Elite Dangerous September Update Patch 3 Problems Remain

Elite Dangerous September Update Patch 3 Problems Remain

Hello its Ricardo and welcome back
commanders to elite dangerous now you may remember that a couple of weeks ago
I did a video on a problem that was very irritating that I found post the
September update right there’s been of two patches since then to try and
address several issues this particular issue
was all around the freezing of missions you’d go into the mission you know nose
around you pervane what you wanted to go and do we think right I’ll do that one
you’d select it the entire screen would move to the right and hang however they
all was not lost because what you could do is press the Escape key on PC at
least and then you could get back and get back to the menu screen or indeed to
your desktop if you’d had enough of it so there’s been a third patch out now to
the September update which means that’s a patch to the patch to the patch to the
update right but that’s okay and hopefully we’re hoping that the mission
glitch should we call it that or mission problem has been fixed and I can report
that I’ve been on it today because the servers were booted at seven o’clock GMT
this morning on the 10th of October and that particular issue has gone away
however there has been a couple of system hangs now that’s been Windows 10
updates coming down as well to the PC as well so I did a reboot went back in made
sure everything was ok did a resync on the files and we discussed that in the
last video as well but in case you don’t remember and you can go to a resync from
the elite dangerous launcher menu from settings or options and you can select
resync your files to make sure all your files are in up to date in regards to
all these patches so what have they fixed indeed well very good question the
game did hang again now I mean come on this is this is just ridiculous but like
I say it’s an awful lot of window stuff going on at the moment you know this new
Windows updates coming in hot fixes norton’s always refreshing
itself and like you know with with Xbox as well games are always refreshing
themselves there’s always an update to seven game I’m finding these days you
can’t just log on and play a game on the Xbox whether that ski is war or whatever
because your son’s got something like fortnight playing on it and that’s just
messes with years n anyway so we made sure nothing else was updated rebooted
the machine went back into an elite dangerous had a look and they were still
some stability issues I’m afraid to say so it has been one or two hangs not to
worry you can get out there by the task the taskbar kill the task and you’re
good to go again so what indeed have they fix so apparently they fix the
cockpit user interface and fixed an issue that caused multiple modules to
appear to change priorities instead just the one that was selected there’s a fix
a small performance debtor when opening the modules tab now they mentioned
crashes instability here which i think is ironic and the irony is not lost on
me having it been crashed three times as well this morning fixed the crash that
could occur when handing in a mission that’s also a crash when looking for a
mission and fix an issue causing a softlock at mission boards and removed
the workaround missions well the workaround missions fair enough
ain’t got a problem of those no one likes an exploit it’s just cheated
exploration now they fix an issue where the system map was missing commander
names for first discovered and first mapped in the general section on the
Xbox one only they replaced debug test text that
appeared when giving a ship a name or ID only on Xbox one with the enter ship
name ID fixed missing flack launcher VFX fix an issue that stops some previously
allowed characters from being able to be used in ship IDs now nothing rude
commanders okay it’s a nice clean family game
so they say whether they do make references to drugs and alcohol and all
out of it so it has got an 18 rating I think anyway whatever let’s not get
bogged down in all that Network okay let’s think about the network they fix
an issue where some types of non Ethernet connections were rejected
further work has been made towards restoring the VPN connections by an our
quote PC only adding the ability for players as select which network adapter
to use in the network options list VPN connections will therefore then appear
there also if you change the selected network adapter here you will also need
to restart the game whereas a given really because you know your change in
network yeah gotta be connect to the servers and all that rubbish they’ve
stopped the game from terminating if unable to connect to a network this
allows players into the network option screen to check their VPN connection is
selected so that’s very soft PC heavy they’re really now rendering on the Xbox
one they fixed a screen tearing issue on Xbox one when in 4k quality mode now
you’ll notice through all that Xbox has been called out the PC version has been
called out not a mention about good old PlayStation so this either means that a
lot of the PC issues base issues also refer to the PlayStation version or it
means the PlayStation version is the pinnacle of elite dangerous and had
virtually no problems I don’t play on PlayStation 4 unfortunately they got X
boxes and switches and PCs in the house but not PlayStation 4 so I’d be
interested to know if the PlayStation 4 players who happen to listen to this
video are still having problems that would be quite interesting to know put
it in the comments tab keep it clean because we’re family channel around here
you know and keep it clean all right just keep it clean so there you go
that’s what’s been fixed or addressed in the September update patch 3 which is
the patch to the patch to the patch to the September update now you got to see
the irony as well we’ve run out of September we’re now in October can’t wait for the December update a
commander’s God knows what’s gonna happen there and like I mentioned ever
still debated phases so thanks very much for watching check out the channel for
some more gaming videos bit of Battlestar Galactica’s subnautica elite
dangerous is always on there as a huge back catalog of videos there like and
subscribe if you haven’t done so take it easy
trying to get too frustrated with any game crashes that you have and put your
comments in the comment section if you’re having any problems eye theory
Curto thanks for watching you

26 thoughts on “Elite Dangerous September Update Patch 3 Problems Remain

  1. I got a passenger mission yesterday for 500 first class passengers to the same station that I was at… 19 million credits.

  2. PS4 user – module priority issue as mentioned plus detailed surface scanner doesn’t label the hotspots so you have to refer to your nav panel. Can’t think of anything else

  3. PS4 user. I haven't had too many issues. When the update first came out, I couldn't log into the game half the time. But that got fixed on the first patch. Since then I haven't really had any problems. Lucky I guess.

  4. Got sent to a detention centre in my fer delance that had a jump range of 3 light years empty………used my last fsd injection to jump and clicked on galaxy map and CRASH………..lost 60 million. fk FDEV. Recently came back to game didnt know that detention centre systems could be bad for low fsd jump ships.

  5. Don't bother playing straight after patch is available, especially as FD devs's are still in the system debugging the patch as its installed. Wait until the afternoon.

  6. The fact that Frontier can't even deliver any of these tiny updates without a whole host of bugs and problems, hardly fills me with confidence about 2020's 'New Era'.

  7. I've experienced a new error code : Mauve Adder, got it while docking x2, other than that its been pretty stable – and the limpets are working, pirate hunting threat 4's seem a bit inconsistent for me at least sometimes they seem benign and way too easy only a single target engages at a time and sometimes all hell breaks loose with a dozen ships opening up on you at the same time as soon as you drop in- but the npc's are still squishy – when the mission board broke I discovered a work around, and it worked for me, all I did was take a note of the amount of missions a mission giver gave and not scroll down further than the number of missions presented so if there was 6 missions then I would not tab down more than 5 times, as when you went past the bottom mission it used to hang.. doing this made the mission board usable for me

  8. new issue i have is i have just done 4 weeks very boring grind in Powerplay to unlock the Mining Lance Laser…it did not unlock so screw that,i am not doing another 4 weeks of that crap,i will stick with standard mining lasers! 🙁

  9. Well no one really cares about playstation lol jk. I've never had an issue on xbox one X.
    After reading through some comments I remembered my "honey hole" for standard boom deliveries hasn't been much of a "honey hole" lately. I suppose that may be because of the patch issues.

  10. I like the “family channel” angle you have, very refreshing to hear someone saying this on YouTube where gaming is concerned

  11. PS4 player here, and I've had my first crash today. And my second.

    Was doing a little painite mining with my Cutter, and every so often, game just booted me to title screen. Really wish this wasn't a thing, as even though my cutter can easily handle a few npc pirates, its a real drag crashing out of the game.

  12. On PS4 the game keeps crashing during Thargoid combat and CQC, but those issues have been there since April, issues caused by September update seem to fixed more or less

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