25 thoughts on “ELECTION NIGHT 11/04/2008

  1. Looking at this in 2019 and at the end there was a trump campaign commercial 🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️

  2. It also makes me sad to think how far BACKWARDS we have come since this night. On that election night people were enbracing each other and crying tears of joy. But these days, we are so divided and there is a lot of hate.

  3. I was 17 in 2008 so I could not vote for him, I did in 2012 of course. But I remember the feeling of "wow…what a moment. Change had come". I feel it every time I see a video from that night. Then the video ends and I realize where we are today and I want to cry. #WeMissYouObama

  4. What an amazing night. So full of hope and possibilities. I tear up just watching it…especially now.

  5. Obama was a great man who had a defining voice for America, but till this day it upsets me to why he agreed on to intevene countries in the middle east. I think he could have solved it in a much peaceful way compared to the outcome that has shaped our present polarized world. Nevertheless he was an outstanding president for his own country and I feel sorry that there are jealous people who to this day mock him for his background and skin color, Obama doesn't deserve anything like that in fact he will be known as one of the greatest men in the history of America. Now that orange man has entered The White House, people have become more divided and we see how the son of a bitch in D.C has fueled hatred and mistrust among young people, this is one of those moments where I wish that Obama could speak out to resist the cowardness that is going on within our present Government.

    We miss you Obama!

  6. He does not thank the supporters (? did he do it before ?) – and he does not SMILE. (Michelle and the girls, and Bilden are smiling, but not him)

  7. I remembered obama as many of a great president, at least he try to do what he promise. I remeber trump as someone who talks down to anyone who oppose him.

  8. Damn!!! This will never get old President Obama is forever, history at its finest, not this BS that stole his way into this office trump!!

  9. A night of horror which was fixed in 2016.  Barry The Lying Scumbag Obama is a distant memory as are his destructive programs.

  10. I voted for Obama and I know I did the right thing. But even if McCain would have won, I think he would have been a great president. Mc Cain cared very much about America.

  11. Just seeing this video, bring goosebumps..coz I remember that time..when mr barack obama was announced that he became the 44th president of the United States…the joy wasn’t only in the USA but around the world..he represents world changing, equality, hope, peace and love for all human kind..
    Compare to recent situations…I just feel terrified with what happened in the USA..it seems like from bright shiny day into the darkness

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