EFF to brief the media post elections

EFF to brief the media post elections

introduce members of the Presidium and officiant chances to speak I take that there's some new people in the media fraternity that new televisions and all that so muster and act like was that in front of you on my far right is the Surgeon General of the FF Commission bien Matisse and they are right next to me here is the deputy secretary general Thank You M Callie next to her is the Secretary General god reach daddy got rich candy and then on the other side miss the treasurer general is the deputy president floyd shiva and then the commander in chief Julius Malema and what at the point of each other hand over the statement of the press conference thank you thank you very much I think you forgot to mention that our Jefferson may join us in court just not very far from here in the district like what Thank You members of the media Oxygen's the economic freedom fighters welcomes the outcomes of the 2019 general addictions and conveys it sincere gratitude and thankfulness to the more than 1.8 million voters we showed confidence in the organization when comparing the 2014 and 2019 general elections they have ever recorded the most tremendous growth meaning that more and more South Africans have confidence in the struggle for economic freedom as a result of the 29g the ffs undertand three members of parliament and members of curvature legislators with 44 in the National Assembly 9 in listen our culture of and 15 members of provincial legislatures we particularly welcome the fact that the hair prep is now official opposition in three provinces and has shown tremendous growth in the province of cosmonaut time as leadership of the ffs we say thank you to a relentless militant and hard-working ground forces who responded to the call to speak to each and every voter the growth of the ffs is as a result of when done by ground forces some went without food and regalia of the organization today's current forces we say salute and affirm that history will bestow you with the honour of the true soldiers in the war for economic emancipation what the 2019 election result reveal is not mainstream media in South Africa is not in touch with reality and what is happening on the ground if it were according to the capitalist and established stood establishment media wishes Cyril Ramaphosa would have achieved 80% ANC victory and yet in reality the ANC support reduced in all provinces under his leadership the entire capitalist establishment including international media tried to impose Ramaphosa on the people of South Africa and a significant number refused to be profits the reality is not despite being presented as the best of the best Rama pasa have formed Western Jacob Zuma Malita to ordinary people Rama pasa is not better than Jacob sue while we welcome the results we believe that the Independent Electoral Commission to develop adequate internal capacity to prevent voters from casting their vote more than once the ICC should build capacity to tally the number of voters on constant basis manner in which the ICC system of voter verification and consolidation of foods is structures the structure can be abused the EMF is concerned with the reports of double voting and believe that to avoid mistakes and to properly understand the nature and extent of the problem the IC should hire independent auditors to look into the extent scale and scope of double voters when the 2021 local government election happened IC should have modernized its system and monitoring capacity to prevent double or triple voci the IC must be beyond reproach because in its incapacity and incompetence will lead to violence an unworkable political environment the six parliament must immediately give the IC a treatment it to modernize and improve its system and and monitor such so that we don't have the problem in contact when the local government election happened in 2021 we have received and less complains about some PFF councillors who never participated in advancing the work of the elections in fact some have long been absent from organizational work including refusing to buy pikeys as per a solution of the central command chief it is important to underscore that positions of the FF are not for self seeking career Lee's concern us and all public representatives are called upon to advance the work of the revolution if you will not participate in building the effect you cannot represent it in any concern legislature for Parliament which are therefore they are recommending a specialty signal process to the CCG to deal specifically with councillors who have absconded and defied the organisation during election period our people shall never be so pointed with the mandate they have given us while going to Parliament and legislature with more determination to ensure that all our manifesto commitments are realized our national chairperson and treasurer general will not be taking up their seats in parliament we felt that our national chair will better serve our revolution outside Parliament and our teaching will not be available due to ill health the ffs immediate task in Parliament will be the completion of the work that will not be completed by the filter Mukherjee Parliament which include amendment of section 25 of the Constitution to allow for expropriation of land without compensation amendment of the South African Reserve Bank Act to discontinue private shareholders in the bank amendment of the ventrac to allow the existence of state-owned banks and enactment of law that will make it compulsory for all government department and entities to insource workers particularly security guards cleaners and general Workers which monodrama promised reduced the cabinet and draw away with tribute ministers if he if if he does not do this it will be a declaration of war and we shall respond decisively Parliament is no playground and East it will bite whenever necessary we shall work hard to realize under present free education where the state provides funding up front including for accommodation and study material any childhood development must be professionalized and integrated into basic education system where teachers are directly paid by the state like all other teachers will ensure that all girl children in schools and universities get free sanitary towels including at women through clinics we will fight for the 24-hour clinic to be realized across the country with medication and competent nursing staff which I'll demand that all people with disabilities must be given three houses in a period of 12 months the state must provide wheelchairs to all will require any country that does not care for people with disability cannot claim a claim Human Rights records which are valid demand that there should be a theramin spirit-led and dedicated to cleaning all black township and informal settlements following this a clear strategy of sustainability of how teeny must be developed and as yet – we shall do the same in municipalities where with influence and when we take over tranny will privatize sustainable refuse collection and cleaning of tunxi our people deserve better the days of subjecting them to living in absolute proximity to rubbish must come to an end we will be zooming into financial sector – approved unto black racism and general marginalization of black people from investment we shall fight the end against all the lengths that hate black people and treat them simply because they are black as high-risk finally we reiterate our call for African Unity which I'll continue to advocate for free movement of goods and people in the African continent which is long overdue we shall never retreat from this principle even if in the immediate it seems to threaten our electoral rolls we shall never compromise principle for political expediency the unity of African continent is paramount to the success of any of its individual countries including so roughly I thank you Thank You mr. president let us attend the first round of questions for themselves members of the media number one number two so if you're ever back please try to stand so I can see um I'm a very bit can challenge so you'll be number one in the bag number two you'll be number three okay before number five Number six number seven number eight so there's eight of you let's start with the best phone okay and the last Parliament that 15 of your 25 MPs were replaced the increase in seat and increase in members in Parliament what is your retaining strategy especially looking at the fact that you will talk about councillors who ever doing anything during the election season second short question to the treasurer general we saw an increase in advertising from your last national election how much damage did that do to the party's budget for the next five