Election night drama 1984

Election night drama 1984

use now also wants to make another presidential projection in the state of West Virginia ABC News projects that mr. Reagan will pick up the six electoral votes there again that's one of the only of the six states that went for mr. Carter in 1980 normally a strong democratic state but the pre-election polls did show mr. Reagan ahead even though Walter Mondale on the Democrat side hoped they would do well in West Virginia West Virginia six electoral votes from mr. Reagan Peter I'd like to point out to our viewers this map over our shoulders here and explain what it is the red states are states that we have projected having gone for mr. Reagan red are Reger that's why we chose red the white states we have not yet projected because either because they're polls have not closed as in the case of the western states or in some not in the West they're too close to call at this hour as you see there's New York Massachusetts still out Pennsylvania had all for a while but it's now gone the blue dot on the top of the state of Virginia is the District of Columbia which is the one area Walter Mondale has carried tonight as you see except for that the map is all of those states we've projected map is entirely totally grim for regular now in just a minute we are going to talk to a man who has seen a lot of time on the campaign trail this year and it will be interesting to hear what he has to say about tonight senator Gary Hart of Colorado will join us right after this object that the state of Massachusetts has gone for Ronald Reagan Massachusetts President Reagan 13 electoral votes mr. Regan barely carried with a fraction of one percent barely carried Massachusetts four years ago and prior to that as you will recall when Nixon got his huge landslide it was the only state that went for George McGovern affections in Iowa we projected Ronald Reagan has won the state and it's eight electoral votes in Idaho which he carried with 66% of the vote in 1980 in Idaho we rejected mr. Reagan has again won the state and it's four electoral votes here's the electoral total as it stands now it is an all so far many states are still open still voting so far it is almost a totally clean sweep for regular the three for Mondale and the District of Columbia welcome back as we said it is 10 o'clock here in the East eight o'clock Mountain time 7 o'clock in the Pacific a number of states have still got polls open lots of things for you to vote on there including the presidential race we were talking in the last half-hour about the state of Minnesota we have not projected a presidential winner in the state of Minnesota mr. Mondale at the moment has a very slight lead but we are quite frankly with two percent of the precincts coming in saying that is presently too close I caused tougher and tougher or Walter Mondale's who believe that he can stop a 50-state sweet by Ronald Reagan however Mondale home state of Minnesota has not yet been decided that may be his last hope the last wall to keep Ronald Reagan from getting a 50-state sweep CBS News estimates by the way that about 91 million Americans cast ballots in 1984 presidential election that's close to 1980s level of turnout which was only fifty three point six percent of the voting age population in Minnesota Walter Mondale has won his home state and the first state he has won this evening it's fairly close it should be remembered by the way that Mondale has not actually lived in Minnesota for about 20 years he's lived in Washington but nevertheless it's his home state he grew up there and there you see the first blue state on a ABC News map Minnesota for Monday only three states on the mainland of the u.s. 48 states left white because they haven't we haven't been able to project them yet because they're still but it's a session statement by Walter Mondale let's see if we can pick up any of the sound doesn't look like or sound like there's going to be in a concession statement at least not just yet Walter Mondale getting into automobile clearly and perhaps headed out to his home Mondale maybe going to the Convention Center in st. Paul as a matter of fact as I hear latest word from our correspondent Susan Spencer who has done such a terrific job of covering the whole Mondale campaign is that he's probably on his way to the convention in Minneapolis Minneapolis st. Paul and that we may hear a Mondale concession statement somewhere fairly soon

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  1. Just wait until Trump wins Minnesota in 2020. Ronald Reagan will be smiling down on Trump in 2020 and congratulate him from Heaven.

  2. As amazing as it was that Reagan came oh so close to pitching a no hitter that historic night, it was probably equally as impressive that Mondale was somehow able to capture a little over 40% of the nationwide popular vote. Not bad for someone who just BARELY won a mere single state if you ask me.

  3. Democrats certainly knew and know what they're doing with all this illegal immigration. They pop out kids and bam 18 years later being brainwashed in public schools and colleges they become good libtard voters .

  4. There was no blue wave then, there is no blue wave now; that's the drama (for the mass media, of course)

  5. This was when the AIMS (Anti-Independent Media Syndrome) epidemic could be brushed off by Reagan or anyone who voted for him in 1980 and 1984.

  6. 270 needed to win Reagan at that point had 453 why were they still counting? Just the drama maybe to see a sweep. They saidf herre they made the state's red for Reagan is that how they made the state's Republican red since ?

  7. GE: Introduced Reagan to every American…

    They set the frame up years in advance

    And by setting the frame they won the game…

    He was a great actor…played the role better than anyone…however look at the policies that followed…

    He was for the corporation…can’t blame him for that…

  8. A Republican winning Massachusetts and Illinois just seems unfathomable. All of this while I believe Democrats kept the House and won popular vote for Senate races (even though they remained minority). Feels bizarre.

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