DWCS 18: Dana White full post fight media scrum

DWCS 18: Dana White full post fight media scrum

they called it an interesting night you know five decisions not actually bad fights with my decision so what was it like is your is what coming I'm moving with that highlight reel moment yeah well listen you you can't have that you can't always have that the first two seasons of this thing we're fucking ridiculous I mean it's that doesn't happen it just it's crazy the way that this played out the first two seasons but good fights really fucking good match making really good match making I mean you want to see how good these guys really are the way these fights were made we're great and you got to see some good stuff I mean the this this kid Miguel the fight was awesome right yeah and Victor didn't didn't come to lose he came to win I mean this kid got hit with everything get dropped kept getting up kept coming and when you're in this type of a position for the first time there's an adrenaline dump there's you know the nerves and all the things that come along with it it's something that you have to factor in when you're when you're watching these guys and I was super impressed with these guys tonight wasn't Miguel especially I was wondering to me it was a great fight but I wonder how much it went into your decision that he fought a guy those seven pounds heavy I mean that's not that's not even close so did he did he kind of go in with like some bonus points and you lost that lot lost had a new opponent eleven days out right so a new guy that they that they don't know and comes in he's a southpaw which is horrible right you haven't been sparring or training for South paws or anything like that then the guy shows up and he's overweight and you still accept the fight then the guy comes in tonight and doesn't want to fucking leave he's easier to win and not quit I mean the kid couldn't a stack the deck any higher against himself and he still pulls off the win he still looked good his stand-up his clench work his ground game and his composure how he took his time with everything he didn't rush and go crazy and I think that the kid has a lot of talent and I think he's he's he's got a bright few the sport with Myles Johnson you references coach safe suit you know yelling quit wrestling Caressa screaming at him non-stop don't go to the ground I wonder I mean obviously we know you're looking for all action fights right but are you worried at all that like I mean it was almost like he was coaching them into bad positions where maybe he could have won the fight on the ground he worried that like people are gonna take these fights differently than they should know if you're the coach if you're the coach you don't want him going to the ground that guy's got a hundred percent finish rate on the ground why play into his strengths when you can stand up and stay where he's the weakest you know what I mean I completely agree with the coach but I love the fact that he went on the ground because if he didn't I don't know what he's got against the guy like that the fact that this guy is 100 percent finished rate and he had no respect for that though right in there and didn't get submitted by him actually controlled everything on the ground most of the time that he was down there guys is savage I think that that guy seriously has a future in the sport the feature fight when Johnson you say he's wondering you know you love his style but how hard is it to pass on a guy if you say like I love you know I love this style but he didn't show me nothing I there's a couple things so the guy's 36 years old number one number two you know I like the way he fights and everything else but on his side Cunningham once he got hurt and saw the power that this kid had he just wanted to survive he wanted to get through three rounds right but at the same time every time that the ref would split them he would take one step off the cage he never tried to get in the middle and control the Octagon so that he couldn't get pressed back up against the fence there are a lot of things that he could have done – that would have probably changed my mind last thing for me you took a lot of criticism obviously have to let the last weekend here in China but it was huge story you know the lock name situation and not giving that contract I just wanted did you talk to the matchmakers at all about maybe find them another spot or do you in hindsight do you regret you know make a decision no not at all I mean I think that everybody knows what I'm looking for here and and while I said that kid is talented and you know he's gonna and also said if I'm wrong he's a free agent and anybody can pick him up so if anybody thinks I'm wrong show me show me that I'm wrong and you know what better position could you be in then a kid you know coming off the show he wins and people think that I made the wrong choice so if that's the case there you go there's a free one for you lock him up and and he's all yours I'm looking for guys that when you when you show up here we all know what the show is about this show isn't about um this isn't the Ultimate Fighter and you're gonna win you know you fight all these times and you want to contract this isn't a Fight Night or a pay-per-view and stuff like that I have five five fights and I have to pick somebody who I think can come into the UFC make a huge impact break into the top five or be a world champion that's what I'm looking for and it was a dogfight love that fight it was great fight both kids put on a good fight and there's 10 seconds left of the fight and and you're gonna shoot I if he if he fucking hung it out at the end of the ten round at the end of the ten seconds I probably would have picked them I'm looking for different things on this show I'm not looking for what the sport is or what the UFC how you call a fight in the UFC or judge a fight it's not that's not what I'm looking for here and this is the second time I'm sorry you tried to ask me a question few times and this is the second time this season that the country you know whether it's Bisbing or whoever didn't have the same picks that I had that kid Kyle Kyle super talented when I Kyle's 26 years old okay he's 26 years old he had the mount and and didn't finish didn't really land any damaging punches from the top he's 26 years old the guy's a baby he's not he's not even in his prime bill he's 28 29 he's got two years to work on all these things and he's undefeated what I don't want to do is bring early put him in against some animal that's in the UFC who gets that top position on him and and rains down on him because he couldn't stop somebody from the mouth it's just I think that he has things to work on I think he's got plenty of time and I think he has huge potential in the future it's a good question so we're actually a great question if you look at that kid that missed wait tonight right and you look at the type of fighter he is the shots that he took and got back up the body anybody who's involved in fighting and is really involved in fighting has been fighting it before and you take a body shot like that and he knew that if he didn't get up I guaranteed he didn't want to get up but he got up I don't know there's things like that that you look at and you everybody messes up and he had 11 days notice and the thing