years number two specifically my person is because too much and just mentioned that when they take away you guys typical Botswana song before the elections it was mentioned that you were planning to the main time to develop into so my question then is that still the cause of action inside into the living and then this is one of your motion of no-confidence why a memory my name is by profession going back to the defendants original story and again you are said all these issues within 5 just do parts not having any difficulties with of that even the kind of families today when system where else you're quite clear about the ownership and potential but they have been talking about the tragedies if they're far so thankful to my difficulty with and my second question is on the campaign costs how much then the total containers a year poor coordination before this um what do you answer to those who claim that in some of your interviews and speeches you have indirectly promoted violence towards the white communities my second question would be now that you're the third political force in the country you thinking have a role in appeasing the tensions and you come again for French spirits you are I will preferentially as you are hi my name's Martin Martin Martin from Princeton as well okay the last question just repeats yes last question is now that you are the third political force in the country do you think you have a role in appeasing the tensions but there are a few can reach tension by the tensions in the communities okay I like children yes I mean trying to stop at number four but if he okay I can go to shoot it because we are no patient from blood want to use RCS even I've been following English companions of the PFF million times you have been talking about shared value not when investors only got four employees as well let's look at the township economy the moments have crippled hazard shops as a result when they try to get a space or rent out a place in the ball it becomes expensive for them to do so are we likely to see the EMF going after the most to advocate for spacer shops and again what is you defining factor in the next five years as the economic freedom fighters number six some of you know more so for Mackenzie day so they are saying we'll be taking over our covenants in China who is Romero a candidate for China and if you would you be looking in voted with ontology to remove the Democratic Alliance is given Mahalo for the mayoral seat given the capital in South Africa and then what do you attribute the growth of the economy freedom fighters particularly in the problems of kwazulu-natal where you've traded fourteen and eighty thousand votes for United Stated weighing up to with just over three hundred thousand in these positive images how would you attribute you tremendous growth in that province off because they're in the talent also the votes that you have shown in blue Malaga what the inverse the group in cases and then human on earth is as a result for Patrick if you noticed the growth is in Eastern Cape okay let's end end-edge president we deployed for Assad army will be plain humble name that was the solid team and an engagement and we distort Kaiser and the plight of the would restructure it is not everything the members started waiting from the ground when we dissolved our structure in cases where accused or factional is the Vantage and when we said to use some care no we didn't perform well in the local government election which say this an indicating factor that is laziness will dissolve members there was no member vehicle recruited from the first member of work and then this arm whether Assad we do the same in East End in Eastern King much I was deployed distantly to revive the FF day when went to the conference we took him how to take him to face it as we said was deployed in case that and once you deliver the conference we took him out to Brighton to howdy all these provinces which we disorderly deployed three strategies in terms of organizational growth we then experienced growth now with a additional detection precisely because there was sufficient time deployed in strengthening the organization we deployed our additional change in Eastern Cape they were no result we had to change the Jupiter president from Houma LA bohème reinforce in Eastern Cape because we scared that if Eastern Cape is not going to grow as expected it will have undermined every other growth every way in Salafi and when we declared a Jim T president in is thinking we will now started experiencing group the a variety of Eastern Cape we're told by among sagas are additional chattered it must be postponed because it was not going to take place that's how challenged to be way they do beauty place them with achievement in a Tuesday of the run mobilized and we had a rally on Saturday the reality of the situation is that our national chair is a Senior Council for every consultations for every course and doing those other things which are indirectly complementing the cost but it doesn't translate into strengthening the organization so upon identifying that witness we said you must assume into that space and then we increased in the in the Eastern Cape we increased in the Western Cape where the Secretary General was deployed and Free State but we believe much more could have been done in western cape and frist a particularly interesting we could have done much better if went more like tippity president of the EF f or monger namely or people like that in the Free State so those multiplied enough least they didn't give us what we expected in influence that has data elites who are dealing with so so you have to invest in the organization because there is general laziness amongst leaders but also just in capacity to think outside the box the general incapacity to think outside the box people become will burrows when deployed if you leave them there and go to palawan you still find them where you left them so we have identified that and we hope to deal with it so there is nothing that happens through American you ought to go and and strengthen the organization so when you see insignificant groove is because the organization is challenge today is challenged and we will have that honest discussion and open about it in the National People's Assembly are going to in whether certain people must be entertained where they are or not because you shouldn't break friendship at the expense of the organization the organization must grow and if people are not adding vain there must be told you not to eat in vain this is not friendship you add Vader we ship out it has to be like that otherwise we are going to experience what the Eames is experiencing the Eames is unable to grow because they are not honest to each other and there are no Queen sequence management for non-performance the must be Quinn sequence management for non-performance where the goals and fix and sewer system within a day in Friday he left Freiburg after fixing that sewer the mayor still the man no one has lost a job but Gregor's fixing of that sewer demonstrate that someone was not doing his or her job but will takes responsibility no one takes responsibility that is easy for you the FF must not become like that they give F where it experiences non-performance must zoom in an act it answers that sponsored question of daily poverty there might be 90% replacement of empties we make no apology about it as long as they do not perform we don't see that as a witness we replaced M piece in The Fifth Element it never affected our performance in the elections what does it mean you did well we are going to do it even in the sixth element we're not going to see with this useless members of parliament who had no film because was scared of militias daily poverty we must not whenever we're going to replace them and will not make it apology about it in the same way were going to replace this cancellous of the e FF what useless I went to flee state and found a counselor was unimaginative lead for 12 months but in Italy don't touch them because the daily maverick will do a research and say you have replaced so many counselors within a short space of time in the FF day of quit sequences for non-performance 12 months 12 months maternity leave we have said to them in August buyback is because we want to reach the villages and the farms they are some worked on both bodies for an organization year if you cannot get to that organization and instruction who are you listening to it means there are other masters that you are saving other than the organization would be quit sequences there will be consequences now the mayoral candidate is going to be a leader of the FF in funny not this cell abilities of the FF who operate in themselves every time there is a possibility of some responsibility they