Dune – Thug Notes Summary and Analysis

Dune – Thug Notes Summary and Analysis

What it do? Yo boy Doc Sweets is
BACK and today we gettin spicy with Dune by Frank Herbert. Aight lemme ‘splain somethin real quick. Like 20,000 years in da future, humanity
dun spread their sh** to other planets run by hood rich crews called ‘houses’ who
all takin’ their orders from the Emperor. This whole space-hood run off a
dank herb called Melange, or “spice” on the streets. See, the only place you can score
spice is up on the planet of Arrakis, where they aint nothin but a bunch of sandworm-riding
thugz called Fremen. These cats just sittin on they asses waiting for a legendary savior
called “Lisan-al-Gaib” who gonna turn Arrakis in to a water filled paradise.
Now there also be a click o’ fine biddies called Bene Gesserit who strapped
with bangin super powers. Word is they tryin to breed the first ever male super-dude called
the Kwisatz Haderach- whose powers gonna be the swoelest of the swoel. So one day the emperor tell Duke
Leto of House Atreides that he now top dowg of spice mining on Arrakis. Right before they
bounce over to the planet, the duke’s Bene- G Jessica puts their son Paul to an old-school
test. And truth is, Paul got a mind WAY beyond yo erryday thug. Things ain’t quite what they were
expectin on Arrakis. Turns out the emperor playin dirty and what he really plottin is
to waste all the playas of House Atriedes. But instead of comin out and sayin it to their
face, the emperor puts his muscle behind the homies of House Harkonnen, who been beefin
with the Atriedes fo years. The Harkonnen’s got an ace in the
hole, though- Duke L’s boy Doc Yeuh. Fool’s actually a snitch who drops the Duke right
in to Baron Harkonnen’s lap. The Duke try to take the Baron down with him, but ends
up just icing himself and some other jabronies. Feelin like a real bitch, Yueh helps Paul
and Jessica bust ass outta there where they join up with the Fremen on the outside. Years pass and Paul now known on
the streets as Paul Maud’Dib. Since Paul been chewin dat spice all day erry day, his
powers been gettin TURNT UP. Along with Paul’s boss fighting skills and clutch leadership,
the Fremen start thinkin he the legendary prophet. So M-Deezy rallies up his Fremen
posse to stomp dem Harkonnen scrubs! But before they roll out, Paul
decide he gonna step up his game. So he takes a long pull from the water of life. When he
wakes up from a nasty-ass drank nap, his powers so damn ballin that he can see past, present,
and future like it ain’t no thang. Using dat sight he find out the emperor dun assembled
a BIG ASS army that he gonna use to put the hurt on Paul. So Paul and the Fremen hop up on
they sandworms and wreck erry fool that step to. Then the emperor try to throw down but
Paul all like “AtreiDEEZ NUTS, son,” snatches the throne like a boss, and becomes the new
emperor. Thing is, since he can see the future, he realize he ain’t gonna be able to stop
the bleak ass holy-war ahead of them. For some bruthas, Dune all bout the planet
Arrakis and ecology- how any lil hood can transform a planet, and in turn,
be transformed by it. But fo’ this thug right here, talkin bout my man Paul Atreides
is where it’s at. First off, the name Atriedes comes
from dat playa Agamemnon from Greek myth. Cuz like Agamemnon, even though Paul come
from a family that got solid street cred and fat stacks, his future full o tragedy. Mmm! See the thing I dig bout Paul is
dat even though he packin some sick powers, he know he ain’t all dat. Check it- But that don’t stop people from
ridin his junk 24/7. Even though the Fremen thinkin Paul tha playa of legend, they don’t
know the truth like he do. Eventually, Paul realize the
universe ain’t just the big unknown, it’s da INFITINITE unknown. And Paul pity the fool
who think he, or anyone else, can control errything. So if like the Fremen, you bettin
all yo chips on a savior who can’t do no wrong, you straight trippin. Cuz they ain’t
nobody that can tame the infinite. Nuh-uh. Even Paul with his “I can see the past,
present, and future” bullsh** can’t do nothin to stop the world from the mess that
lay ahead. But peeps gonna do what they do-
worship a savior who they thinkin gonna solve all their problems. Even Paul’s realest
homies gonna JUMP at the chance to lay their free will at dat playas feet. On the real, it ain’t a savior we
should be lookin for to fix our lives. We gotta use these righteous playas as an inspiration,
nut up, and make dat change ourselves. But ain’t nothin in yo life gonna
be fixed til you hit dat subscribe button. Catch you lata. Peace.

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    Please do the Red Rising Trilogy by Pierce Brown!!!
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  2. paul==mohammed
    dune==middle east
    other planets==1st world mechanized nations
    spice==fossil fuel
    dune is a parody of how dependent the 1st world nations are too the opec nations. a what if scenario if mohammed was alive in the late 20th century. what he would do. which is order the muslims to turn the oil pump off.

