47 thoughts on “Election 2019 special coverage

  1. welp, this country is doomed… we have a criminal in charge of a country. If it was me who did the things that screwball did I would be in jail on the first day. west needs to split soon before it gets bad.

  2. ok we lost. but now jt cant tell rcmp to step own and be investigated on snc lavin scandal nd arrest him for corruption jail him and new election in 6 months.

  3. Transistion phase like this happened to Angela Merkel….. 1. form weak alliance 2. do nothing for 4 years 3. "far right" parties get more popular because of the sheer dysfunction….

  4. It’s an embarrassingly bad result for the country. To allow someone who sneers at the law to lead. A disgrace for Canada to tell the world that we have no honor or shame.

  5. Canada has basically a one party system without having a electoral college. Having the liberal Baizuo party and the Conservatives Baizuo Party are in essence one party and the others are to small to do anything except for fundraising and diverting/stealing money from a flopped campaign like what Beto O’Rourke does.

  6. Not surprised that the Bloc got so many votes/seats. This is a party that at its core wants to separate and openly says "Quebec First" illustrating how vile Quebecers really are if they could vote for this kind of party. Here's a tip Quebec, if you want to separate, have the referendum outside of Quebec next time. We'll vote your butts out quickly and you'll be taking your share of the debt.

  7. We should all congratulate CPC for keeping corrupt LIBERALS in power while successfully destroying Max Bernier, the PERSONAL rival of Scheer and fellow CONSERVATIVE.

  8. Can someone please explain how you look past all of Trudeaus failings and lies and etc… and give him a pass. What is there to like about him. I just don’t understand.

  9. Liberal and NDP are a bunch of lazy bums that’s want to take money from the hardworking people’s of Canada.
    Absolutely pathetic, glad my families have to take care of the low/ middle class.
    Too bad hard working Canadians are the minority

  10. les liberaux ont été balayé de l'ouest canadien, espérons que l'est du canada va finir par arrêter de se faire lavé le cerveaux par les merdias … et qu'ils vont imiter l'intelligence de l'ouest canadien.

  11. Anyone notice how polite Trudeau, Maxine, May were to the guy who walked him into the building and Sheer completely!!!!! Ignored the guy. Sheer’s wife just walked past him.

  12. Not how I personally voted, but I'm just glad conservatives didn't win, they're the worst. Alberta and Saskatchewan true to their reputation and not on the same page than the rest of the country.

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