Edward Said - Framed: The Politics of Stereotypes in News

Edward Said – Framed: The Politics of Stereotypes in News

35 thoughts on “Edward Said – Framed: The Politics of Stereotypes in News

  1. Vele Vele Al Jazeera! The stories we are told the history we are taught confine us as Africans, Arabs, Asians and Latin Americans in single primitive boxes while the truth could be no further this exemplified
    even more in modern day Western Popular Culture. Thank Al Jazeera for being a voice to the oppressed and perhaps teach those still even if innocently ignorant.

  2. The world will always remember u Edward Said for ur work on Orientalism .
    U woke us up straight .

  3. Someone enlighten me. I get what is saying in the video but not why it(orientalism and the problems addressed as the examples in Said's orientalism) is so important and such an issue. I mean I understand it is not right, but I think not everyone can know everything in the world, that stereotypes will just always exist and gonna be a problem and people just need to be more educated and aware of it.

  4. Beautiful! Your bigger picture and inclusion of other parts of the world than just the West, is so tremendously important! Thank you so much for being there, Al-Jazeera.

  5. Soy Méxicano aborrezco el futbol, no soy un dealer, y no vivo en una dictadura publica al menos (una de tres aun les queda mucho que aprender)

  6. This so-called great "scholar" was very much an intellectual midget. Since his 2003 death, his entire Orientalism thesis has been thoroughly discredited. Everyone now understands that Arabs bring arson, shootings, bombings, knifings & multiple rapes wherever they go. See Paris, Nice, Munich, Berlin, Brussels, Malmo, Stockholm, London, Rotherham, Vienna, Antwerp etc etc. In fact, alive descendants of this evil imbecile should rightly offer a posthumous apology for his ideological mistakes.

  7. 'Orientalism' is one of the biggest fakes in the history of academia. By the ways: he wasnt a Palestinian but a 'Westerner' himself: he was a American citizen and was educated in british and american schools. https://www.amazon.com/Defending-West-Critique-Edward-Orientalism/dp/1591024846

  8. Really well done in a few minutes and very clearly describes the main premise of his book which every history teacher should be obliged to read

  9. When I think of the orient, I think of Jews. I think of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob who were buried in the Holyland in Hebron. I think about Moses who brought down the tablets from Mt. Sinai. I think about the prophet Elijah who went into the sky in a flaming chariot. I think of Jesus Christ who died for our sins and John the Baptist. I think of Jerusalem, which is the holiest place for Jews in the world. I think of the fact that Jews have lived in the Orient since antiquity and gave the world Monotheism in its modern form, from which both Christianity and Islam are derived. I think of the fact that the Jewish state of Israel is the only refuge for Jews who survived the Holocaust and ethnically cleansed from all the Arabic countries in the 1950's. But most of all, I think about how an Arabic TV network like Al Jazeera is never going to mention a Jew in their publications, unless in the context of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, because for Arab Muslims Jews don't exist as part of the middle-east. Or am I being stereotypical?

  10. Thank you so much for sharing this knowledge! Please make it available in more languages, so that people of all ethnicities are aware of the game that colonialists play, so that maybe a lesson can be taught.

  11. Sounds like Qatari government-sponsored Islamism… all their stories seek to undermine the West and Israel and promote the rise of a resurgent Islam. Even more blatant and ham-fisted than RT.

  12. Bravo Al Jazeera English! It is very excellent idea to use animation for explanation of the serious and important issues! Easy to understand for kids and ministers!

  13. @1:51 it shows an 'asian' as software engineer and a Hindu as religious fanatics!! I have never seen West stereotyping Indians as 'religious fanatics' while software engineering field is flooded with Hindu Indians. So, the question is – why did Al Ajazeera intentionally do it? Answer lies in Islam and the hatred/superiority complex Muslims have when it comes to Hinduism. Next time, show a Muslim as a 'religious fanatic' because that's what the entire world thinks!!

  14. Lol. It would be more convincing if Africans and Asians ain't stereotyping and racist against each other. For the West, you can have any programs you want to "break" the stereotyping and complaining about it. Now, try to have a Christian commercial or a Christian mission in Qatar or Saudi Arabia. Let's see how not stereotypical you really are.

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