31 thoughts on “Election Aftermath: Why So Many People Had It Wrong

  1. You have it wrong
    She rigged the primary
    Some went third party some went trump
    And you won't talk about. It

  2. I cannot get tired of watching election night, They were so cocksure they had it sewn up and she was the next President.
    Then slowly it all went wobbly at the pottery club.

  3. Everytime that I see killary, she reminds me of all the serious (on a mammoth scale) f-ups that she committed to in trying to win one way or another which is laced with hypocrisy, dishonesty, outright disgusting lies to the American people and playing disgusting games behind everyone's back. Eliminating people who are in her way. What ever it takes. Like in a judicial committee hearing (about emails, Benghazi, etc) when she said, "At this point, what difference does it make?" Wholy crap, seriously!!!!!!!
    One could enter that statement to anything that she says. Americans beware, don't ever forget her history. I say rather this way,"when someone shows you they believe it."

  4. Even after losing, she just can’t stop lying. Literally every word she says in this clip is a lie, proven by the last 2 years.

  5. She could have won if she had chosen not to be a criminal, but being a dem, there was no chance of that.

  6. The pundits also got the prediction wrong about how the Republicans would start enacting their agenda in January 2017. That's what the Democrats would have done.  But not the Republicans.  With the White House, the House, and the Senate firmly in their control, they proceeded to squabble amongst themselves and undermine President Trump. So the tax reform bill was watered down and everything else was tabled until they could lose the House in 2018. Well done, RINO's!

  7. So facile and smug, Hillary sat on her big ass and felt entitled to win. And it grew stronger with every gin and tonic!

  8. all what clinton just said was a big lie because she had already started the biggest plot ever
    to get rid of trump

  9. Looking back now I know why they needed Clinton to win ! So Americans would never know the criminal acts they committed ! They thought they had it in the bag !lol the most corrupt administration and party in political history the Democrat party . Barry Sotoro and the Clinton crime family !

  10. Up to and including the Rape of the Sanders campaign, after 2 years the Progressiveliberalcrats are Still whining. I also hope Trump did a " Mic Drop " on Obama after telling him to Fuck himself!

  11. It seems like she doesn't like boys. She is saying that the girls have to fight the boys no matter what girls must win over boys, this visionary believe will be the End of mankind if men step down and let girls take over.

  12. An other four years followed by Larry Elder….

    #Trump2020 keeping America great! 🇺🇸🙏🇺🇸

  13. Of course you don't have wall to wall people like Trump or Bernie, but looks like you might filled up part of a speakers room at a local college.

  14. The next day HRC faced many “Grief stricken friends”??? What this really means, “All my staff is in audience”…LMAO,

  15. HEY! Mark & John: where's that little teit mouse David Plouffe? He said Hillary was going to garner 400 or 500 electoral votes. Is he in hiding

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