5 thoughts on “Ecosystem services and Biodiversity – Science for Environment Policy

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  2. It is sad to see that the Directorate General of Environment mixes everything and gets to misguided communications. Europe does not distroy its forests and has a high level of environmental standards, nowhere to be found in such a big trading block around the world.

    Is the gentleman going to explain where should we find the food/feed/fiber to adress the challenge to contibute to global food security/decarbonisation of economy? Of course not, because he is not concerned with agriculture, and the reality of trade-offs. He just says cynically to end strawberries, kill the downstream economy from that cultivation, send the farmers and their families to the finance minister to beg for benefits, and of course send the production of those strawberries to western Africa, Turkey etc where the environmental standards will outmake all the 'biodiversity gains' made in Europe. Not to mention the social standards of the farmers in Europe and in third countries.

    It is all simple for the eurocrats and scientists. Maybe with their salaries it is so…

  3. This nice video shows also the importance of sustainable world food supply in order to maintain the biodiversity that we did not yet lose. http://www.sustainablefoodsupply.org/en/

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