25 thoughts on “Elif Shafak: The politics of fiction

  1. I've not read any her books, I can't judge whether she is good for bad author however in this video she demonstrates that she is a good storyteller.

  2. Very impressive! I'm almost done in reading one of her books "the three daughters of eve" and now I know where the protagonist (Peri) was based on… well it was Elif Shafak herself

  3. Bati ülökelerini Türkiyeye müdahelye davet edan alcak namusuz $erefsiz..Anasi belli babasi belli olmayan pic..Yüzüne sicip sivayim…alcak namusuz..FETÖCÜ…

  4. I'm deeply impressed by this speech! I wish to know your secret and then embrace it in order to get out of the circle of fear and cowardice.

  5. Sol ayağım türk kökenimle İstanbul'da duruyor ama ben çıkmış İngilizce konuşuyorum. Ne çelişki ama!
    My left foot is in Istanbul with my turkish root but i speak in English right now. What irony is that!

  6. Great, heart & mind moving talk. She’s a true prophet of staying united against divisiveness & bias: through 1st class literary work 👍

  7. Yine bir adı Türk olup ruhunu kaybeden yabancılara cici gözüküp Türkiyeyi kötülemeyi bi bok sanan bir vakayla karşı karşıyayız…

  8. She speaks against Erdogan's plebiscite on the internet. I liked what she said. She traced differences between Democracy and Majoritarianism. Very interesting Point of view.

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