are some who think they are well known who think they can assume responsibilities in common that nonsense must come to an end here purpose got leaders in 1 lakh litres of PFF into an elite the municipal talks on why should they be someone from one who's going to lead to animal Hispanics what are you saying about those people of the e FF who continue to increase votes of the FF Finch one light-year path lead us into a lead lead the municipality is one we're not passing any motion of no-confidence I don't know why you for that we have been sitting here with you in the conferences of the IFF we never said we're willing to pass any motion of no one yet this is a power shield while already talking to the team by sharing power in Joburg by sharing power inside so how are we to do it let's do it in a manner that is not going to be disruptive if the DA refuses then these other options will come in but so far we're talking and we don't see any hostilities about possibility of PowerShell whatever may is one the TA would have MMC's intronic if they agree they would have a mayor in drobik overlap MMC's in juvy I'm reluctant to remove the mayor of Japan you know what those easy people hate my shower and I'm very big every time they speak that my shower is traumatize me so anyone that dramatizes the ins is my ear so the Misawa is a big problem for the NCE so while the new president was a big problem today we support Machado and we think he must tell me we don't know about this new chap affair GA I think even himself a new ver way that is a caretaker there's going to be elections and every election comes with a you know changes so there's no hostility there's no motion of no-confidence there are no fights they are talks about how do we share power since we are from elections we spoke about the mods and spacer drops we said if people vote for the e FF there will not be a mod build without shareholding of Spanish ops because with them all comes that collapse Hospital shows South African people did not hear that it means they with the current let them continue with the current system I think there was a FF government will say this is what we'll do all continue to fight for them we'll continue to fight for shareholding of local business in when malls are built because malls closed down shut down small business there are no teaching since out of the death the attentions in France this burning in France there's never been an S ABC that left here and went to France and asked your press then what is he going to do with tensions in France solve your teachers in France and stop imagining tensions in South Africa they are no tension see you are living and imagine our life we're imagining things the first question for first question is the first question perpetuated hatred the a cuttable institution cold south african human right of all the statements you want to complain about they said these are not hate speeches these do not feel any violence there might be robust you might be scared but that's how democracy is like in South Africa it's a robust sometimes we engage each other to a point you think what even going to attack each other fiscally it will not happen so stop the imagination and that is my normal tension there is no equality directly instigating violence one been here for five years we've been speaking the same language violence actually if anything we are the ones who go amongst violent communities and defuse tension especially between South Africans and fellow African brothers and sisters we're the ones who have done that not to press conferences were born into those communities address them ourselves directly so you are imagining a tension between black and white communities caused by EF is not true the tension that this day is an inequality which exists in some lovely it can only be resolved by not FF keeping white know it would be resolved by sharing the way yeah I think because you think that is not my point what am i what I'm saying is that according to some people there are people who claim that you have been few intentions that was my question I'm not coming here and saying this you're afraid of the Quranic but I'm asking you how you respond to don't you believe that but if you say you want mention their names the only reasonable conclusion I can come to is that imagining things including if if is not you either people you are with you have a collective they are not changes yeah I'm not my candle flame is mine you can leave your camera's game and watch the tunxi and walk the cities you will never find that attitude how a people will engage and tell you of their problems of inequality that we experiencing in this car that is the biggest problem the problem of whiteness the problem of white superiority which think is untouchable and anyone that threatens its comfort it's an enemy and must be projected as a monster and what would worried about that we are making the comfortable to feel uncomfortable and were making the uncomfortable to feel comfortable and have both that tomorrow will be better than today we don't apologize a lot we want equality we want white supremacy can last in South Africa we want an equal society if that is flaring tensions I'm happy to fill tensions thank you now the land question will not be difficult to deal with in Fallon the ABC has got a resolution that says land must be expropriated with our community we are going to push it seven must oppose it because he wants to impress foreign investment we want to invest impress his friends Cyril is going to a problem and I say this for the second time they deviate from the ANC policy it's going to eat this enemies a weapon to destroy him in the national general concept when it comes in June a half way through the next conference because there is a plan to remove certainly can denied any are we so wish he knows the truth is that he is going to be removed he won't finish his ten where he has reduced in seafoods you can praise him because you think you you're defending him ah ah here is a seafood a darling of a de Lima burning a darling of news 24 dialling of Sun air has reduced in seafoods 57 percent the Menace constant day's weather than one sumit each to be hazy west he will still have to answer for that he will have to answer for that so the affection against him is well oiled ready to attack the cabinet the wars are insane is going to reduce cabinet good four of us good for South Africa's but not good for him and his factions in the aides they will not allow that there is not only reducing cabinet cellar is caught between a rock and a hard place because after reducing cabinet yes to bring credible people the humanistic has already made a pronouncement what rabida must come back if Madame Edom comes back is clear certainly has not done anything it's not a new dawn it's an old Vaseline there is a problem if the man is in crisis for men I must one helping with that there who pants won't help him with that news 24 100 with that the one helping with functionality the man is in crisis we'll see how is going to survive an advertisement that increase the budget that increases through you thinking increasing force which comes with the reducing budget other bizarre question that's a missing from the sponsored question when we increase the first white Parliament were not in Parliament in 2014 we want the money from the IEC we didn't get the money in 2014 yeah Baba PU your hottie saw a powerful campaign you are appealing bilaterally you are paid by the fact that wealth increases war not increase it must sink don't do anything about it how can you compare 2014 project with the 2019 budget when the part was not in Parliament in 2019 when the party was 8 months old when the party was not collecting party ladies from public representatives you can answer that question in a useful without asking anyone our queen the second questions you killed yourself especially if you want SunSmart there so we are doing when you must destroy the EFSA Kadima brown face the world's order to get media failure run gentleman summon failed they've all failed stop failed we defeated them we defeated the most difficult campaign with running successfully where are we now we are still yet we are standing much much better and more strong the error is growing we wanted to destroy together we told you the ever was never made by the media the camera was made by security guards by kinas but all those who are paid los alamos the EMF is made by G so blessed us journalists were not paid salaries those are pfft no response on views so who are you to tell us we don't need kardama problem we don't need Trevor Manuel we need the hard-working leadership and ground forces of the here pen to remain focussed the day forward back Parliament who's going to be a go away I don't know what will remain