Ekta Kapoor's Balaji Motion Pictures Apologize For Kangana Ranaut's Journalist Row.

Ekta Kapoor's Balaji Motion Pictures Apologize For Kangana Ranaut's Journalist Row.

21 thoughts on “Ekta Kapoor's Balaji Motion Pictures Apologize For Kangana Ranaut's Journalist Row.

  1. Kangana doesn't gives a fuck to these paid jurnos , sooner or later they will bag for her interviews and Airport looks!

  2. Ekta if the film is good,no need to take tension….people will come to theatre to see the film….media wale pagal h….

  3. Have journalists every realized their sexist questions may have made the actor actress equally uncomfortable ?What’s the fuss all about ?

  4. What’s the big fuss about Kangana talking rudely to the journalist ? Isn’t it both the ways ? Haven’t journalists been rude towards celebrity write any bulllshit about the celebrity in the past ?? Hasn’t any other celebrity bashed any other journalist for anything is the past ? Why the hell they have issues when Kangana shows them the mirror ? Sure , the way things came out from her mouth may not be digestible by others but she’s not doing something different than what’s already been done in the past hy both the sides of people !

  5. Whoever is commenting on #KanganaRanaut needs to see the full conversation. Looks like a strong opinionated woman still intimidates many. Look at the behaviour of the so called journalist who tried to play a victim card there but failed. #WeStandWithKanganaRanaut

  6. when the male director body shame journalist it's ok no big deal when actress specially Kangana defense herself for what he tweets than it's not ok,, wow everyone is using Kangana to get publicity.

  7. hello Dearest (for people who are pretending to be the epitome of civility! 🙂 sorry it makes me smile)
    can you define gracefulness/Feminism?……guys dont fall for these intellectual illusions (feminism, men's world, shattering the glass ceiling, first world countries, the third world countries…..and so on) created in our human societies by few limited minds.

    Not in support of any kind of bad behavior …..just read some few comments….i would suggest you all to relax……
    You say about Feminism, in which i don't believe (its a hogwash) but since you do so why is it that i see so much of pure jealousy than an issue?…you guys actually have no issue with the way people conduct themselves, because if you really did have a problem then you would not ignore the typical male chauvinist behavior too…is'tn it?…it is all over the place……..

    Just relax these are professional people (both the actress & the journalist) they know what they are doing ….this is there bread & butter……if people like you & i wont talk about them, then they are finished.

    i am writing this because you got the word "feminism", i couldn't resist….remember "when there is too much of action the reaction is equal and opposite" (its science as we all know) and thats what is happening….i am not saying you should adore her (Kangana) but just take a moment as a human being and if not then at least try to see from your intellectual side (that "feminism"of yours) …..koi bhi reaction, insaan ya cheez achank aasman se nahi aate, hum sab mil kar banate hain (phir aache ye bure).
    Dont come to conclusions just like that….dont be judgmental yaar!! …. ha ha ha
    ***and Dhyana, how brainless are you girl??

  8. This bitch and her sister are out of control – irrational, belligerent, ungraceful and big flat liars and psychos.

  9. This was badly needed. Hats off to the guild for taking a stand and standing by Justin. People need to come to their senses. Good for Ekta that she understood the situation and the role that the journalists play in the promotion of films.

  10. Where are these journalist's when male actor bashes them .. we can see examples of Salman khan ranbir kapoor , Sushant , shahrukh khan bashing media journalists. All videos are available on you tube.. why this Justin Rao is quiet about tht?? Kangana gave him nicely.. he got what he deserved

  11. They already got enuf attention….journalist was more ugly n rude while talking to kanagna and ignited fight. So first Jounalist sud apologies first

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