Ellen Went Down a Google Rabbit Hole

Ellen Went Down a Google Rabbit Hole

If you don’t live in
Los Angeles, welcome. And I don’t know if you
figured it out by now, if you’ve gone out to eat,
we do not serve gluten here. [LAUGHTER] It’s a gluten free city. Everyone talks about
things being gluten free. Most people don’t know what
gluten is, including me. I think– I thought I did. But before we start
anything, I want to tell you real quick story about gluten. I went on to Google,
and I looked up gluten, and it says gluten is a
composite of storage proteins. But I didn’t know what
storage proteins were. So then I googled
storage proteins. Those are proteins that
are in stuff like milk, and egg whites, and
stuff like that. And it made me wonder about
egg whites, because for a while they said egg whites are better
for you than the egg yolk. Some people now say the
whole egg is OK for you. So I googled egg
white versus egg yolk. Egg yolk, it has a
lot of cholesterol. That’s not much wrong. Harold McGee says
that the cholesterol is what causes the problem. It’s the fat, not
the cholesterol. And I was like, who the
hell is Harold McGee. [LAUGHTER] Googled Harold McGee,
and it turns out he’s the author who wrote
this book about food science. And I thought about reading it. It’s 900 pages, so I was like,
I don’t have that kind of time. Anyway, four hours later,
I was googling, and– [LAUGHTER] –I was wondering, what’s the
longest book ever written. Because you can Google anything. So I googled it. And there’s a seven volume
novel by Marcel Proust. And it’s 4,215 pages, which is
one page longer than the menu at Cheesecake Factory. [LAUGHTER] And then I thought, well,
if there’s a longest, then there’s got to
be a shortest novel. So I googled that. And there’s a novel,
El Dinosaurio. And that is– it’s one sentence. So that– I think I’ve written
a lot of novels, it turns out. One sentence, and
it’s in Spanish. In my espanol is a
little el-rustio. So I el-Googlio-ed it. [LAUGHTER] And I looked up the translation. And it translates to when
the dinosaur was still there. I’m sorry, it says,
when he awoke, the dinosaur was still there. [LAUGHTER] It’s a real page
turner, except it’s not. It was only one page. Anyway, long monologue
short, I still don’t know what
gluten is, but I think it’s what killed the dinosaurs.

74 thoughts on “Ellen Went Down a Google Rabbit Hole

  1. Let's be honest we all go down a YouTube rabbit hole, I start by searching a popular song and end up watching a morning tv show in German. Guten morgen!

  2. This is how u love Ellen πŸ‘‡

    πŸ‘ˆSmall Artist here show some love

    P.s haters, I don't want LIKES but any help would be appreciated

  3. let God give u many happiness in ur life, as Portia is ur life both of u stay as u are now love u ……

  4. I go down an Ellen rabbit hole every time I start watching Ellen videos on YouTube and I’m okay with that…


  6. I Googled "no WMD's in Iraq" and after a few pages of articles etc. saying there were no WMD's in Iraq, and found Articles, etc. that there WERE, in fact, WMD's found in Iraq, and even the New York Times admitted it. Not only that, I searched "fanatical Islam in Iraq" or something, and again, after a few pages of there was no fanatical Islam in Iraq, I find stuff showing fanatical Isalm WAS in Iraq, that Sadaam WAS helping them, and they, in fact, are a lot of who we were fighting there. So… This is an example of what you have to do to find the ACTUAL truth of things, and to understand that the Mainstream, especially Leftists are often (if not always) LYING to you.

  7. I love your I want to be on your show I have a story to tell you and this is really important about school about

  8. yeah Ellen, pretty much. you google nausea you get octopus having cancer for this on mars in another universe. yeah. there you go

  9. I wish we could more people like Ellen I mean the things that she does to these people she gives them hope she appreciates those that are helping others, I mean I don't know if we ever gonna find someone like her but then it's good that she constantly teaches us to be the same and to do the same thing and I think this just inspiring and motivating I just wish that other people could use their platform to kind of show this appreciation to the people that are doing good cuz it's sort of motivates them, so keep it up, Ellen πŸ‘ŒπŸ˜πŸ€©πŸƒβ€β€

  10. "Whe he woke up, the dinosaur was still there." Written by Guatemalan author Augusto Monterroso.

    Good to be Guatemalan right now, Ellen mentioned us (indirectly) πŸ˜‚

  11. Love you Ellen you are a great inspiration in my life I from Assam India truly once I will meet you in my life. God bless you more and more and always keep smiling.

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