13 thoughts on “Effects of the Industrial Revolution

  1. No Offence but WARNING FOR HEADPHONE USERS LOWER YOUR VOLUME it's a earrape and also you should have talked it a little bit lower and re-record it just in case if you were wondering should have checked the voice volume before publishing it. XD

  2. Can you get someone else to conduct this fucking presentation. It sounds like you have a smokers fucking lungs.

  3. I was hoping for objective information that explains the pros and cons of the industrial revolution, but Ms Golden seems to only see the bad. Hind site is always 20/20 vision. What were the intentions of the new technology? What were the unintentional side-effects, but the word choices Ms Golden uses sounds biased and even inflammatory at times.

  4. What I understand that people killed and hurt other people for money. I think this is all about the history.

  5. I was looking for a balanced and factual approach to this topic. This one clearly has a hard slant apparent from the mispronouncing of laissez faire, the ignoring of the value of 50 cents vs now and then, and the refusal to address the hard question of if this revolution was all bad for the workers why did they make the voluntary decision to leave the farms.

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