Show’ on National Indigenous Television, and I also work as a lawyer
at FOXTEL. I come from the North Coast
of New South Wales, from a little town called Bangalow,
that’s near Byron Bay. I know that school
can sometimes be a struggle and it can seem
a bit pointless at times. But I really believe
that finishing your education is one of the most important things
that you can do for yourself. Getting an education and training
is a great foundation for a career. And, for me, I know
that having a career is one of the most satisfying things
in my life. And it’s also really empowering because it means you don’t have to
rely on other people – on Mum or Dad or the government –
to get by. And there are plenty of
different options out there. And I believe that there is
a career for everybody. The trick is just trying to find
which one is the right one for you. Next, you’ll meet some young Aboriginal
and Torres Strait Islander people who are just a few years older
than you are. What you’ll see are some young people
that are proud of their achievements, who are making money, who are respected by their friends
and family and work colleagues, and who are excited
about their future. Maybe they’ll inspire you, maybe they’ll give you ideas about
what you’d like to do with your life, maybe they’ll give you ideas about what you don’t want to do
with your life. But there’s no reason
why you can’t do anything that these young people are doing. All you need to do is stay in school and stay focused
and just try your hardest.

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