36 thoughts on “Election aftermath gets heated (Part 1)

  1. Is Anderson on some type of medication, maybe sleep meds, tranquilizers? He is almost closing his eyes while the interviewee is speaking…"another one with "Brady little eyes"!

  2. Those damn white people just won’t go away. We need change. How dare those bastards defend themselves when we try to take their money and country. F them.

  3. Trump never said ALL Latino people were rapists and murders, that's a lie from the MSM and Democrat Party. Trump said that ALL illegal aliens were criminally entering the US, and there are rapists and murders among them. Big difference. He never said America is for White People, another FAKE NEWS lie! Trump said he wants anyone who wants to come to the US to do so legally and that we want to know who they are. The MSM and Democrats are all liars and are becoming the TRUE enemy of all faithful patriotic citizens of the US.

  4. Quoting the numbers at the Poverty Law Center is ludicrous. Their coffers are filled with white guilt money and they list people as hate groups as a form of character and political assassination.

  5. I never tire of watching the pain of the Criminal Network Nutjobs in the wake of this fabulous President's epic election victory.


  7. We have nothing so we have to make this up.
    Believe me, if the Democrats thought he could win on racism the they would be doing it better than anyone,since they invented it.

  8. This woman is representing the worst democratic candidate in my lifetime. Hillary Clinton is a liar and as crooked as they come. Her husband is a serial abuser of women. From her very first job when her boss called her a " conginatal liar" she should have been run out of Washington.

  9. What a goofy bitch…and liar. She worked for Clinton Crime Clan, naturally. Yes, ban filthy muslims. Know any wonderful muslim countries? Right, none. Hillary helped Trump with the deplorable comment. Clinton Crime Clan Foundation….totally corrupt.

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