that pisses the matchmakers office in 11 days notice sounds like a great excuse but they had three other guys that they could have picked that would have made weight and that's what drives everybody crazy and pisses everybody off but when you see a guy fight like he fought tonight if he pulled that one off and won it'd be hard to say no fortunately we've never had to have that you know we've never better that's a situation until this season so no we haven't but yeah we probably should basically yeah I mean like I've been saying that's that that's not we're looking for you I'm not looking not looking for guys to survive but like this kid I mean let you heard me say it yeah but I got a look at his look at his dad's adjustment Gonzales right I was so excited for this fight so this kid I don't ever count amateur fights ever this kid's 19 and out what the amateur fights you gotta count and if you look at his opponents his opponents records are 52 fifteen you never see that right then so I'm so excited to this fight you look at his finish rate its non-existent his finished rate and you see why when you see the fight the kid is an awesome wrestler and he can control you and pinion I saw opportunities where he could have took the back so many times he actually had to choke in but only had one hook in at one point and you know wasn't really he was very comfortable and staying where he felt safe not being aggressive in trying to finish the fight and you can get away with that for a while then once you start to go up the ranks in the UFC you can't be that one-dimensional and get away with that you just know it's not what I'm looking for Dana you explained tonight the matchmaking and in the contract situation but let me ask you has ever been a night that you've been close to saying you know what maybe no contracts tonight and would you be opposed to that maybe in the future should the situation need to call for yeah it hasn't happened yet but but yeah I mean hopefully doesn't happen it's a bad night if we don't give out a contract but but yeah it could happen it could definitely happen it's still early in the season last season we saw a couple of times where guys are given either a developmental contract or cold they're gonna come back later on in the season is that still on the table for this year as well yeah yeah we could do that still I just you know like that kid Kyle that I talked about a minute ago he's with a good team he's with a good team there's nothing about that guy's game that that I say oh we need to bring him into a new camp and do this is with a good team he's young he's super talented and and he's gonna do just fine he just needs some more work and I don't want to bring him in too early there's no need for it just general question do these guys is there a standard content a series contract that these guys get when they will do they wait and then you go yeah so they can I don't know how they don't know how the contracts are done I don't know how they do it but the matchmakers sign a deal with them yeah and then one last question as far as I know did you see I don't want to say that I didn't see any improvement the guy I mean the guy got clipped you know he got hit by a dude that spars with you know all the murderers over at aka I mean he's this guy trains with with Cormier everyday you know he's sparring with Cormier and guys like that so you know he's seen it all you know guys have tried to take him down guys have tried to you know probably knock his head off and you know so for Cunningham going in again against a guy like this it's tough especially when you get hit right out the gate there wasn't really much to see it happened fast he got hurt his eye blew up and he wasn't gonna take any chances after that you know but when you think about what this show is and why you're here he actually should have gone out the middle of the Octagon and went for it tried to try to finish the fight you know cuz that eye is only getting worse every round it's not going to get better and you also run the risk of the ref stop and the fight I thought for sure the rough is gonna stop the fight in the third round because there's no way you can see out of that eye in the third round it's impossible so I thought the fight was going to get stopped and the thing you saw in Cunningham was no sense of urgency whatsoever to stop the fight what you saw from Cunningham is he didn't want to get finished he wanted to go the three rounds and that's what happened and you know the AKA kid couldn't stop him and if you can't stop him who are you gonna stop in the UFC when you get in that position there's a lot of different hypotheticals right there but one question I would have is if some guy came on and he just had an unstoppable wrestling like I mean your lightweight champion is unstoppable wrestlers I might call him that he has a little bit one-dimensional but he hasn't unstoppable yet there's a guy like that do you want him on the show if he's a wrestler so did you did you see Habib when he fought Edson Barboza yeah well I said I wasn't like like maybe the direct comparison they got but I'm just saying that there's like a very dominant wrestler and now that this happens is this the right row for him or would you still not sure if you're a dominant wrestler I didn't see dominance tonight he dominated in the wrestling game never did he try to finish the fight when he had positions that he could do he didn't do you know what I mean he played it really safe tonight you could he could put this kid wherever he wanted to wrestling put him against the fence he could move him down to the ground if he wanted to he could have done more but he didn't so my thing is I just got to see you for three rounds your dominant wrestler I get it that's all I saw what else do you got what happens when you get into the UFC and you get against them you're up against another dominant wrestling and now you got to bang it out with this guy I didn't see any of that you know I saw a guy who looked very one-dimensional played it literally as safe as you could play it and I didn't get to see anything this it's like you know when we were just talking about the savage you know his corner didn't want him going to the ground I know that this guy is 100% finished rate and wants to get him to the ground so I would had to wonder I wonder what would have happened if they went to the ground I wonder how that guy's ground game is I didn't have to wonder he showed me he showed me so did Miguel I saw everything I saw the whole game you know you can give you the example that that kid could come on The Ultimate Fighter and win the ultimate fighter but you can't get in here unless I see everything and see what you got you know or the big myth now after last week I'm looking for finishers I'm not looking for me it finishes are great listen to finish this happen like if he came out and knocked him out in the first round I still want to like them as much luck but I like that I got to see everything Pune didn't finish but I signed him I saw a lot of things with him takes down and his takedowns were strong when he got the top position he didn't stop punching whether it was to the body or to the head he was trying to finish the fight I just saw a lot more out of him can a lot more potential good thanks all right thanks guys