is a colony with 44 members they don't have to now I am more than task because it is not going to be easy we're going to walk we're going to fight for black children one free education and we don't compromise about it everything else were mentioned in this statement were going to achieve so the ANC in reality communities that it didn't win elections in howdini that manipulated like the exist is 2014 okay why the F F must work hard to increase the numbers so that you don't allow an official you allow manipulation to marginal increase they didn't cancel 2% the aliens is going to govern how to through fraud they know that they know they have not won elections they know that but were a peace-loving organization that believes in the will of the people let the people decide if we remove the alien CT but as long as we allow Muslim rule all the time we must know at the same time we are allowed on preaching of results 50% 50% for what way the ANC Mustang was one DDA's howdy and I told you FF in how to I said if you are not going to camp in a movie these people are going to disorganize us because the only area where the games is organized in county is in equally there is no dancing inside those comes from sunny are so travellish they are a much hassle they don't know what they are doing – since each herb seems fun imagination such things language people were so much hands the lower energy trying to exist for likes and retweets and then petroleum use they want to bring in the petroleum use that's what that only thing those 20 people are obsessed with I think that Jeff essence of where NC Floyd grand my partner I think he joined the AIDS test listed in wet windy usually these work experience and it always is going to rely on such a champ they will never get that sauna me and that is what he say assume me there is only called the same one which to be usually President was the truth they are celebrities wannabe and that's what they are obsessed with the innominate self with the ground so I was not worried about son I was not worried about Ruben because tax destroyed a see in to pay and converted it into some elitist organization and he left this guy hey Jeff makuu that so easy sees that they don't do runway if you ask Jeff we stretch to you a to repent in so it for sure is below resistance and Villa has street has become too elitist so there is nothing wrong with being an elite II it it is but to the girl work if you want numbers so I was not worried about joining Joe because over the appositive Aragon you destroy in CCTV I know this Louise see whether I said within one stipulation County you'll tell I said guys there is a problem name of a guy called rondalee was obsessed with the ground we need to when I take that place particularly cut for us if we can infiltrate cut for us we must forget look at what is what led he pushed maybe soon one reason what I don't know in 52 52 and we can't miss Randy the way was in 2016 will not have allowed this magnitude at 50 percent in the drama so the only remaining asset for the Indian housing is Musante the can imagine that the only Isis and the pastor can produce there are clownish so Annie it will never help them it will deter late Fanta and federally 2190 ways so the ESF has to regroup the FF must pay attention in hotel must pay attention any coolie we may want to zoom into a good lady and want to check the structures of the tff whether we don't need a dissolution whether we don't have to collapse the membership start building from the skies in preparation for 20 the same thing must go to Limpopo their Muslim vote with a huge expectation livable they sir problem day if one were to zoom into that province and one to offer notify friendship the FF will not grow in that promise well people will do that in our CCT we'll do that in our post-election assessment to see if indeed the problem is organizational or not you have to get the organization right first if you can't get the organization right there's nothing you can do political if you want to challenge the agency the NCC inability to prove is the organizational challenges NatWest will never what is his experience what very the way the comrades have done in Northwest in housing in Ramallah in instantly it was unit on we have to go in to free state who have to go into Western K who have to go into Northern Cape where to go into the Pope and they and start and why not it was not an Katie another would free state were not able with Western key one of the most important we think who could have done more if you could have done more in Eastern Cape who could have done more I've explained area that we deploy our national chair who didn't get the results we're glad we're to reinforce him but the national test area takes him away from what we expect him to do organizational and when we reinforced we experienced what we've experienced if in Eastern Cape would have been worse if were not moved much quicker in western cape every state was there secretary channela in northern cape was the British military channel and in Polk County and not waste it was me was deployed in the tree so were all spread country Chile with strengthening the addiction machine and you don't over celebrate and defeat yourself don't know where they are witnesses you have to acknowledge them and start working harder like we do in 2016 within over celebrates we have identified problems in Eastern Cape in kwazulu-natal we movie the reasons not kwazulu-natal it's a general Giap we were more than happy with kwazulu-natal we were actually surprised ourselves we rather than physical it was not and we thank for the summation and the collective which was played with them the leadership of the year F in kwazulu-natal which did not refuse to be left because in other provinces you get people refused to be less who think they know would defy business which sometimes say no a percentage a personnel to first fight with the so-called provincial chain which is are selected or see that you elect effortlessness let's help you let us help you some people refused to be added so it's a difficult were confronted with now some of them have got the numbers we are assuming the opposition's now what we try to talk them not as a profits we take this will go sir we did the whole way we have given you numbers you can take over from now and and run the FF so we think we're about go fight and complete a solo thank president let's go to number seven and eight can you raise your hands again all right that's it is there anyone else so you'll be number nine interest oh you will be number ten 11 12 15 14 okay sure number seven my condolences to you in your family you can I um you're on record mr. mallum is saying that you would clinch a whole thing from the agency and you dismiss dumb poles that were obviously Klingons heading to the elections what will you do differently now going forward I know you partially mentioned that you obviously during the floor certain people and move around members but what do you think led to the fact that vff did not win outright majority in fact you didn't win it like you said you you you you partially attributed the ANC's success to Monday the machine but what is it that you're going to do differently to ensure that their numbers in the next coming nations and sorry my second question is about the cabinet reshuffle I mean the reconfiguration of the cabinet what is the ffs do you would you perhaps have a certain number where you want to see the complete thing reduced all we just want the president I'm apasa to make changes where you deem necessary thank you yes $8.00 from power effort in Nazareth William I think we're campaigning you mentioned that you would reconsider working with the DA because it had been hostile towards the EFS but the ANC had not been hostile towards you guy says that stance changed and the second question is there's a significant growth of the one party that is completely opposed to – – to you guys as far as the end youth as the AIDS is concerned as far as the land issues concerned and that's the effort plus I am not faced by their growth in Parliament regarding that yes what did you ask president of what is his take on cooking fight we enjoy comparisons between himself and Donald Trump number 10 Garcia from Casa Venus um as soon as the press complaint before the one that you had recently political analysts had said that it is quite important set within Lamptey people and houses and jobs it's all the forces that those people are skilled how do you plan to make sure that people are skill and well in hand to be in handling do such as lead and making sure that the education system that we make children's you choose allow trains to train your other students who are coming they are dreaming and then also I did not hear the second question is also that a