Elite UPGRADO Firmware Updater // 5 Tips for Updating Trainer Firmware

Elite UPGRADO Firmware Updater // 5 Tips for Updating Trainer Firmware

This week Elite have released a utility that allows owners of their trainers to update the firmware on their units. The ability for users to upgrade the firmware on their elite trainers is something We’ve asked for for a long time So it’s good to see the Upgrado app now in the Apple App Store and also the Google Play Store At this point in time the only firmware upgrade available in the Upgrado app is for the newly released SUITO smart trainer. This is the update that I’ve been waiting for myself to finish off my llama lab testing of this particular unit. in the very near future Elite say they’re releasing other firmware for other trainers Keep an eye on the app for that or hit subscribe to keep an eye on this channel I’ll be covering all the releases and putting those updates through their paces in the llama lab. Now updating the firmware is a little like Open-heart surgery. If the surgeon walks away halfway through that process and doesn’t get the job done. Things can go very badly. So I’ve come up with my top 5 tips for updating smart trainer firmware Kicking off with number one: reboot your trainer before proceeding If your trainer is being powered on for maybe months and months Pull the power plug in the back and make sure it starts up and goes into what I would call a fresh state Number two: Don’t pair up anything to the trainer once it starts up. So no Zwift, no Trainer Road no Sufferfest. No FULGAZ, no Rouvy Make sure nothing is in control of your trainer No head units either. Just your mobile phone, Which is going to be connecting and doing the update. Which takes me to tip number 3. Enable Bluetooth on your mobile device and close any other apps that just might be getting in the way For example the Zwift companion app, Garmin Connect, the Elemnt companion app. Just make sure everything is fresh So when you open the updating utility nothing’s going to conflict or crash. Number 4: make sure you watch the process complete yourself from 0% through to 100% You want to see that success message at the end and catch any errors that could occur during that process So watch the process complete just like heart surgery Number 5: back to basics. Close the updating app once it is successfully completed So I just double-click swipe up or just get rid of it Maybe even turn Bluetooth off on your phone and then power cycle the trainer again. What this will ensure is that the trainer will go Back into Bluetooth advertisement mode and it can now be seen by your Apple TV or whatever you’re connected to if it’s over Bluetooth It’s always a good thing to do a reboot every now and then as well So there we have it! My top five tips for upgrading firmware on indoor trainers. Following those procedures has been pretty successful in the Llama Lab over the years. So we’ll leave it there for today Thanks for watching this. If you found this useful, hit that thumbs up and hit subscribe to support what I’m up to It’s much appreciated. Thanks for watching

14 thoughts on “Elite UPGRADO Firmware Updater // 5 Tips for Updating Trainer Firmware

  1. Interesting update, thanks. I'm hoping something for the original Drivo may appear, but not holding my breath – Shane, did you get any beta firmware for those units since you tested ? I find the ERG mode bounces you saw irritating but partially avoidable – the 'clamping' coming down from high wattage to low wattage is right pain in the arse though, can't find a reliable way to mitigate that. Seems partially cadence related again, but not dug deeper.

  2. You forgot to mention to reboot your mobile as step0 to get a freshly restarted state without any conflict. (ok, step3 is similar but not the same đŸ™‚ )

  3. Not the only company doing an Firmware Upgrade Tool , Cycliq finally got themselves sorted with the Fly 6 CE.
    Its apparently whispered across the sand dunes of the Western Australian deserts that the Fly 12 CE tool is coming next month.

  4. Hi Shane what do you think to the Elite Drivo II OTS+ Turbo Trainer at £850 compared to the Kickr poorly engineered tensioner & pulley locator or the neo 2t which has been offered at a deal after the flux2 was faulty?

  5. I followed the procedure and afterward it said the firmware upgraded successfully. But now my Suito isnt visible to Zwift anymore. What can I do?

  6. In the future…. I'd like to get the firmware update for my DrivoII to fix some well documented issues that have been around since launch.

  7. Always like new apps. Funny that the image they show on the App Store is for a Direto, given there's no update for that unit yet

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