7 thoughts on “El Dorado County Sheriff’s Deputy killed | Investigation update

  1. Every time I hear about a law enforcement officer getting killed it makes me feel better about quitting the state's academy after one day

  2. #AlwaysBroadcastingCrap fake news LIARS! The sheriff was CALLED out purposely to report of THEFT OF MARIJUANA growth to AMBUSH and EXECUTE an officer! 2 HISPANICs in custody participated in ambushing and executing an officer! The active shooter was bc more than the 2 Hispanics in custody participated in ambushing and MURDERING a cop! You are purposely LYING! how dare you play that off like the cop was shot in responding alone to a shooting and hispanic was shot in relation to shooting!!! MULTIPLE evil suspects planned and coordinated the EXECUTION of a cop. 1 was shot in return fire and one other arrests. Unknown killers fled meaning active shooters. They were NOT called to a shooting. He was drawn into a planned ambush by HISPANIC MURDERERS immediately after arriving to take a REPORT unaware their intention he was Executed. I swear tv stations need to be taken off the air or held liable for purposely LYING to the public like this and misleading people. HOW DARE YOU run cover for cop killers to hide what really happened when it is PUBLIC INFORMATION. if corp news media can't check what they say before they say it with billions of dollars yet public can in mins with a cell phone. Remind me again why YOU have a job to lie to America? @ABC10 correct this story! You need to be held liable for lying to America on the dead body of a cop!

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