  3. So I did a search and you haven't done Stranger in a Strange Land yet. I think there's something incredibly wrong with that. You grock?

  4. This is a fav of mine. The challenge is that 4 years later, the Fremen are Trump voters but The Lisan Al Giab is more like Baron Harkonnen

  5. Damnit. I just read Dune for the umpteenth time a month ago, and now I have to read it again because this summary was badass. I didn't know about the parallels to Agamemnon. ATREI-DEEZ NUTS, SON.

  6. When i saw you did to kill a mocking bird. It reminded me of rolling thunder hear my cry… have you covered that book yet?

  7. Sir, that was absolutely brilliant. Being an avid reader and older white guy I have found it tough to get my kids interested in reading but your summary of Dune is both concise and engaging. I have subscribed, please keep these coming!!!

  8. Please do; King Henry IV. I love your work! It takes a truely brilliant team to decode the sometimes confusing books you guys are now known for reviewing. It’s especially hard to them take the meaning and translate it into a way that everybody can understand and remember more easily. You have helped me and so many more students, thank you!

  9. Wait wait wait! The Emperor wanted the Duke gone from the start?? How the heck did I miss that?? I just read the book for the first time ever last week! Good book, by the way. Nice summary…but I'm thinking you missed som'n about the Emperor's plans…

  10. You missed some important things. Paul is a male bene gesserit mixed with a mentat and a psychic. The psychic skills feed into his mentat abilities as extra data to make better projections. The jihad is bene gesserit engineered to mix genes. The fremen were used as tools by Paul and Jessica to retake the planet and regain their power. Paul used the water of life to become a male reverend mother. He was the kwitzah one generation too soon, thanks to Jessica, who was supposed to have a girl to breed with the Barron’s nephew.

  11. “I must not fear. Fear is the mind-killer. Fear is the little-death that brings total obliteration. I will face my fear. I will permit it to pass over me and through me. And when it has gone past I will turn the inner eye to see its path. Where the fear has gone there will be nothing. Only I will remain.”

    ― Frank Herbert, Dune

  12. I like fuckin with peoples heads by telling them Dune was based on a true story. Then after they look at me like I’m an idiot I explain how much of it was influenced by the life of T.E. Lawrence.

  13. It is by 40 oz. alone I set my mind in motion. It is by the Juice of Colt 45 that thoughts acquire Dead Presidents, the Lips acquire Lyrics, Sneaker Stains become a Warning. It is by Colt 45 alone I set my mind in motion.

  14. wow dude. dune is my favorite concept of all times. and now i just imagine gangbangers doing drive-by's via sandworms. you ruined my everything, but you're adorable.

  15. This guy explains things in words so common and understandable that you would need to be plain stupid to not understand the plot of the book.

  16. Hey Yo! Dune's one of my most favorite franchises of all time, man. Hell, I read the book and saw the 1984 movie and the miniseries of the sequels Children of Dune (Which is basically the three parts. Dune 2: Messiah and Dune 3: Children of Dune all crammed up into one), Brotha.

  17. In the fare future, whites left all blacks on earth and colonies the galaxy.. They said that they did not want ghettos on their new worlds… Thousands of years after, they cam back to earth to check it out and the earth had regress to a neanderthal state….

  18. Definitely a good summary of Dune, too bad so many forget that it's just the beginning. Leto II's where it at

  19. Well played sir, well played. You did an unbelievable job of summarizing a beautifully complex book

  20. I read it a long time ago and did not realize how much this was about the middle east. People living in the desert, riding strange animals, living off their oil (and sometimes, drugs,) waiting for a messia. The names sound Arabic, and he even uses the word "Jihad." When I read this, people didn't think about Islam or the Middle East as much as they now, and I did not know that Islam, like the other two Abrahamic religions, predicts a Messia figure. so I suppose that is why I missed it.

  21. Remember kids! Do drugs! But not too much drugs cause then you'll see the holy war that is to come and your powerlessness to stop it.

  22. such an interesting story :D.
    "Lisan-al-gaib" literally translates into "The voice of the veil" in Arabic and is actually one of the adjectives describing the 'NEO' figure in Islam!
    Author had done some serious s**t in this book! I like his style. This video also did an awesome job in reviewing!

  23. The Bene Gesserit were the power behind ALL the thrones. Their Missionaria Protectiva had seeded every single planet with a set of myths and beliefs designed to protect any of their members who were isolated from the order. On Arrakis, this became the belief in a messiah who would save the Fremen. And Paul wasn't even supposed to exist: Jessica was supposed to produce a girl, who would b married to one of Baron Harkonnen's sons, ostensibly to end the feud. Jessica loved her husband and disobeyed orders, so the Kwisatz Haderach was born a generation early.

  24. Google Axolotl tank.
    Some may get off on that shit
    Others may be disgusted.
    Personally i prefer hentai

    But u will read through the whole book.

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