100 thoughts on “Egypt Opens Ancient Coffins To Find Perfectly Preserved Mummies | NBC Nightly News

  1. Watch these conmen take half of the world's wealth by selling these so called ancient artifacts to the black market⚰️.

  2. It's another LIE, from ESAU! See, ESAU, the RED RACE, that is the seed of SATAN, Genesis 25, They are doing all this because they are being exposed! See, they are "HIS" CHILDREN, in Isaiah 14 :21, SATAN"S children. The original people of the country were in fact, BLACK! Baby change out, as in Genisis 25, the RED baby called ESAU! = BAD BLOOD! WORTHLESS!. Ok, read yer Bible, and include the small book of OBADIAH, that finishes those b-stards off. Also Malachi 1<where the LORD states that he hates them. Scammers, is what they are.
    The BLACK people built the pyramids, not the red race of ESAU. Just go to my site.

  3. I guess they are not going to show us the hair, noes and lips until they chisel them off and put a wig on the head.

  4. It’s crazy just to think about how long it stayed in the ground this whole time and now the coffins cracked open and posted onto YouTube bruh

  5. No dust inside or in the edge as top came off? Disney wouldn't have forgot lol. So staged. All the rubble was loose and placed, not compacted by time.

  6. Seems like the 19th century over there. I guess they just have an embarassment of 3000 year old relics in that sand.

  7. basically we want science to find these tombs before robbers get to them.
    HUmans have been trying to find these tombs for 1000's of years. Just to let you know.

  8. And thus the living that disagree with digging up the dead create their own curse.
    Who in turn claim it's a deads curse when brought to light

    Blame the dead and defenseless for your carnage….🤦

    Wonder what year on Earth they start digging up cemeteries to build on

    Already happened

    Savannah Georgia is one place

  9. They have been resting in peace for 3000 year its time for them to get up, I for one want to see more and know more about them.

  10. So they unearth a grave site, disturb the not-so-final resting place of the departed, pop the lids off of the coffins and display them for glorified tourists to gawk at and what do they call this? Grave robbers… nice! I guess there is no such thing as resting in peace. Human kind are wretched and sickening people. Oh, and one more thing, they call this "news".

  11. Ok now find a way to put them back I'm sure there's thousands of Egyptians buried there that's just what they did in those days.

  12. Didn't WW11 start shortly after opening up ancient tomb?
    Soviets opened the Tomb on June 20, 1942. The tomb was immediately filed with odor of camphor, resin, rose and frankincense

  13. Well preserved I bet I you’ll their scared to take that dna test on that mummy it will end up with E1b1a like queen tiye and Ramses iii and his son pwat😂😂😂😂😂 it’s funny how most of the mummies they have tested especially the royal mummies show to have E1b 😂😂😂😂

  14. Imhotep is coming soon to wake his army
    but wait Rick is there with his army to
    The Mummy returns…….. back to its grave.

  15. Wow, never knew that they're popping an ancient coffin just like that, no masks, no latex gloves and no sterilised tools whatsoever. 
    3,000 year-old microbes are surely happy to see the outside world after all these centuries.

  16. Lol…its all about Israel..European slash USA…o in christianity…wars..global $.800…billion.police foolishness..THE war on drugs….they get that war money back…by all means…

  17. And Next week …. Small pox in egypt. Haven’t they seen the Mummy? No respirators or temperature controlled rooms. Just a tent and some door wedges. Still pretty cool though.

  18. Lmao these people thousands of years buried them selfs and took the time with these tombs thinking they are all set for the after life! But then come 3 thousand years and their future sons straight Desecrating their grave! I wonder if in 3000 years people would do the same to us!

  19. Really? I think all of you are disrespectful to the dead. It's time to stop raping the tomb's. You idiots should have enough mummy's by now.

  20. I don't know opening a coffin with a dead body seems like a bad idea. What if there's some sort of disease that's lurking in that coffin

  21. That group of people died from a mysterious disease that was highly contagious and now they have released the contagion. Curses!

  22. Graves robbers celebrating in public….amazing how times have changed.
    Apparently their burial didn't protect them enough from grave robbers.