divorce here and here on such who's my cookies question about how they can because they know computer among you can ask it 15 times on it they are just couple of nations not the budget increased after the budget increase action what are the biggest would avoid reconcile everything were now removing the posters generalization cost 11 Africa I just wanna find out from you you say that you deem the aid see losses most of the provinces due to organizational challenges does this also show you your beginning to become the alternative English South Africans I mean 1.8 million African photos or your party and do you think that more people are beginning to be tired of the from mr. Africa I thought us from this number 12 mr. Manama you said reservation can we want respect you said the Reserve Bank discontinued with four shares you know some country interfere the independence some countries interfere the independence of Reserve Bank if you nationalize the reserve and how you will ensure the independence how the government will ensure the independence of Reserve Bank because economic as it is all good and shortly can you please comment on the Venezuela issue you know the situation is out of control there now there for me in television there thank you okay good afternoon lady Sultana from the summer HD radio and second language after two questions and in the first one is what I over thoughts regarding FF has sending one of their boots inside as well as he's also the son of the day or Vania the founder of the Araneae in Parliament and then the second question is since you've been spot on with your protections you would be predicted the UH next shutdown as well as the mayor of kwazulu-natal arrested what did foresee happening in South Africa for the next five years another martini we are I don't know Sarah it's a wake of a imperialism to destabilize that country because firstly it was different views to what due process I advocate for a second please because they want to impose their own puppet the one that was a resource in that country would not agree with the imperialism imposing itself on the Venezuelan people let the Venezuelan people decide their own future the good thing is that we use the traditional media only showed one side of American puppet you don't show the side of modules supporters were defending the revolution enacted a country so what with module without all the current government in Venezuela our case the imperialistic air forces we unintelligible let me first congratulate you someone asked me in the last press conference if I see the new channel and I think after the elections will be able to now have access to television and watch the news I think that it's a promising station are thinking about latitude and you are when all our to try and give a balanced view and the only advice I have for you is invest in sending your crews all over the country to different because this other ones will separate way the easy access but we long for a station way the problems of the London masses can equally be shown on TV the struggling struggles and the suburbs of Berlin women can be covered live on on a TV and a half time the fennel and I was in Baku I just came back today or we went back and I had an opportunity to watch TV and when we're an alternative now we can change from here to yet and Werner has objected to that whiteness and Andy a type of a perspective which much better of not and you must be given support you must be given in a chance to prove yourself there were many stories about poverty being involved money being involved and I don't see any of that element so I don't think that we report to destroy a station based on suspicions and rumor mongering and petty jealousy let's give them chance these are black people although you are not independent as they want to suggest you are multi choice especially with the manacles of yes yes so but so far made with what what I've seen and you you must be given support I think we should arrange we say so we pay a courtesy visit so can be shown around of never being to an incident even before we declared problems I just had a feeling that it is a problem today and I must never but I don't think is they saying here we must visit and endorse what looks like an alternative please Marty choice put more money put more money leather by the the more events doesn't go in carpet everywhere so we're happy with that we are an alternative to the anc web grown and our answer our question the same at the same time with the one who dismissing the person who's in county you can't lose that which you never had I wore County because our County so what I said to you I went we was not like with one but not lost a single food and and the ACC lost County and when described how they remained in power is not true an honest conversation is through fraudulently processes so everywhere as the NC lost the EMF gauge which is a clear sign of material evidence that we are an alternative today is the agency fools go to bed to the event one when to give our people a lens those things of Education will come one will find us only Canon camera not was proven the length and the education it's a way of wanting to keep us in a water of me and say no you must first-ever skill before you get lni we hear that we agree with that it'll gradually it will find us on the way but in the plant were each case T at the same time so education on the learned question is priority is number one but it will not be a private to over the length they run concurrent well no no I'm going to say less skill of who professed before we take that let's take the length and skill of people at the same time we laughter are Noah will continue to laugh at his toes is our brother is doing what is entitled to his own options he see me he must refused to be used you must have to Trevor mcann say anything he wants to say about you so many things to set about you he doesn't know he doesn't know a lot of people do not know and they draw a lot of conclusions about so let him say say whatever wants to say let me say whatever I want to say about a PFF it's a free country and we still wish him well and the Mobley's joke was made jiminy not because he was trying to appease his master's in visited and take his in captain – Parliament I hope that is not what influenced our I'll continue to watching some of the gates you continue to watching South Africans should continue to support him and despite all the nonsense he said he remains one of our own some others can sell you for their own survival who have had them during a party who still have them to be so is not is not a shocker and is not different – Obama said he is not different from my services fun I mean we have such times we had them before welcome to J but let's work it got a man one quality higher Jewish because so much is offender's grandson they find is an offense a fair food unhealthy whites are taking a position we told you these people are racist and knew they were exaggerating because what they do when a white interest is protect they immediately go and vote for a racist organization which is evidence enough mmm who says no you guys are over exaggerating look at that when a white privilege Eastern attempt they immediately regroup to defend white privilege this are parts of racists who are defensive white privilege and an ability that this number of opportunity grow and grow why because is that evidence that someone is decisively dealing with white interest they can finish now I wouldn't be able eyes don't go in a defense mode it means were not achieving we are reaching them they are now in a defense mode because the white privilege is threatened this is evidence enough you've got evidence that we are now clashing white privilege that's why he takes a few trees garrison to Parliament they make no apology about the parties they don't apologize you are the ones were apologizing for having bigger plans you're also apologetic but what we shared with you because I was in Tripoli the mind often African child and slowly slowly missional Cherokee today the deliberated mind in 2014 was 1 million now is more than one point you almost tuna dude it means black children are beginning to appreciate that they ought to fight white creamy then why apparently diesel sportingly me it feels threatened this is evidence enough we said well reconsider working with a TD because of his attitude and we serve the ANC in the election context election you know in 40 days he deserves annoying events we were on the meeting with our agency people coming to this fantastic I was saying this time is different well this time in a relation while being disrupted by da with a poster that says stop FFF nails with an advert that says here are still here a VPS man there will be disruptive and we're like you know hey the moment