10 thoughts on “Elementor Anchor Widget

  1. THX! But what's not working is to reach the achor from another page by clicking into the top menu.
    Means: This technique is only usefull for a ONE PAGE website. My copyright is on a different page besides the ONE PAGE area.
    So it doesnt bring me back. Am I right?

    Thx 😉

  2. Helpful and clear instruction. Thanks for the work. I will be sharing your tutorial on https://wpReviews.co

  3. Very useful, thank you. May I ask you one question relating to the code to automatically close the mobile menu. Do you just put in on the pages that have anchors on them. I tried it a on website I am building at present and it did not work, this website does have other pages without anchors as well.

  4. You don't need to use the widget really, just add ID's to the sections instead under "advanced". But great video.

  5. Great Video! If you're using a fixed or a sticky menu, how do you change the destination so that the section doesn't scroll past the header?

  6. Thanks for the video! Question though, what widget did you use to make the menu? I do not have the pro version. I want my menu to list the items horizontally. When I use the "navigation menu" widget it works with the anchors but lists the items vertically and bulleted. It doesn't seem to allow me to change that. When I use the custom menu widget it lists the items horizontally but doesn't work with the widgets (nothing happens when I click). Can you help with this?

  7. Very informative. Thank You! Would you please provide the extra code to close the menu? I would greatly appreciate that, and again…Thanks!

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