Economic Update: The Capitalist Corporation [Trailer]

Economic Update: The Capitalist Corporation [Trailer]

The largest corporations in America, the top
2-3 hundred is really all we need to talk about,
are like the kings of old and the court. The power of these corporations cannot
be exaggerated. When you choose a job you’re choosing a life, a community, a
place for your home, a place for your family, all of those things are not what
you’re paid for. You’re paid for your labor but you’re not paid for your risk.
Well why then if you’re not paid for the risk you take as a worker would you want
to believe that employers ought to be paid for the risk they’re taking? We
don’t live in anything like the textbook conversations about capitalism. We don’t
have a lot of employees working for a lot of different employers. We have a
very large number of employees working for a stunningly small number or employers.

2 thoughts on “Economic Update: The Capitalist Corporation [Trailer]

  1. MONOPOLISM, very strong within the high technological modern society, and the total lack of capitalist competition, is the most important pledge for STATECAPITALISM.

  2. The largest corporations are screwing us over by paying politicians to keep the borders open and allowing the cheap labour to come in and lower everyone's wages.

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