you have with such votes in China and Juba country with such attitude you will be relaxed and to be polite with them every way forward so we are now – we are talking to everyone about power sharing post connections let's see what the DA is offering this what it is is offering us post a relations campaign even in entirely I just demonstrated to you that if you say we must graduate with the agency it must was what was mine who doesn't know what the HC e must for the senior person of the NC in which one is Alyssa wasn't associating this film of me that's the most senior person does a person who was wacky inside and then join me in topologies of a match has we don't have time for them a metallus politics so when you hear when a disease or following in Swansea and joke I don't think they they've got anything and what is interesting is that I think this observation agency also makes the same because when they see the mushi they don't say it's fine no they are not they don't even give us any time then they work and even allow you to take everything because the nails in Celicas got no confidence on those chaps force one because of their childish a playful behavior we won the cabinet reduced Ruskin we may not put the number the president has got an option to tell us why he came to the size came to I had an opportunity to speak to the president before elections after elections is present so no one has accused me of having influenced empathy are not still to the president I called him to congratulate him and to concede intake must doesn't need my call so what so when I spoke to the president before elections I said to the president we don't need to be to business we don't need this morning SMTP Minister we need let the president take the country into confidence as to why this debate means what which one which one which one that was condemned to anything they always see the administration and they can't even in Turkey a the kind of power that the ditch is there okay Mel Ferrer to teaches because they are the implementing agency they are they are accountable accounting offices maybe and then they can report one Minister not Minister tip administer for what we got 30 minutes are under 18 mr. wetherby's does not know woman no I think that perhaps it's a matter we need to test in a constitutional court as to is this not a richness and and spending unnecessary value of all these regards and all these type of things to be declared arrangement in undress them it's a business would you are wasting a lot of money on useless people Timmy nice they just gave me a position of deputy minister of sports he has been there forever why because the one who told the little handsy with resection to mess with the ANC so they can't be seen to be getting the definition of expressing the news between staff positions for political expediency and patronage not for development in this country so all of you must be aware now we don't need to achieve in this time let us say sort of command by removing the deputy ministers and reducing cabinet minister higher education separate through minister of science and technology sudden technologies because science and technologies the recent research is higher in xishi there is no higher education to that percent so let's look at that let us have maybe stock of higher education not increase in size until time then you can help that later it's an initially open kitchen that concentration resides on science and technology because the research must be permanent and the sex must be funded cannot be huge funding for research but personally returns to science and technology so that arena to reduce trash can to show that with me business I think I answered all the questions that cost okay who can t you see dust runner Freitas will go and reconcile our figures and then when the time arrives will give you just but please be rest assured it is more than what it was in 20 foot the organization is now pro the organisation is every way and you have to be everywhere and for you to be everywhere you need more resources it would be modern in 2021 it will be more what it is now because things that people increasing any of you by other boosters lessening the organization is in room but you have to buy under the priestess and the cost of increased so impure sweet are saying that the budget of the give Memphis increased homeless we must now go back to the ground not if they ever be serious about being government in South Africa we have to go back to the down it is possible work demonstration that the numbers are showing and a huge presence to complete another one Lydia house covering you SME seems less as ABC West as ABC says we can't cover you today we have agility subbu as a response we can't cover him today baqara 2 3 days ago but what if there is news today well they must have used it was the most TP 2014 was much better we had journalists dedicated to here for campaign we never had done to this elec it was a complete complete complete blackout on here me dead by anyone we still made it on our own healthy decision how does karma from which games against the theater you still give the a and platform to comment about the here fair and conduct a content when this two part in course together and who called us the NCA an objective professional commented when this people are digitated in course because you must ask you know you can assess these deficiencies please avoid the airfare because you're conflicted know if you ask come up round about anything as she's going to find a work pretty big here as we to Angelina but how obsessed she was they must monitor closely she will have had problems his results will give a heart problems she – man the monitors she was deep in it how can I destroy the affair who does she think she is to destroy the FM the FM is bad now much bigger and strong crime jamie pete approves that all one would mascot old age next please which are used to be for salad which attend Sunday which returns Sunday this t-t-tech we defeated a multi millionaire billionaire Trevor Manuel who thought was we to declare our commentary speeches in legal before elections we showed him that money can't buy the cost let's hope our judges won't be a world by this to monitor nonsense this to Mamina any judgment that wants to subscribe subscribe to to mannina you must know you're subscribing to a fraud unsustainable Hashanah machine is unsustainable judges must look at the law not to manage champey to magnets magnets away Oh fine were not smart in any way what we were so journalists do not get involved Runnymede he says I dismissed a horse I think this miss pause they dismiss them Sonia all of them they wouldn't finding the rights where the temple was rise to dismissed it out of them he observes us emotionally insults was emotionally for hitting NC 61 62 63 way signs them 50 70 so the you conceived up even the searchers were emotional difficulties which in 1994 were thermic massachu their Islam was the most difficult one who can agency is trying to show a brave face to each other even the touch the Moody is not an apology of we need they want to celebrate the word is there but they're sold in sizes you are living a lie it's a lie you are losing your loss and that's what the ATC must stop when you lose it doesn't matter if it's one point you don't celebrate you ought to say to exit to South Africans were happy so when you hold out abusing boots you are saying to them we don't care even if you love pooja even if the good for us so this celebration is another way of showing those red not footage for the agency a middle finger so embrace fight us the main focus we don't want furniture see in a year rather than one for lunches we don't want to press a they prefer supports me sooner there's no food thanks to them when we go to the ground these are the results not what you have – not vs fnatic go and when the crown and some challenge ourselves to the discipline of localization when you are told this is the area you must concentrate on – exactly that we speed it from a position of experience don't be fanatics in the air permit right through so clearly a Lucci don't come and and Clayton impression that no people these elections are stupid then we should have warned there's a problem and caused unnecessary tensions we said – you fight Russell this elephant will be eaten beat by beat we will not remove this agency a party hundred and something years from power in less than no time South Africans believe in the FF but they want the FF to consistently prove itself there is no sort of the devil's going to give a new party a 51% money to do without a proper experience and demonstration we will not learn this power when they give it to you South Africans are saying piece by piece let's go that's why whether there you're on the right way let's go