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  2. 5:33 MMMMMM So on a show where you're giving out a UFC CONTRACT your NOT looking for guys based on WHAT THE SPORT IS AND BASED ON UFC JUDGING. What are you looking for then? Who's got the most handsome face? Who's wife is the most vulnerable? Who's hair is the longest? Who looks the meanest? If, as you say at the Time Stamp Dana, we're not looking to give these guys UFC CONTRACTS based on UFC CRITERIA than what is the point of the show other than to waste fucking time and get people hyped over people you literally don't pick BASED ON THE SPORT OR THE POTENTIAL UFC JUDGING THEY'LL HAVE TO FACE WHEN THEY ACTUALLY COMPETE ON YOUR PRODUCT. God damn bro, the level of ignorance from this man and his supporters is always incredible.

  3. Y'all just don't get it, this isn't the Ultimate Fighter where there are rules, and this isn't a Fight Night, it's DANA WHITE'S Tuesday Night Contenders, and you know what the most important part of that title is? DANA WHITE. The show is all about him picking his best boys and nothing else, if you don't like it than don't watch the show because it's not called Popular Choice's Tuesday Night Contenders. AND NO! DANA IS NOT BEING A HUGE BABY BACK BITCH WITH THIS CHILDISHNESS! IT'S CALLED BEING A FUCKIN ADULT YOU LOSERS ON THE INTERNET. YOU'RE AFRAID OF THE INTERNET ARIEL! NOT ME THOUGH!

  4. I’m glad to see that Dana White made the fight between Colby Covington verses Robbie Lawler both have been robbed because of Woodley, Usman and Askren ducking fights.

  5. Dana's not looking for good fighters.hes looking for something else…lol. this scumbag has ruined the ufc… too bad coker isn't running the ufc….not long before bellator takes over.

  6. I see people are still pissed that guy that’s a top 50 talent at best didn’t get signed. You can’t script this stuff. Hey guys, it’s called Contenders Series not Journeyman Series.

  7. I was surprised about his take on Johns ignoring his corner. I'd rather see a guy that listens to his coaches, plus he was going on top to rest and play it safe. Not that there's anything wrong with winning safely, but it's not something Dana usually likes. His corner wanted him to stand up because he had a very good chance of knocking him out.

  8. Dana is such a hypocrite. “We want to see killers”. Tonight he wants to see well rounded ness. Isn’t that what Loughnane showed last week??

  9. money man allway so he not into fighting just money but hey thats his job so why asks any thing he do what he needs to know to what he needs to buy this all about the money all of yous you know

  10. Dana. i am in charge white. And i want you to know it. 😤 And its my toy and i am playing wirh it 😂

  11. The disgusting part is Dana wants these fighters to go balls to the wall and not be concerned about their well-being, yet the contracts he hands out are DOG SHIT.
    Those TUF contracts are basically slave contracts, they get u with that six figure deal bullshit but dont tell u that its a ten fight deal so if you’re getting paid 15/15 througout the contract, its a fucking joke.
    And as a TUF champ u then have to face a murderer’s row while on that slave contract, its the sole reason Dana wont get rid of TUF the slimeball he is.
    I imagine these Contender series contracts are similar.

  12. i love how Dana can justify his bullshit decisions. I mean, i guess he has to. But it is pretty obvious that not giving him a contract because of a takedown with 10 seconds left in the fight is fucking ridiculous. lol

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