100 thoughts on “El Chapo’s Son Captured After Fierce Gun Battle — Then Released

  1. They also arrested the oldest son, Ivan Archivaldo Guzman but Mayo Zambada intervened and he was let go before Ovidio was let go. The cartel also released 50 prisoners to help them fight while 100 trucks from all over Sinaloa, Durango, Guadalajara and Chihuahua arrived. They were also offering up to $90K pesos to civilians that wanted to help them rescue the boss, each would be provided bullet-proof vests and a rifle.

  2. Ovidio Guzman Lopez was released last night to avoid a war, since last night the arrival of many convoys of more than 40 vans from different parts of the city was reported

  3. Every @thedemocrats wants this in America. Build the Fukcin Wall now. Imagine the President of USA releasing El Chapo’s son. Just imagine 😱😱😱

  4. Everybody is worried about the Kurds but don't care about our lads to south. Trump should send troops to Mexico instead of Syria and Saudi Arabia.

  5. jezzz wonder why people want a wall around their borders, wonder why… mex looks weak after releasing that murderer. know u know who is running mexico and dems love to have open borders, wonder who pays them to have/advocate no borders…

  6. Here in the USA we have the 2nd Amendment and in our case citizens would have fired back instead of being chattel in that fire fight! Go Figure its Mexico where the Drug Cartels are the only Government that matters!!! Fuck Syria and Afghanistan, President Trump send in the Troops and kill all the Drug Cartel Members! We know where they are, and they represent a clear and present danger to the USA!!!

  7. This is why Mexico lost 50% of there land. Mexico will never win a war.
    Mexican army, police, federales act tough but useless and coward they know only harass unarmed tourist

  8. They’re fucking loyal! El chapo kept reminding them to protect his family at whatever cost and they did exactly that. I admire them cartels, “family first”🤧

  9. His pops pretty much made that city ain’t no way they were taking his son at own home. Chapo pretty much turned himself in so his sons can continue his legacy his time was up and he hadda pass the torch . This son right here tho gonna be the one who gonna surpass him

  10. small town, huge crime gang – loser el chapo will be caught again; they just freed him to keep people from being slaughtered by animals …   – Mexico will now deal with them I 've no doubt

  11. And Trump is SO bad for wanting a good strong PATROLLABLE wall !! He has to go for climate reasons, but NOT because of wanting SECURITY FROM LATIN AMERICA – USA has the shit countries on its border !!!!! ANY main country G7 etc. would want a wall if they had THAT CRIME on their borders !!!!!

  12. Liveleak has a video of chapo"s son being released. Armed cartel members picking up chapo's son in what appears to be a military checkpoint. You can clearly see cartel members and military shake hands like regular business. DISGUSTING

  13. Cartels would have exterminated the whole town if they had to. They don't fuck around. Now they know that they can literally take over the government by force if they had to.

    Its like having ISIS in your backyard, the difference is the cartels don't worship a moon God. They're all about that almighty dollar.

  14. America should send milatary in and send every cartel member and future cartel members back to the stone age…..but we don't cause we're partners with them,our government loves it's people to be on meth.

  15. y'all know why the U.S still keeps deploying soldiers around the middle east then in more urgently regions… the closer the enemy the more tiny the dick of uncle sam gets… pathethic

  16. White on white crime! Yeah, Mexicans are WHITE – that is what they label and report themselves to be to the Census Bureau and on all applications. Damn!! Mexican Government can't even defeat a small band of people. Hahahahahahahah!!!!!! Pathetic!

  17. Any credibility Mexican authority had is now gone from this Earth. It's time for the UN to step in and finally drive out the cartels.

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