let's go let's go you should hear this whispering my certificates let's say you are on the right track stop demanding and reasonable things from South Africans South Africans are the most reasonable people were saying to you we hear you can Danny and Danny will get it and that's where what we yes za is offended it was the right but to ask a direct question show to all the top 16 is here yes hmm is not coming back as an official international people's affinity when you say there are some lazy he doesn't feel the air fresh who are those leaders to dreams and is the national chair and important as you are saying is sometimes too busy in the first is he coming back in his respective position and also are we seeing as the alignment of politics within the PFF will Georgia National People's Assembly like nobody's coming thank you yeah no one anyone that says I'm coming hey we'll be undermining the Constitution or they affect our term is empty in and then we'll know then what if it what happens when I will keep their fault if you want none of you get qualifiers to know who's coming there who doesn't convey the branches of the FF will know that position they are lazy leaders of the properties but you can say this one and that one and that one the conference will receive a report and it will make an assessment and it will take the decision there's a culture in politics of laziness and we always emphasize this in the unit but if you are going to present an alternative you can't replace a tendency with the same tenets the culture of laziness we see it in the FF we see it and we deal with it all the time the national chairperson of the EMF is a senior can see forever in course when you deploy email you don't get the results you want to be alive to that reality we work doctors in this land edition you are forever on squad you deploy them they are never they what do you do you don't because you are going to be an aunt intellectual parts attention that those who are professionals and intellectuals must be isolated you say together chief while not EP I'm giving you an assessment of Eastern Cape but the chair was de-linting the forces day the results could not be what to be expected with reinforced wouldn't move it he was day until the end towards the end he reserved said you know what let me leave all these cases let me now go full-time on the ground and wait for the Gipper Victor because if you are conscious to want to be full-time in court and the Eastern Cape was practically impossible so it's an observation were making we might be wrong the conference might come to you that says I actually need or top six people to be draw us and all of that C so they just she was seen nothing I was he you wanna really about people so you think yes ajit so this isn't moving you you can move me if you want the FF can not develop rockers chef anytime you can remove me I was deployed in three provinces three no one was deployed our deep right in three provinces we have not done read anything oh why should we liable we must observe them listen to it and we must go and check what are the problems in that problem and fix those problems in the other one that the president was not helpful let it be that confusion if the problem was not even the president three provinces was not struck city may be neglected Limpopo four other provinces let that assessment be made but we failed as we had meet were thing but were not lost a vote where I shadow works a hundred and twenty fourteen we were 100,000 new foods in the book and to guess it from the ANC and in the aircraft I mean if they E&C a assessment of the moment as I think that if that's your conclusion by a pitch except 600,000 foods is a v-neck in the standards of LC we accept that if that's how were treated were faked let's go and make an assessment so we are simply saying who could have that much death in county Munda we to bring the AC below 50% which is it got 50% but how much increase 200,000 plus new foods in the eyes of the NC as a fader we accept that we guarantee and to step down that would be easy but unfortunately as a resident everyone to play when it comes to that this is an all who are taking to the conference in an honest assessment which if I just must engage but having made that observation generally what if when it comes to telling the numbers and the assessment of our performance counter well we are all over the moon we are the heaviest part Elvis in South Africa we are the only party that is growing every way in every way inside of it there is no single voting station you can point to and say the effort there is diagonally in South Africa while rowing and our enemies are humbled the only one raised about the evening No our enemies are working 24 hours by the way to try and find the reconfiguring of alliances in the evil forces and no instructions our enemies are will lead us to find divisions in the theatre our enemies are waiting with us to find fault with any individual amongst us yet in the day every day there is a require about this open sea when you get 70% in an exam which will be the right exam yourself for what they boast are you insisting on do anything against rise in the eyes of our enemies they the enemy's fighters would always root for something but I can tell you now they will never defeat this left but we are the only left fancy in South Africa strength serving for socialism there is no any other presidents price position in South Africa theater not even I think Jim I have been cheap to the money of the workers and racism here were members in Mustafa's rising demand accountability Musa for every cent how do you know a campaign without wings thoughts though and very dark as dark as our members manual eaten by Musa Musa I never members must rise in sentence of what type of nazarius of the most part luxurious have a hotel care policy and the most expensive pulls us that caribou stock comes with a baby form but what is today ceremony just as the interpretive one who pulls us if we the used 2070 you charged on posters want to do them up on those spikes and then the t-shirts the cheap prestigious is 25 grand if I win cheap printer 25 billion and one you teacher is 25 bu plus 27 million of posters we sitting at 55 million or plus a man their bodies down my daughter program made and company strong base you know this you know this body double curve is a lot Sonya's but she tells the Vegas man a socialist movement without Jeff answer is a compelling body I'm going first some events self exaggerated present-day wasn't exaggerating son the senator is nominated never to believe that the result he turned to blood cells got members of EFM represent because we've got our members day here money gets wasted on other parts that did not get a single food start our achievement I'm gene must be Vera Blasi importa calcu development is not the same as for me you know when you find workers on a shop floor denies by a person more centrally finishing you must be latest June you must've already villages in visitors and way except dishing out man of the webcast dishing out month of the wettest vegas are taking a web is going to get a seat he didn't get a seat is swimming in a pool of desmond and you know fighters stop entertaining those noticed on twitter social media there is less customers detoured exciting as well getting folks he provides a related his rest time and thought it was a filling and satellite and then he came with a new suit is anyone from that guy by north korea ever suits will be getting food it didn't get anything look at Cheney money it is a people can be told by pastors and bishops to food for a part there is no visual even if they do people who always exercise their iron all of these people combined they enjoyed the success of the IFF in 2014 and because they undermine ask individuals Center they were better than as they can do better than what the FNG Jimmy man was actually not even hiding he says I used one of my the effort to get there but if you underwent this party it came together together all of them combined including some but rowdy semi-anonymous leaked that 1.1 and guess what we say so generally other people freedom I have from existence until you can do better than their web hubbell's discos there is nothing all of them combined they can all change they will never come anyway those they give them here else chip is something else it's a Kuna if you can't touch it it's a it's a very big thing this one here is well as make things the aims of a bigger things are the Trevor this thing is big many people under my knees that uncie was coming for this country they EF f is the big solution to some of you you can undermine it you can say things you want to see one of course is the rating on those things what focus see how happy and not even on is illuminating here

30 thoughts on “EFF to brief the media post elections

  1. The secrete of the EFF and its leadership is that they are brutally open and honest. YOu cant hold anything against them, if you tried, you'll sound stupid yourself!

  2. Did EFF win the election or is it too early???? I’m in Atlanta ga but I know EFF will change the world 🌍 🙏🏿

  3. One thing I like about him, he tells us things before they happen, and certain people think he's mad or confused. Viva EFF we r tired of being led by those ANC grannies and grandpa's in parliament


  5. Lastly i would like to convey my gratitudes to the peoples of south africa and the leadership of the AFRICAN NATRIONAL CONGRESS executives for their sterling works they have done for south africa and the ruling party ANC for securing 230 seat in the national assembly and returnig ANC into power and wish president CYRIL MATAMELA RAMAPHOSA GOOD HEALTH AND LEAD SOUTH AFRICA PRODUCTIVELY AND WITH HUMBLE RESPECT FOR ALL THE PEOPLES OF SOUTH AFRICA,THANK YOU


  7. There is a problem with this guy he is insulting everyday o tswaregile what does he stand for that is very stupid very inconsistent he is always looking down at peoples we are all south africans and do think like him and some possess higher qualifications than social sciences and do respect each ,if he want white supremacy to collapse he must be able to invent and bring innovations and invent software and digitalisations of technology i see him very stupid we will always respond through our pen in the ballot box he insult penny penny calling him uneducated and he only obtained his degrees from the university after serving ANC for so many years and was previleged to get his first decent salary from ANC NOT COSAS,DO NOT INSULT PEOPLES AND DO NOT ACT AS IF YOU ARE CAPABLE THAN ALL OF US IN SOUTH AFRICA ,THE NEXT ELECTIONS WE WILL BUILD ANC TO BE BIG AND BECOME A BIGGEST PARTY IN SOUTH AFRICA CARRY ON AND INSULT OUR PEOPLES AND SHOWCASE THAT YOU ARE IN PARLIAMENT FOR MONEY ,THANK YOU

  8. My leader..EFF is a school..keep on teaching us..This Elephant called the ANC is too big, We will finish it peace by peace

  9. Haters be hating progress of the eff. Ha e hole eff ha e re holele. We won't be in this dark hole for long, we shall realize economic freedom in our lifetime, like it or not.

  10. The media of SA is disappointing no good story of the EFF. Malema can have two successful rallies but no media coverage. Thank you YOUTube.

  11. My brother malema and eff Fighters this journey is not easy journey because Afrikaans we have lost our brain our dignity ESF is fighting for equal rights for southafrica. Southafrica will reap what they have suit for this 5 years.Every youth Africans are praying for you for a good health energy for next 5 years.God bless you.

  12. Before the election no party had any votes – all parties started with 0% of the vote. that means that only 1 of ten people have voted for him.

  13. TAKE IT FROM me HERE in Kenya this Julius Maloma COULD HAVE easily eradicate xenophobia in South Africa if HE was elected!!!!!!

  14. Malema will never be the President of south Africa, people must face reality. South Africa has 58 million people who are documented down in home Affairs, 6 million are whites, and they will never vote EFF, Coloured are also 6 million and less than 2.5% can vote EFF, Indians/Asians are 3 million and less than 1.6% can vote EFF. the black population makes up to 75% of the population and 45% are loyal to the ANC no matter what, 13.5% vote DA and only 12.5% of the black population vote EFF and 4% goes to small parties. so tell me, where can the vote that will make Malema to be president must come from? Malema and his simple minded supporters, they can make all the noise they want, but he will never ever rule South Africa. don't be fooled when EFF rallies and manifestos always filled up stadiums, sit down humble yourself, think and calculate, you will start living in a real world.

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